Starter Motors

Suitable for all brands like Bosch, Delco,Ford,Valeo and more. Cover all sorts of vehicle applications.

mzw starter motor

Starter Solenoid

With over 400 selections available, fit in a wide range of starter motors.

mzw starter solenoid

Starter Parts

MZW supplies multiple parts for starters,All material and technology meet ISO standards.

mzw starter parts

Starter & Starter Parts Manufacturing Expert Since 1998

From mould development to massive production, every MZW product is done carefully and with a lot of attention to detail. All MZW starter motors are original dimension specific, and are developed for direct-fit on plentiful application and automotive brand.

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MZW starter parts provide a more efficient electric current and a higher torque, thus boost your overall engine starting system.

  • Supply to Top Auto Parts Brands

  • IOS/TS 1.6949 : 2009 certification

  • 18 Year Manufacturing Experience

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