Starter Motor Manufacturer

A high quality starter motor is an indispensable component for your engine. MZW proudly offers a comprehensive line of starter motor to get your vehicle start.


MZW starter motors are developed to high specific power output and efficiency, which means excellent crank capability with low current drain from the battery. From Solid copper contact bolts and welded steel core riserless commutator to heat-treated shaft and HRC58-63 hardness pinion, MZW utilizes the best material to produce Premium starting performance starter motor.


We guarantee you every MZW starter motor has passed a series of strict tests:

  • Low&high temperature starting test,
  • Endurance test,
  • Impact test,
  • Waterproof,
  • Dust-proof
  • Armature over-speed test…..

Our years of experience and top brand certified quality management system combine to produce MZW starters withstanding the toughest environmental conditions. Whether you need a starter motor for your construction equipments or heavy/light duty automobiles, or even marine engines, MZW will always deliver you the right starter motor.


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