With over 400 selections of solenoids available in our factory, MZW performance Starter Solenoids are good fit in a wide range of starter motors, from heavy duty to light weight , as well as marine starters.

MZW has been a major Starter Drive manufacturer for decades. Our Bendix Drives are adherent to ISO quality standard. Strict quality control tests are carried out on all kinds of MZW starter bendix drives to meet OE standard.

MZW manufactured Starter Armatures are dynamically balanced, they run steadly at a high speed. Every MZW armature uses ISO 16949 certified Enameled Copper Wire, it can stand high temperature and produce high torque as required.

MZW offers a comprehensive line of Brushes & Brush Holder Assemblies in standard and custom configurations. Our Starter Brush assemblies are ideally designed for high performance starter motors.

Starter Field Coil is usually formed by bare flat copper wire wound. Its quality is directly related to the quality of starter stator. MZW is a reputed Starter Field Coil Manufacturer, producing starter Field coils for various starter motors.

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