Starter Field Coils

Starter field coil is usually formed by bare flat copper wire wound. Its quality is directly related to the quality of starter stator.

  • Pressure Casting
  • Oven-Baked & Die-Pressed
  • Machined Wound
  • 100% Tested by OE Standard

MZW is a reputed starter field coil manufacturer, producing starter field coils for various starter motors.

Long lasting and sturdiness of starter field coil is warranted by using the finest metals and components.

Using high-grade copper-wire, MZW field coils have a consistent electric flow.

To ensure a complete coverage, MZW employs highly experienced operators to manually wrap fiel coil.

Every MZW field coil process pressure casting and oven bake for deep penetration and robust.

We pay serious attention to each and every MZW field coil to deliver customers’ satisfaction.

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