Engine Starter Motors

MZW provides starters for starting diesel and petrol engines of all capacities used by trucks, marines, forklifts and other applications.

  • Engineered for High Compression
  • Maximum Torque and Power
  • Light Weight & Compact Size
  • Maximum Speed to Start


Diesel engines are designed & engineered for high compression which require more torque and power to start.

MZW engine starters are developed to provide maximum torque and power to start the diesel engine even under extreme environments.

The petrol engine (or gasoline engine)requires the higher speed to start. 

Therefore MZW petrol engine starters are manufactured with light weight and compact size. 

These compact designs can provide maximum speed to start your petrol engine.

MZW is an Engine Starter motor manufacturer you can count on.

Apply Brands

  • Ford
  • Delco
  • Nikko
  • Bosch
  • Lucas
  • Vaizo

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