Forklift Starter Motors

MZW provides forklift starters that will keep your forklift going on and on.

  • High Quality Components
  • 100% Full-load Maximum Torque
  • Minimal Drain From The Battery
  • Withstand Excessive Engine Heat

When added to your forklift, the MZW forklift starter gives your machine an extra ability to start fast thanks to the 100% full-load maximum torque.

The forklift starter motor from MZW is built from high quality components that are able to withstand excessive engine heat that may result from heavy lifting.

The MZW forklift starter motors draw minimal drain from the battery.

The battery is then able to keep as much power as possible.

MZW will provide you with excellent and easily compatible forklift starter motor brand that you can trust.

Apply Brands

  • Ford
  • Delco
  • Nikko
  • Bosch
  • Lucas
  • Vaizo

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