Truck Heavy Duty Starters

A MZW heavy duty starter is the perfect addition to get you truck going.

  • Maximum Efficiency
  • Excellent Starting Performance.
  • 99.9% Pure Copper Contact Bolts
  • Long-lasting & Durable


Every MZW truck starter motor is 100% full-load tested to ensure maximum efficiency & excellent starting performance.

99.9% pure copper contact bolts are utilized to all MZW heavy duty starter solenoid, minimizing the possibility of internal electrical shorting.

A MZW truck starter is long-lasting and durable. Its’ premium starting performance can get heavy-duty vehicle drivers on their way smoothly.

We pay special attention to each and every Mitsubishi starter part to deliver?durable MZW performance starters.

MZW is a brand you can count on to provide the best-quality heavy duty starter.


Apply Brands

  • Ford
  • Delco
  • Nikko
  • Bosch
  • Lucas
  • Vaizo

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