Van and Bus Starter Motors

MZW Van and Bus Starter Motor are manufactured using premium copper terminals to ensure a clean source of electrical current.

  • OE – specified grease
  • protection from -40 ℉ to +302 ℉.
  • withstand high electrical demand
  • 100% full-load test

The motors are designed with four steel balls which lock the pinion sleeve to the shaft. This prevents premature rejection of the pinion when the engine is firing.

MZW Van and Bus Starter Motor are environmentally designed to start in cold and hot environmental conditions. The gear trains are lubricated with OE – specified grease to provide protection from -40 ℉ to +302 ℉.

We supply brand new motors which are built with original quality components to withstand high electrical demand and excessive heat.

Our Van and Bus Starter Motor are passed through a 100% full-load test for maximum torque. Amp draw and RPM.

For the best quality starter motors, MZW is the brand to count on.

Apply Brands

  • Ford
  • Delco
  • Nikko
  • Bosch
  • Lucas
  • Vaizo

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