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We have been devoted in automotive parts manufacturing industry for 2 decades.

After 20 years, MZW Motor has accumulated a lot of industry knowledge & experience about auto parts manufacturing and about helping our clients get custom manufactured, labor-intensive automotive parts made in China at competitive prices.

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MZW Motor is devoted to turning your auto parts business or manufacturing plans into real and profitable final products. And that at the right budget, time, and performance.

We make it easier for all customers – from start-ups like self-owned repair shop to tire 1&2 automotive companies – to access auto parts manufacturing by providing the most efficient way to source high-quality auto parts.

We Set Up MZW Motor to achieve two goals.


First, to connect automotive businesses with the right auto parts manufacturer and supplier.


Whether you are new to the industry or faced with the need for new auto parts sources, finding the right company can be a challenge.

That’s because the market situation of today is a lot different from that of a decade ago.
The internet has made finding an auto parts supplier a lot easier than it used to be- you can search Google, check Alibaba, MIC, or Globalsource…you name it.

But then, one problem arises. There are way too many automotive parts suppliers and manufacturers out there, and their number keeps growing.

With so many auto parts sources available, there is no easy way to know who among them can be trusted. With their same official-copy-paste style introductions, you may not tell when you fall for the unprofessional trading company that fakes identity.

MZW Motor helps you to overcome this challenge by providing you with the right industry solutions to any auto parts project.

We also knew the frustrations customers have to endure when sourcing for products; requesting for quotations from hundreds of suppliers, waiting for feedback, bargaining for lower MOQs, prices and so on.

And you know what?

Some of them do profit from their hard work.

However, most of the customers end up getting low-quality but same-look products that rust in their warehouses.


Secondly, it could be that what you need is more than an auto parts manufacturer.


Maybe you want a supplier who can help you realize your auto parts innovation ideas.

The traditional standard auto parts are getting less and less profitable. Without early-stage investment, it’s hard to earn your place in the automotive business of today.

3D drawing, CNC Machining, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Die Casting, Metal Stamping, and Plastic Injection Molding…

Do these processes sound familiar to you?

Where could you find the automotive parts manufacturer and supplier to carry out the processes- and without breaking the bank?

While you may have a great idea or project, making it happen would require more than simply finding an automotive parts company.

You need to find the right one that assures you of the capability to fulfil your plans, sticks to agreements and is credited for being trustworthy.

Even in the era of information explosion, finding matching and trustworthy partners can be quite difficult than you thought, especially for those who are just getting started.

That is why you need MZW Motor to deal with all the troubles between you and your up-coming startup. We ensure your project plans come to fruition. Not only that, but also that it does not stall at any point.

MZW Motor is established to shorten the time and cost in building your automotive industry supply chain network and make it easier for all customers to get through.

We lead customers to access the automotive industry supply chain network that we built in the past two decades.

We boost your auto parts sourcing efficiency, implementing your idea or project one-step ahead of your competitors.

For the last two decades, our parents built the automotive company worth millions now from nothing.

And we think it is time to share our proven and successful experience to help you grow yours.