Acura Brake Master Cylinder

Thanks to a very important unit called the master brake cylinder, your braking system can perform effectively and smoothly. The Acura master brake cylinder converts the pressure from the brake pedal into hydraulic force that is needed by the brake calipers in order to operate and stop the motion of the car.

However, like any other components that are frequently used, the brake master brake cylinder can also fail.

Since the master cylinder is an important part of your braking system. A bad brake cylinder can cause sealing or distributing issues and can be reflected in the pedal and brake behavior. Over time, the master brake cylinder will wear off and form internal leaks. And some of the symptoms of a bad master brake cylinder are low fluid displacement, pedal sinking on the floor, and contaminated brake fluid.

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We are an ISO 9001 certified company and our hallmark for success is backed by strictly monitored quality control system.

MZW was established in 1995 and has quickly become one of the leading manufacturers of brake components.

With around 25 years of experience, we conduct tremendous research and development to focus on areas where our competitors fail. In these years, our dedicated team has never slowed the pace or lost their dedication to serving you with excellent products.

With this focus, we strive to earnestly produce and supply high-quality brake cylinders as well as custom brake cylinders in the aftermarket industry.

Why MZW Acura Brake Master Cylinder?

Get in the driver’s seat and enjoy the confidence that our master brake cylinder brings. Now you can pump the brake pedal and enjoy its smooth operation with this high-quality replacement brake cylinder designed by MZW.


  • Low dust and debris accumulation to keep your wheels clean
  • Dampened noise
  • Long service life
  • Protection from corrosion
  • Perfect dimensions and function as the original part
  • Backed with a limited lifetime warranty

We guarantee you every MZW Acura Brake Master Cylinder has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Brake Master Cylinders

Our standards and certifications prove the numerous success of our braking components. Tested and inspected by highly-qualified industry experts, this replacement braking component conforms to the safety requirements of the manufacturer and legislator.

The MZW quality brake system meets all the strict standards and undergoes a series of strict product tests to ensure quality and high-braking comfort. Among the product benefits are the following:


  • World-class customer service
  • Short cycle times
  • Swift delivery
  • ISO certified
  • High production capabilities
  • Guaranteed quality

Brake Master Cylinders Cross Reference Lookup

Find the right Brake Master Cylinders by entering the OEM number or cross reference number.

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MZW Brake Series Advantages

The extensive categories of our braking system are available for almost all vehicle to make, model, and year across the world. And our brake components have been widely recognized in the global market as a remarkable replacement to OEM parts.

From brake master cylinder, brake wheel caliper to custom brake cylinders, you can find even the hard-to-find brake system parts.

With full commitment and intention of providing our customers with safe braking parts, we produce every part of the highest standards and quality control available. As an experienced brake cylinder supplier, you can guarantee that you are getting only the best quality. By virtue of our expertise and high production capability, we’ve earned a multitude of praise, trust, and confidence from our clients.


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