Top 25 Air Filter OEM Manufacturers in 2023

The Top OEM in automotive air filter will be presented in this featured article together with their product advantages.

But before that, this is a brief introduction about this automotive component and its opportunity in the market.

An air filter in car is another important part of engines’ intake systems. In early days, manufacturers of vehicles do not use air filters in their internal combustion engines. Typically, the simple intake systems of old automobile is consisted of a small air inlet.

The very first car with air filter was shipped in 1915 when Packard installed iy in one piece of Twin Six model for that year.

Since then, construction of materials and different designs have been improved as time passes. The first automotive air filters is actually made up of paper. Today popular filter medias are already in the market.

But how important is this air filters to engines’ vehicle? How does it work? Like fuel filter and oil filter, and air filter function is to remove foreign particles and other impurities comes from air that enters car intake system.

There are two types of air filters that are used in cars’ applications: a regular engine air filter and a cabin air filter.

We decided to separate this two and focus on the top OEM for the first type of air filter. How optimistic is the air filter’s market? The next section tackled the recent released report of a credible market researcher “Mordor Intelligence” about this filter product.

The Automotive Air Filter Market Overview

automotive air filter market size

As you can see from the air filter market diagram above, the market size was valued at USD 5.22 Billion in 2019 and an estimated increase at CAGR of 8.57% by 2024.

An increase in vehicles’ production in most of developing countries driven a positive impact to air filter market share. Additionally, the rising concern regarding the global air pollution in connection to growing health concerns is also noted.

Large companies tend to acquire small firms to maximized their market shares and lessen the competition in the market.

You’ll soon find out as you go on that popular brand of air filters is actually owned and manage by one company.

Here are the air filter OEM in our list.

Fram Group logo

Fram Air Filters

Fram Group Company

Fram Group manufacturers is located in Cleveland, Ohio.  With over 6 branched throughout Ohio and most of plants garnered a quality number of certifications which includes ISO 14001 and ISO/QS 9000.

Known to be the top America’s oil filter brands.

Yes, variety of Fram oil filters are recognized not only in North America but globally. Another product line that are recognized in the market are their air filter types.

Fram engine air filters are best in use to help increase airflow, horsepower and overall engine performances even in tough weather driving conditions.

They have a total of 3 varieties under consumer product namely FRAM Tough Guard® Air Filter, FRAM Extra Guard® Air Filter, FRAM Fresh Breeze® Cabin Air Filter, FRAM Ultra® Premium Air Filter and 1 under the commercial-FRAM Heavy Duty Engine Air Filters.

The Fram engine air filter has advantages and benefits to offer:

  • With a pre-oiled installed media formulated for attracting and capturing smaller particles from dirt and dust
  • Heavier filter screen is used to increased durability
  • With a pleat-lock glue bead features for consistent airflow

Fram Ultra-premium air filters are specifically engineered with a heavy duty designed. This air filter is providing 2x dirt trap compared to the standard air filters in the market. For an excellent engine efficiency and vehicle protection, it is best pair with Fram Ultra Synthetic Oil Filter. This Fram Air Filter highlight types has additional following advance technology features:

  • Provides the ultimate foreign particles with 99% efficiency
  • 2x propriety filter media taps dirt
  • With installed heavyweight screen

For heavy duty commercial vehicles, an extensive coverage of Fram Heavy Duty Engine Air Filters will suit your needs. Whether your nasal vessel continuously on the run or in stop-and-go traffic. With available traditional and radial-seal designs.

Didn’t you know that a popular brand of Halfords air filter was source from this large OEM. Yes, they are, therefore technically Frams and Halfords air filter has the same quality air filters.

To get to know more about Frams Air Filters. Additional links is listed below.

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Mann+Hummel Air Filter

mann hummel poland

MANN+HUMMEL is a family business type of company with unbeatable years of experiences of operations. It was initially founded in the year 1914.

A big news has been recently noted MANN+HUMMEL Filtration Technology’s Polish site. This project site from the company has been established several few months before it evolves into a global project.

In 2016, the company acquires the global filtration business of Affinia Group. Subsequently completes the biggest transaction in the history of this family-run German company.

Therefore, adding WIX Filters and FILTRON brands to the company’s product portfolio.

Except for this brand, MANN+HUMMEL launched its owned brand of filters: the MANN-Filter which also carries a strong name.

MANN-Filter has been manufactured using WIX Filters production technology which give a positive impact of the products.

The MANN air filter produced by MANN+HUMMEL is under this product line popular to most end user. The following listed are the benefits that can be relied on MANN air filters:

  • Offers high degree of dirt separation
  • With high mechanical stability
  • Provides optimum composition of fuel-air ratio
  • With high dust holding capacity
  • Manufactured with innovative air filter design technology

This air filter brand by MANN+HUMMEL can be accessed on the firm’s official website pages available below.

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Wix Filters

WIX Air Filter

wix filters factory

WIX Filters is now a part of a large filtration group of company’ MANN+HUMMEL.

Established at North Carolina in 1939, Wix Filters has been an innovative leader of filtration products.

Wix Filters are not only limited to serve the automotive industry but also diesel, agricultural and specialty markets including heavy duty vehicle and custom applications.

WIX Filters is trigger improvement in filter product innovation for their popular spin-on oil filter.

Today, together with MANN+HUMMEL leadership capable to produce all kinds of filter from cars to heavy duty equipment.

WIX air filters is part of their product lines. The yellow and white combination in packaging recognized WIX air filters from other brands. This air filter brand is trusted by the lot of car owners. The following are its product features:

  • Features a 9 pleats per inch
  • Available in two types: panel and radial filter
  • Panel air filters is installed with special pocket pleats in media
  • Panel air filter media is framed with urethane soft sealing
  • WIX radial air filter has mesh screen features
  • Provides heat-resistant plastisol
  • With an adhesive seal for media ends

You can check out the WIX air filter ranges on the following websites available for you below.


filtron logo

FILTRON Air Filter

filtron first building

FILTRON headquarters are based in Poland. It is the most chosen brand in Central and Eastern Europe, offered in comprehensive product ranges for motor car and commercial vehicle applications.

FILTRON as strong brand name idea came from Nikon and Canon as a popular brand camera.

Before the merger with MANN+HUMMEL, FILTRON filters was already tested by end users for almost 35 years. Today, like WIX Filters, they are now part of MANN+HUMMEL.

Filters by FILTRON company is recognized according to the color coding of packaging boxes so they is not hard to remember: red for air filters, yellow green for fuel filter, dark yellow for oil filter and sky blue for cabin air filter. This marketing strategy of FILTERS for distributing the products makes it recognizable in the market.

The brand of filters from FILTRON is truly was considered to be line up with the first-class filter product worldwide. A FILTRON air filter as part of the product portfolio is highly demanded in the market.

The following are the distinguishable features of FILTRON air filters among other air filter brands:

  • Filter medium flame spread resistant features
  • Made up of cellulose and synthetic fibres for 99.9% filtering efficiency
  • Backed up with durable and airtight filter seals
  • Pleats are stabilized by ribs

The quality of FILTRON air filters has been improved with the company years of expertise together with MANN+HUMMEL filtration technology.

To know more about FILTRON filter products, the listed links below would be a great help.

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Puralator logo

Puralator Air Filter

Puralator Company

Since 1923 of inventing oil filters, Puralator has been in the business to continuously improve and manufacture different type of filters.

It was Ernest Sweetland and George H. GreenHalgh who patented the very first oil filtration system. They called their invention “Puralator” originated from the words “pure oil later”.

The original Puralator works to filtered oil through the use of twill-weave cloth.

Couple of years later, Puralator introduce their first pleated paper oil filter which technology has been notable until today.

Through years of expertise in filtration technology, Puralator filters is recommended and trusted by most of the technicians and DIY drivers.

Puralator was first bought as joint venture of Bosch and MANN+HUMMEL. Subsequently, the latter company bought the 50% share of Bosch, making it the sole owner of Puralator.

PurolatorONE™ air filters brand has the following features which made them top choice. Here are they:

  • Available in broad range of on and off road vehicles
  • Installed with high density multi-fiber media
  • Guarantees 99% filtering efficiency
  • Protect car up to 12,000 miles
  • Helps prevent engine wear

Puralator air filters are now distributed in online shop platforms such as Advance Auto Parts and Amazon for end users. To know more about Puralator air filters and other filters distributed by Puralator, the following links are available for your advancement.


Donaldson logo

Donaldson Air Filter

DOnaldson Company

Donaldson Company, INC. was incorporated by Frank Donaldson in 1918 and initially named as Donaldson Engineering (1915). It was a small business built offered an air intake filter invention (engine air cleaner) as first product in the portfolio.

Donaldson is an integrated filtration company engaged in the production and marketing of air filters that can be used in variety of industry sectors. The industries that Donaldson serve with are commercial/industrial, aerospace, chemical, alternative energy as well as pharmaceuticals.

Being a multinational company, they are operating in Belgium, China, Mexico, UK, Thailand, USA, Italy, Germany, Japan as well as France,

Donaldson is also recognized for innovations that has been contributed in air filter technology. The company is investing to its R&D which exceed a total of $40.6 million.

As part of the company product portfolio offered to commercial industry, Donaldson air filters superiority for heavy-duty on and off road equipment are offered. This air filter brand is backed by the company’s developed PowerCore® filtration technology.

Donaldson air filters are distributed in 4 different brand designs and ranges. Here are each of air filter brand types product features.

Donaldson PowerCore® Air Filters

  • Smaller and lighter air cleaner features
  • provides much more compact filtering performances
  • Straight-through airflow design
  • With advance dust-holding capacity configurations

Donaldson RadialSeal™ Air Filters

  • Installed with superior seal and vibration resistant interface
  • Employed with reliable seal for extreme operating conditions

Donaldson Axial Seal Air Filters

  • A tradition design air filters with a gasket on the end
  • Employed with a strong, pliable gasket for leak-free seal features
  • Gaskets exemption features from deterioration over life of the filter

Donaldson Blue® Air Filters

  • Backed by Ultra-Web® fine fiber technology, better than conventional cellulose media
  • With develop nanofiber air filter media for diesel engines
  • Provides greater filtering performance efficiency

These air filter brands supply by Donaldson are available in cellulose and flame retardant and vibration resistant media.

The firm also offer replacement air filters for the popular air intake systems which meet and exceed application requirements. These are the following which are included in company’s product portfolio: Fleetguard® Direct Flow™ Air Cleaners, Fleetguard® OptiAir™ Air Cleaners, Mann+Hummel® Europiclon® Air Cleaners and lastly the Mercedes-Benz® Actros® Air Cleaners.

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toyota logo

Toyota Air Filter

toyota Eutope

Toyota Motor Corporation is one of a well-known multi-national automotive manufacturer based in Aichi, Japan. Toyota is in lined among the top manufacturer in OE vehicle manufacturers.

In 2017, the firm was recognized as the biggest automotive manufacturers in the world. Toyota is also the first car producer that are capable to deliver more than 10 million cars a year starting 2012.

Most direct users trusted Toyota air filter brand because of the name which is backed by this large firm. As much as the industry are concern there are allegations that this air filter brand is manufactured and shipped from Thailand as original producer. But Toyota doesn’t admit the issues.

Though, there are concern as to whether they originally produce by company or imported from other supplier; there is a high demand of the air filter brand. It is simply because of strong name distributed by this OE vehicle manufacturer.

The company marketed genuine Toyota air filters specifically for their vehicle brand and models users.

Here are the Toyota engine air filters exclusive features:

  • With triple layer filtering media
  • Optimum filtering capacity
  • Ensure proper fit with polyurethane resin frames
  • Longer replacement gap intervals

Toyota air filters are available in a official company online shops.

Bosch logo

Bosch Air Filter

Bosch company

Robert Bosch GmbH or popularly known as Bosch, is a German multinational engineering and technology company headquartered in Gerlingen.

Robert Bosch established “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering” in the year 1886 at Stuttgart, Germany. It was the start of this global operating business. Right from the very beginning, Bosch shows innovative idea and strong social commitments.

As of today, ownership of the company is divided in three: 92% which is owned by Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH with no voting rights, 8% ownership to Bosch family with 7% voting rights and under Robert Bosch Industrietreuhand KG with 0.01% shares and 93% of total votes.      

The Bosch’s company operates in 4 business areas: mobility, consumer good, industrial and energy building technology.

A firm entered into a couple of joint ventures in different auto parts products. In filtration system area, Bosch together with MANN+HUMMEL enter into a contract to acquire “Puralator”. Subsequently, Bosch 50% stake in Puralator company sold to the latter.

Bosch are known for their auto parts products, among these are filters.

Bosch workshop air filters as parts of filtration system are specifically designed for Professional installer market for about 90% vehicle coverage applications.

Here are Bosch air filters key features:

  • Backed with trusted brand
  • Broad coverage for Asian and European vehicles
  • Allows strong engine protection and performance
  • Provides 98% filtering efficiency.

If you opt to know more about Bosch air filters, you can use the links provided below.

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K&N Engineering logo

K&N Air Filter

K&N Company

K&N Engineering has more than 50 years as a global leader in filtration industry for automotive area. The corporation filters were hooked up in lots of car engines in the road nowadays.

In early 1960’s, two motorcycle racers named Ken Johnson and Norm McDonald (K&N) work together to a ground-breaking new innovation of air filter which can meet the vast demand of dirty environments.

These men tested numerous numbers of filter medias at their testing phase period for air filter. Which lead them to discover that an oiled cotton can seize contaminants better than others material.

The authentic K&N® High-Float Air filter™ was released.

After the first K&N air filter has been made and successfully distributed, the company manufactures variety of filter products.

The company continue to be actively participated in racing and motorsports. Because of this improvement in K&N air filters have been develop for racers.

Here are the original K&N air filters key features that evolve in years:

  • Specifically recommended for racetracks
  • Made up of layered oiled cotton media
  • Provides 50% airflow in compared to traditional paper air filters
  • Durable filter frame and media
  • Engineered to deliver excellent filtering performances
  • Washable and reusable
  • Easy installation features
  • With formulated filter screening supplies

To know more about K&N Engineering air filters, check on the following link below.

AcDelco logo

AcDelco Air Filter


AcDelco is an automotive part brand headquarter in America and owned by General Motors (GM). Most of the automotive component manufactured by AcDelco has been installed over millions of GM vehicles on the road.

Through years of partnership, vehicle manufactured by GM has been consolidated under AcDelco brand. AcDelco’s products are also offered to non-GM vehicles.

Over its lengthy history it has been acknowledged with the aid of numerous names including: United Motors Corporation, United Motors Service, and United Delco.

“AcDelco” brand should not be confused with GM’s former AC Delco Systems, formed in 1994 from the merger of AC Rochester Division and Delco Remy Division.

In 1995 Delphi car systems absorbed AcDelco structures.

AcDelco filter as a part of auto part’s product portfolio offers air filters under the AcDelco Professional category. This premium engine air filter is known for its high quality. Therefore, most end users tend to acknowledge the product.

The following are AcDelco Professional air filters product features which made them apart from other brand:

  • Optimum filtering performances capability
  • Equipped with tight seals
  • Durable and provide long service functionality

To know more about the AcDelco air filters, the following links listed below is a great help.

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Cummins Inc logo

Cummins Air Filter

cummins first company

Cummins Inc. is an American Fortune 500 enterprise rank at 128. The company is established in 1919. Cummins’s business operation is to manufactures and supplied engines, filtration, and electricity generation merchandise.

Cummins additional also offers inclusive of fuel systems, controls, air handling, filtration, emission control, electric generation systems, and vehicles.

The firm currently based in Columbus, Indiana. Cummins distribution area reach an approximately 190 international locations and territories. This is through the community of greater than 600 branches and official distributors and about 6,000 more retailers/sellers.

Cummins mentioned profits from online platforms of $2.19 billion on sales of $23.77B in 2018. The company stock with symbol CMI has been traded on NYSE.

As part of Cummins’s large product portfolio, air filters brand from them marked the automotive market size for the products.

Cummins air filters are accessible in different kind with specific product features. Cummins patented filter brands is Fleetguard. Here are the following kinds of air filters from the company and its special features:

Cummins Fleetguard TetraMax™ air filters

Recommended for medium to heavy-duty applications utilizing 5 to 15 L engine

  • Incorporates a patented tetrahedral configuration to create high-density axial flow media
  • Traps more dust
  • Less susceptibility for large debris blockages
  • Provide long service functionality
  • Improved handling and serviceability for Freightliner Cascadia Trucks

Cummins Fleetguard NanoForce® air filters

Recommended to off-highway equipment

  • Employed Nanofiber filter media for 99.99% filtration efficiency
  • 3X the filtering protection compare to conventional filters
  • 2X longer service life versus conventional air filter
  • Robust material constructions
  • Advanced pleat features

Cummins Fleetgurad OptiAir™ air filter

Recommended key design requirements of all original equipment manufacturer

  • Incorporate with Cummins patented OptiAir™ technology
  • Highlight features from OptiAir™ air technology:
  • Up to 50% excellent performance capacity resulting to longer service intervals
  • Up to 65% less initial restriction which resulted to increase in air outlet area
  • Reduced service time

Cummins Fleetgurad Magnum RS™ air filter

Applications offer for all your on and off high-way trucks and equipment.

  • Better airflow for maximum engine life
  • Longer capacity and durability
  • Actual road tested for over 20 years
  • OEM approved

Cummins Fleetguard Direct Flow® air filter

Recommended for smaller profile vehicle applications

  • Longer air filter life expectancy
  • Available in 50% small vehicle applications
  • Package offered with optional pre-cleaner and secondary filter
  • Less inventory with broader application use
  • Rust-free composite construction
  • Optimized for harsh road environments

To know more about these broad range of air filters manufactured and supplied by Cummins, check on the following links below.

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MAHLE Air Filters


The MAHLE GmbH or popularly known as MAHLE is a German automotive manufacturer based in Stuutgart, Germany. They are one of the largest automotive producer for engine systems, filtration, electrics, mechatronics, as well as thermal management. Last year, MAHLE announces that the sales reached more than €12.5 billion.

MAHLE products are official distributed by MAHLE Aftermarket Divisions.

MAHLE Aftermarket is now accessible at a total of 23 global locations, and several sales branches, with 1,670 employees and sales of EUR 805 million (2013).

MAHLE aftermarket brands with constitute innovation and uncompromised quality are MAHLE, Behr and Clevite. The selection of this brands provides the company with a robust market coverage. The brands are maintained and expanded. With their current logistic location, products are accessible fastly.

MAHLE air filters are part of the company’s filtration product portfolio. They are available for passenger and commercial applications

The following are the features that you can expect from MAHLE air filters:

  • Reduction up to 99.9% of airborne particles
  • High capability for holding dust
  • Guaranteed longer service life
  • Installed with “micro star”- a special folding system of filter media
  • Employed with pure foam seal

To understand more of MAHLE air filters product, the following links listed below would be a great help.

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JapanParts Filter Logo

JapanParts Air Filter

JapanPart Building Logo

Japanparts Group started in the year 1988 as a consultant for the Italian automotive market of spare components for Asian, American and Eu vehicle applications. Japartparts Group is notable for their 3 company brands: JapanParts, Ashika, and JapKo.

After the achievement in the first decade of the company’s business operations, Ashika as a second brand was formed. this brand help the firm conceived to increase the distribution opportunities for the aftermarket area.

A few years later after the launched of Ashika, the JAPKO brand was born. It is the latest brand edition to Japanparts Group.

This open a near market opportunities and subsequent extensions of other branch facilities. In order to offer fast delivery to customers outside Italy, Japanparts open a new logistic center.

Today, the firm is present in 5 continents with a total of 70 countries and still looking to expand the market distribution area.

The brand which makes loud sounds in the automotive air filter industry was the original brand from the company the Japanparts air filters.

Japan air filters provides the following product advantages:

  • Increase the horsepower of engine vehicle
  • Washable and reusable features
  • Engineered to offer longer service functionality
  • Provides excellent high airflow and exceptional filtration
  • Perfectly fit and easily installed

To know more about Japan air filters, you may access the following links below.

Sakura Filters logo

Sakura Air Filter

Sakura filters

Sakura Filters has more than 45 years in the filtration system manufacturing business. They operated under the management of PT Selamat Sempurna Tbk. (SMSM).

PT Selamat is the flagship of the Automotive Division Group and currently the largest filter producers.

Sakura Filters offers a broad range for more than 7,000 part numbers for OEM/OES and also the aftermarket. This range of applications covers automotive, marine, industrial, commercial, heavy equipment for American, European and Asian applications.

The firm has the capability to manufacture approximately 96 million pieces yearly.

Sakura air filters are known for some car owners as well as racers.

Sakura air filters highlight product features that are recommended for car racers:

  • Installed with 3 Layer Fiber with Laminated Technology
  • Covered with 2 layers of high-strength wire mesh
  • Provides high airflow
  • Ensures optimum filtration capability
  • Increase engine performances

There are a lot more to expect with Sakura air filters as the company is continuing to develop their product with modern technology.


UFI Filters Logo

UFI Group Air Filter

UFI Filters Company

UFI Filters was established in the year 1971. They are a global leader in filtration technology as well as thermal management sectors. Ranges of filters for automotive are manufactured by UFI.

Aside from this application the firm serve other industries such as the aerospace, marine, industrial as well as hydraulic systems.

UFI Group has 2 brand of filters: the UFI Filters and Sofima Filters. Both are taking a high demand from automotive market sectors. Through years in business, there 2 brands have grasped the market industry.

The firm were recognized for its innovative designs in filtration system.

 The company has a strong commitment in improving their product lines as well as create new ideas. In fact, UFI has invested to its R&D Innovation Centers which is built in Italy, China and India.

 A continuous improvement and development in the products through it centers purpose it to conform with the aggressive change in the standards of OE vehicle manufacturers.

UFI air filters is a part of filter product line by UFI Group. This air filter brand is available in 3 applications: passenger car, heavy-duty vehicles and thermal management.

The following listed below are the key features that are expected from UFI air filters:

  • Noise-free containment product features
  • Integrated modules in air box
  • Made up of synthetic fibres with aid of pre-filters
  • Provides filtration capacity with more than 98.5%
  • Durable and intact material construction

Sofima air filters as another brand of filter from UFI Group has following distinct characteristics. Here are the product features from Sofima air filters:

  • Made up of cellulose or customized to combine with resins, fabric or non-fabric materials
  • Limit noise engine emits
  • Excellent in filtering performance features
  • Ensures constant engine power

UFI and Sofima air filters in details product specification are available in their catalog. To know more about this air filter brand, check on the following links listed below.


Champion logo

Champion Air Filter

Champion Air Filter

Champion has over 100 years of unbeatable experience. They are world leader in manufacturing of spark plugs for every combustion engine kind. From innovation to motorsports area, the company become a part of every vehicle engine type.

The company has proven its expertise in engineering and manufacturing OE components and subsystems for world major automotive manufacturers.

Currently, Champion’s high quality ranges of products are now available not only in sparkplugs, filters and many replacement parts for vehicles.

Champion air filters are part of the company filter products that provides the top rated OE quality replacement parts. The company offers air filters for ranges with over 92% of EU car parc applications.

Below are Champion air filter product specifications:

  • Maintain strong and optimum engine power
  • Provides fully combust exhaust smoke
  • Excellent protection to engine
  • Keep and maintain consumption in low level

You can check out Champion air filters from below.


DENSO Corporation logo

Denso Air Filter

DENSO Corporation

DENSO Corporation is a worldwide automotive manufacturer based in Aichi, Japan. The company was once a part of a popular OE vehicle manufacturer- the Toyota Motors.

It was founded as Nippon Denso Co. Ltd. in 1949 after it become an independent company from Toyota.

About 25% shares of the company remained owned by Toyota. Although being a part of Toyota Group of companies, the sales at the year ending March 2016 are less than of 50% total revenue.

In 2016, Denso was stated as the fourth largest auto parts producer in the world. In the year 2016, it was stated that DENSO Corporation is already consist of 189 subsidiaries in total with 151,775 employees around the world.

It was also noted that in 2013, the company rank at 242 on the Fortune Global 500 list with revenue of $43.1 Billion.

Today, DENSO is one of the leading supplier of components to the world’s automobile manufacturers. The engineering leadership of DENSO includes the air filter technology which was shared in automotive market.

DENSO air filter captures the market with it’s innovated three layer designs and these other key features from the firm:

  • Provides high airflow rate
  • Premium dust holding capacity
  • Optimum efficiency which reduces engine wear
  • Easy installation features
  • Improve engine performances
  • Reduction to engine wear

To know more of this air filter brand from DENSO, click on the links below.


Hengst Automotive logo

Hengst Air Filter

Hengst Automotive

The Hengst Automotive company is located in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The firm specializes to provide fluid management, ventilation systems as well as filter systems.

The company is a recommended partner for the automotive and engine industry, as well as operating for industrial and consumer markets.

Hengst develop a customized filtering solutions for almost all filtration which makes their filters one of the top brand choice in the market.

Today, Hengst has over 3,000 employees it 11 different locations around the world.

In 1993, the company launches eco-friendly ENGERGETIC® filter system, which apparently the first metal-free insert. Two years later, the first cup oil filter with integrated centrifuge was also introduced.

The company evolve filters was innovated with creative ideas of Hengst engineers together with modern technology.

The following are the advantages that Hengst air filter is expected to offer:

  • Longer operational life
  • Guaranteed with 100% leak-proof
  • Employed with flame-resistant filter media
  • With high0quality waterproofing features
  • Provides maximum filtering stability
  • Permanently remove foreign particles from vehicle engine

To check out more this air filter brand from Hengst, it was accessible on the company’s catalog, right next to this.

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sogefi logo

Sogefi Air Filter

Sogefi Group Company

Sogefi Group has more than 35 years of experience as aa leading worldwide distributor of automotive parts. The company designs have been improved in producing suspension component, air management and engine cooling systems as well as filtration system.

The firm is proud being listed in Milan Stock Exchange in the STAR segment and is a partner to world’s leading manufacturers of passenger and commercial vehicles.

They are currently reach a total of 23 countries on 4 continents with the help of 42 manufacturing sites.

Sogefi distributed different brands of filters that includes Fram, Purflux as well as Sogefi Pro. The Fram manufactured by Sogefi is different from the well-known Fram Group LLC brand based in US.

The company’s leading brand of filters is the Purflux. This brand is popular for end users and has always been a part of top brand choice.

Purflux air filters as part of filter product from Sogefi product portfolio provides advantages listed below:

  • Available in comprehensive ranges of quality air filters in on and off road applications
  • Maintains vehicle performances and fuel economy
  • Provides optimum engine output
  • Better protection and less environmentally polluting engine
  • Can work in an extensive and harsh environment

The links provided below would lead to the company’s official sites.

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knecht filter logo

Knecht Air Filter


KNECT the European filtration specialist part is a part of the MAHLE Group.

KNECHT was initially founded in 1899 in Germany. They started in manufacturing filters such as air, fuel, and oil in 1929.

In the year 1955, the firm was the first producer in Europe to use paper filters for engines.

KNECHT has continuously developing its brand with scientific research and approach. This makes the brand to be the leading edge in filter manufacturing technology. That makes the brand the best choice of the world’s most prestigious producer.

Recently, the company has been focuses its efforts on filters for Asian and European leading vehicle manufacturers. It has been an OE to most Asian manufacturers.

The company offers comprehensive product ranges of filters for motorcycle, passenger and commercial vehicle applications. KNECHT filter’s brand is not only into high quality products but also an eco-friendly filter.

These filter products from KNECHT is distributed to large OE manufacturers, including Audi, Skoda, Ford, Porsche, Seat, Roll, Royce and many more.

The company filters are also supplied by a leading importer and distributor: Serfac.

KNECHT air filters as part of the filter products is has quite demand and is always an option choice to end users. These are the product advantages that KNECHT are expected to provide:

  • Designed to increase horsepower
  • Washable, reusable High-Flow Air Filters™ feature
  • Made up of layered, oiled cotton media
  • Designed to provide high airflow and exceptional filtration
  • Engineered to fit easily as per vehicle air box

You can check out specific product features of KNECHT air filters from MAHLE company catalog.

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Bilstein Group logo

Bilstein Air Filter

Bilstein Group

Bilstein Group (Ferdinand Bilstein GmbH + Co. KG) is a worldwide leading manufacturer and supplier with high quality standards and customer focus.

The brands offered by Bilstein are febi, SWAG and Blue Print.

Bilstein Group has over 175 years of experience in the business field. From a simple iron forge to automotive replacement parts professional.

The man behind the great success of the company was no other than Ferdinand Bilstein. He founded the company in 1844 where horses were still the preferred means of transportation.

In air filter industry, BluePrint brand are highly demanded.

Extensive range of more than 2,000 filtration system components are available to European, Asian and American vehicle applications. Blueprint air filters are part of this filter range.

Blueprint air filters are made with high quality materials that provides the following product advantages:

  • Excellent filtering performances
  • Undergo stringent and regular quality checking
  • Constant research to conform with OE standards
  • Covers 20 years of experience in automotive aftermarket
  • Able to handle approximately 10,000 litres of air
  • for every 1 litre of fuel

Blueprint air filters is backed by the company’s extensive research which guarantees the product quality.


Valeo logo

Valeo Air Filter


Valeo is a global automotive manufacturer headquartered in France, the company shares are currently listed on Paris StockExchange as CAC-40 Index. The firm deliver wide range of products to vehicle manufacturers and the aftermarket.

Initially, Valeo was named The Société Anonyme Française de Ferodo founded in 1923 in Saint-Ouen. The first product distributed by the company was the brake linings and clutch facings under the licenses of Ferodo Ltd UK.

After a decade, the firm diversified to include the production of clutches and was also listed in the Paris Stock Exchange.

In the year 1950s, the company expansion outside Paris are has been placed.

The company continued to add additional automotive components in their product lines which includes braking system, thermal system, lighting systems and also electrical systems.

It was May 1980 when the company change its name to Valeo, which means “I am well” in Latin.

Currently, the firm employees 113,600 people in 33 countries globally. A total of 186 plants, 59 R&D centers and 15 distribution channels are now available.

Valeo strategy mainly focuses in innovation and development in fast growth emerging countries.

It was listed that last year company sales rose to 4% to a total of €19.1B. From 2016-2018, they also ranked to be France’s leading patent filters.

Valeo air filters has been notable brand for the automotive industry. The air segments is identifiable by the blue packaging with a touch of green and white. Here the the advantages the Valeo air filters provides:

  • Offers an intake air quality
  • Designed to meet the highest possible quality standards of filtration
  • Block particles as small as 40 microns (40µm)
  • Great superb ease of use

To know more about Valeo Air Filters products, check out the following links provided below.


comline oil filters

Comline Air Filter

comline building

Comline is an independent British manufacturer and supplier of replacement auto part for popular European, Japanese and Korean vehicle applications. The firm was initially established in 1991.

The company continuous expansion to European hubs located in Greece, UK, Spain and Ireland developed.

Today, it runs into a wide 150,000 square foot warehouse facility and proudly to be presented as TecAlliance ‘A’ rated data provider. They are now part of an elite filtration testing organization, the IFTS.

Comline has a total of dedicated and committed team over 150 employees to help them where they are today.

With over 25 years of long established business operation to manufacture filters. The Comline ranges now cover 1800 part numbers of vehicle applications.

Comline air filters as part of filter product portfolio provides premium quality features. Here are some of Comline air filter’s product advantages.

  • Manufactured in world-class production facilities
  • Guarantees UK and EU specification’s compliance
  • Available for more than 600 part numbers

Comline air filter’s product specification is accessible in details in the company’s product catalog.


Roki Air Filter

Roki Filter Thailand

ROKI Co., Ltd. was initially founded in April 1958 as Toyo Roki Mfg. Co. Ltd. The company built its R&D facility in the year 1963 and put up “FILTECH INC.” as a US subsidiary. During the years the firm has been able to established in different countries and entered the global market.

In July 2008, the company changed its name to Roki Co., Ltd. and decade after, Roki acquired the IATF 16949 accreditation.

Roki has a total capital of 350 million yen since the start of the business operations.

Company products are not only limited to automotive filtration system but also with air and water purification system, fuel cell systems and cogeneration filter system.

Roki air filters are one of the automotive filters manufactured and distributed by the firm. Here the common facts about Roki air filters:

  • Available in comprehensive ranges or vehicle applications
  • Installed “Air Intake Systems” designs
  • Reduction and modification of noise
  • Provides dust-free air to vehicle engine

There are different websites Roki established for each of the countries branches. Product Specification can be accessed for their official distributors.



Vierol Air Filter

Vaico brand is distributed by the company VIEROL AG.

VIEROL is one of German leader in automotive engineering established in the year 1977 by Jürgen R. Viertelhaus at Rastede.

After a decade of successful business operations, the company relocated in Oldenburg.

VIEROL AG is a large worldwide specialist of electronic component and engine management in the automotive field of industry. The firm can produce more than 43,000 premium quality auto parts in more than a total of 125 countries across all continents in the world.

VIEROL has patented 2 strong brand of product portfolio: the VEMO, VAICO and ACKOJA. 

VAICO filter brand are has quite demand for the end users. In fact, VAICO air filters as part of this product lines. The following advantages are expected for VAICO air filters:

  • Guaranteed to provide optimal vehicle protection
  • Made up of high-quality polyester fleece
  • Filter papers are integrated with cellulose fibers
  • With more than 40 innovative filter kits
  • Certified with Q+ quality seal.

To know more about Vaico brand of filters, check on the following links below.

Additional Resources:

amc filter logo

Kavo Air Filter

kavo parts shop

In the year 1985, André van Leeuwen, the man behind the success of Kavo Parts company saw an opportunity for importing filter business from Japan.

Andre started his business in a small garage with the typewriter and a telephone. Later on, he became a worldwide player in automotive industry.

The firm name was KAVO B. V. and the aftermarket concept of brands in under KAVO Parts.

Kavo Parts brand for complete line of filters is the AMC FILTERS®. AMC filters are imported from Asia and are sold to Netherlands.

Since the brand registration, the AMC filters that are supplied by KAVO Parts are guaranteed produces by OEM suppliers.

AMC Filters are available for more than 1700 references and is the largest and almost complete supplier for Japanese and Korean cars.

Here are the product advantages that can expect from AMC air filters:

  • Vast range for Asian vehicle applications and latest model
  • Provides high absorption capacity
  • Ensure OEM automotive filters
  • Easy to install features and guarantees tightness
  • Three-layer material constructions designs

If looking for best quality air filter brands, AMC is an option.

Additional Resources:


In order to succeed into a new business ventures, thorough knowledge of the products is necessary. We hope that you have seen opportunity of investing in automotive air filters.

With the following features cited from each company, you now have the basic ideas of what are the latest trends of air filters. We encourage you to learn more about air filters in this guide.

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