Audi Brake Pads

Turning on Audi brake pads warning light is a sign that your brake pads are in bad condition. Symptoms including grinding noise, unresponsive brake, and excessive vibrations are counted as well.

Don’t compromise your safety if you experience such. Replace your failing Audi brake pads OEM with MZW’s Audi brake pads alternative.


  • Indistinguishable difference to your original equipment making our Audi brake pads an ideal replacement for your worn-out component
  • Specific vehicle formulation to suit even the most specific vehicle application
  • Direct bolt-on installation, no machining required for immediate application right out of the package
  • Effective abatement of noise and vibration due to OE quality slots and chamfers
  •  Shimmed brake pads for noise reduction operation
  • Constructed in accordance with ISO/TS 16949 quality system and product standards

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Every brake pad from MZW is designed to offer consistent braking all through its life.

There are different types of brake pads being used in the industry and should be taken into consideration when replacing brake pads. Semi-metallic, non-metallic, and ceramic are the most common of them.

MZW Motor is a known brake pad manufacturer. Our brake parts category also includes verities of rotors, brake shoes, and discs.

Our brake upgrades promote performance enhancement for a safer and more comfortable ride. MZW Motor has been leading China’s aftermarket since 1995.

Why MZW Audi Brake Pads?

Imagine driving your car in the middle of the highway without the braking function? Total disaster, right?

Brake system is a big factor in the totality of the vehicle’s road performance. Brake pads are a key component of your disc brake system. It applies friction to the brake rotor that causes the vehicle to stop or slow as desired. Due to the nature of its function, brake pads will and is certain to wear out over time.

The most noticeable sign of having bad brake pads is when your Audi brake pads light starts to turn on. Driving with a failing brake is not advisable in any way as it can result in road accidents and expensive part repairs.

We guarantee you every MZW Audi Brake Pad has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Brake Pads

Strictly chosen materials are used in constructing different auto parts including our Audi brake pads replacement. All mediums are 100% in-house manufactured, which helps to emphasize better product integrity.

Aside from quality, MZW’s Audi brake pads cost a lot lower than your known Audi brake pads OEM supplier. Our brake upgrades are the best choice you can find in the market today. get the performance you look forward to your stock unit at a lower cost with MZW Motor replacements.

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About MZW Motor

Speed, quality assurance, and state-of-the-art production facilities. These what separates us from the rest of competitors in the aftermarket industry. Established 6 branches of manufacturing facilities, our production numbers to over 1,000 different auto parts per day.

Maintained and looked out by our team of engineers and technical staff, you can be certain that all auto parts are produced consistently with quality that conforms to the strictest standards of the industry and ISO quality system.

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