Audi Control Arm

The Audi Control Arm is part of your car’s suspension system, constructed of heavy-made gauge steel or aluminum, that has a function of connecting the front steering knuckle or rear axle carrier to the body frame of your vehicle.

Vehicles consist of upper and lower control arms. These arms are equipped with bushings and ball joints that allows the up and down rotation of the wheel and axle carrier. These Audi Control Arm also reduces the transmission of shock and vibration.

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We understand the harsh conditions and environments that control arm are likely to face.

MZW is the industry-leading premium solution for braking, steering and suspension. With over 25 years of expertise as aftermarket provider, we pride ourselves on the outstanding quality and standards of our products.

Often reason of control arm replacement is due to the bushings or ball joins being worn out or excessively used. A bad control arm can cause all sorts of problems such as clunking noises, vibration on the steering wheel, or wheel wobbling. These symptoms, if not properly serviced, could cause potential problems to the driver’s comfort and safety.

MZW Audi Control Arms

As one of the renowned suppliers of high-quality control arms in the market, our top priority is to bring safety and satisfaction to our esteemed customers and business partners.
Choosing MZW Control Arm Assembly is the perfect choice, with our control arms providing the following substantial advantages for your car:

  • Improved fuel economy with improved weight and shape through enhanced processing techniques
  • Temperature-resistant that performs in all types of weather conditions
  • Large selection of control arms components to choose from
  • Improved ride handling and performance through the metal, rubber and hydraulic control arm bushings

With the applied testing processes employed in all stages of production, you are guaranteed the MZW Control Arms are the best you can find.

We guarantee you every MZW Audi Control Arm has passed a series of strict tests:






Why Choose MZW Control Arm

 At MZW, we offer a comprehensive catalog of product line that you can choose from. Our units contribute to the ever-expanding demand of the aftermarket industry by providing them with a cost-efficient, environmentally-round and reliable service.


  • Aside from our ISO-certified facility, we also offer a world-class and friendly service once you consult with us
  • Inexpensive and time-saving units to avoid product recalls
  • Ensuring that all MZW products meet strict quality and safety measurements in all stages of production
  • One of the established competitors in the industry that stands for quality and safety

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About MZW Motor

From MZW Testing and Inspection Centre, we can ensure that all MZW products meet the exact specifications that the industry has set, and exceed the necessary regulations.

Our technologically advanced mechanisms, as well as our in-house processes, large volume production capacities positioned us at the forefront of this industry.

All MZW products has longer service-life than any other products on the market. You can’t find a better control arm that performs at its best amplitude even when placed under extreme pressure.

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