Audi Steering Rack

The Audi steering rack is a vital unit that receives feed from the driver, by the means of the steering wheel and steering column and sends an input to tie rods and steering shafts to achieve proper left and right turns.

This high-quality replacement steering rack by MZW can provide you the best steering solutions your vehicle needs. Steer your way with confidence by replacing a hard-core steering rack designed by MZW to your worn-out or damaged factory part.

Manufactured to meet the essential needs of every driving condition, these top-of-the-line parts deliver the maximum level of resiliency, durability, longevity your vehicle needs in order to function seamlessly even on steeper angles.

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At MZW Motor, we adhere to industry standards when it comes to steering rack shaft manufacture.

Since its founding in 1995, MZW has been a global leading manufacturer of the power steering rack and pinion systems and other related components. Trusted by high-end OEM manufacturers and retailers alike, MZW has continually delivered the best replacement steering racks, gearboxes, steering arms, to its clients around the world.

Furthermore, MZW continues to manufacture innovative solutions for the automotive industry. Under its 15,000 square meters fabricating facility, MZW has always given solutions to the needs of O E M vehicles and manufacturers alike that demand the durability, longevity, and reliability you need.

MZW Audi Steering Racks

Bring back the smooth steering performance and hassle-free functionality to your ride with this perfect fit and durable replacement Audi steering rack by MZW. As a global supplier of steering racks, we ensure that all products are manufactured with expert care and attention to detail.


  • Precise-formed to stringent OE requirements
  • Premium, sturdy construction for lasting dependability
  • Triple-tested to ensure optimum, trouble-free performance
  • Validated by highly-qualified industry experts
  • No welding, cutting, or modifications required
  • Complete steering assembly kit
  • Eliminates steering noise
  • Improved steering response under harsh conditions
  • Increased stability and control for smooth drivability

We guarantee you every MZW Audi Steering Racks has passed a series of strict tests:






Why Choose MZW Steering Rack

Meticulous attention to detail is what keeps MZW ahead of the game. Our industry experts at MZW work hand-in-hand to guarantee that our customers get only quality and durable products, which can deliver exceptional functionality without excessive cost and laborious maintenance.

We only utilize a sturdy, premium quality, and long-lasting materials in our product design, ensuring utmost dependability, strength, and tolerance to the most demanding conditions. Whether you want to restore a commercial vehicle or a sophisticated brand like Audi, MZW brings you the perfect solutions for all your individual needs, including difficult-to-get components.

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About MZW Motor

Triumph over harsh, rigorous, and steeped trails with confidence with cutting-edge steering products from MZW. Designed using premium-class materials, we deliver uncompromising strength and dependability to be able to drive smoothly across rugged, viscous, or just about any precipitous trains.

These top-of-the-line products by MZW are backed with expertise, in-depth knowledge, to ensure get the high-end steering parts that will give you the peace of mind and comfort you need in every driving condition. With a fully-integrated R&D department, we can give you an innovative solution for your next riding adventure. Our first-cate manufacturing machines are here to deliver superior reliability and high-end value to your Audi.


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