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Since 1995, MZW has been engaged in manufacturing and supplying a full range of automotive filter that big brand auto parts distributors and wholesalers can count on. We expand your market by constantly developing the latest automotive filter models and applying new filtration-technology to win the end-users’ trust.

MZW Auto Filters

Looking no further, you need MZW Automotive filter to skyrocket your business.

Oil Filter

MZW makes oil filter base plates thicker to ensure better filter element support and better thread engagement.

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Air Filter

MZW makes air filter base plates thicker to ensure better filter element support and better thread engagement.

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Fuel Filter

MZW makes fuel filter base plates thicker to ensure better filter element support and better thread engagement.

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Cabin Air Filter

MZW makes Cabin Air filter base plates thicker to ensure better filter element support and better thread engagement.

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How we make Automotive Filter

From metal stamping to filter paper folding, from filter assemblying to spray painting, there are 20-36 manufacturing procedures depands on the types of automotive filters.

Most oil filter parts are made from steel. A steel sheet is unwound from a roll and fed into a stamping press. As the sheet moves along, the press stamps out the shape of the required part which include the base plates, the canisters, and the center tubes…learn more.

MZW pay 100% attention to every small steps to make sure you and your end-user can get best auto filters.



How To Test Automotive Filter

Oil filter leak is a huge problem for every automotive filter seller. Any oil filter leaking may cost you a fortune for engine damages caused by the oil leak.

That’s why the filter airtightness test is the most important test. If the tightness is not good enough, it will seriously affect the quality of the product and it should never leave the filter manufacturer.

Therefore, every filter must be tested with 100% airtightness.

Filter tightness test is usually conducted on the production line using water pressure or air pressure.

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About MZW Automotive Filter Manufacturer

Found in 1995, we started the business from a small factory with only five staffs. Over decades, MZW has grown into a leading automotive filter manufacturer with over 100 employees in a 15000 square meters plant.

We are now a new star automotive filter manufacturer brand in aftermarket industry for both domestic and overseas vehicles.


Automotive Oil, Fuel, Air, Cabin Filters

Comprehensive coverage

We keep developing the latest auto filters. With over 200 new models per year, MZW enriches your automotive filter selection and satisfy your end-customers’ needs. From oil filter and fuel filter to air filter and cabin air filter; from heavy duty truck filters and main stream passage car filters, to diesel fuel filter water separator and hydraulic filter, MZW get you covered.

Oil Filter

MZW makes oil filter base plates thicker to ensure better filter element support and better thread engagement-

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Fuel Filter

Every fuel filter supplied by MZW have passed through rigorous factory tests to ensure it conforms to a high standard

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Air Filter

MZW makes engine air filters compatible with a wide range of vehicle models and from leading car

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Cabin Air Filter

MZW utilizes multilayered construction for the filter media that ensures it retains dust, dirt and other particles better.ali-

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Auto Filter R&D

Auto Filters Research & Development

As a growing automotive filter company, we understand the importance of automotive R&D. From engineering in diesel filter for the high-pressure common rail system to filter filtration performance improvement, the use of synthetic fiber and fire-retardant materials to multilayer filter element design, MZW Motor manufactures and develops automotive filters in an array of filter materials and designs, to meet and exceed the OE auto filter standard.

14,000,000 filters per month

MZW makes 14,000,000 automotive filters per month

Our automated production line enables us to produce about 1400,0000 automotive filters per month. Our outstanding productivity would be a nightmare for other small automotive filter suppliers. Starting from the simplest board cutting to automatic blanking process and precise Metal stamping, MZW takes full control of filter manufacturing process to ensure the superior quality of filters. As a 16949:2008 certified automotive filter manufacturer, you can put trust in our management and quality control system.

ISO 16949 Certified Automotive Filter Manufacturer

Our top brand endorsed management and quality control system meet the ISO/TS 16949:2009 standard. From new model developing to raw materials sourcing, through precision metal processing and filter assembling, to filter performance test to packaging and delivery, MZW ensures that our products are produced to our customers’ expectations.

Customized Packages

Building Your Own Filter Brand

We can supply your own branded boxes or neutral-packing (white or black with no brand mark).
As for the filter shell, both screen printing and transfer printing is available. With three complete packaging line, we can meet your various packaging requirement and reliably support your branding building.

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