Top Automotive Tools

Top 12 Must-Have Automotive Tools and Equipment of 2023

Top Automotive Tools

Automotive Tools Introduction

If you are amongst those car owners that are fund of doing projects and car repairs on your own, you should check out these must-have car tools. Some people might think that tools are generally expensive at most. But having a variety of mechanic/automotive tools can save you lots of money in the long run. Plus, it will save you the time of going to the mechanic for simple repairs you can do. Listed below are collected automotive tools and equipment that car mechanics can’t live without. 

Lists of Must-Have Tools

Impact Wrench

The impact wrench is also called by many names such as the impactor, impact gun, air wrench, air gun, rattle gun, and more. It is a socket wrench power tool designed to operate high torque output with minimal effort exertion by the user. This is due to storing energy in a rotating mass, then delivering it suddenly to the output shaft.

Some automotive parts are prone to rust and seem hard to remove by just using convention manual tools. Having an impact wrench is essential and also convenient when needing to remove tight bolts and nuts from rusty areas of your car. Sometime before advanced batteries were developed, an air impact wrench can be seen from anywhere. Today, a Li-on battery-powered impact wrench is being utilized due to its cordless capability.

  • versatile – can be used not only for automotive purposes but many other applications
  • easy to use
  • low maintenance tool meaning it is durable enough to last long
  • cordless operation
Impact Wrench

Vise Grips

Almost every household has its fair share of experience of using vise grips clamps. The vise grips are among the tools that are very flexible and can be used to almost anything you can think of not only as an automotive tool. The vise grip is useful to many chores due to its clamping and twisting power. There are different heavy-duty vise grip sizes and types including vise grip locking pliers, mole grips, and so on. Having varieties of sizes especially small ones can be of great help for smaller jobs.

  • secured and efficient gripping multiple shaped surfaces
  • maximum torque provision
  • easy to tighter and loosen the grip
  • suitable for wet and greasy surfaces
  • the ideal size of tool for tight spaces
Vise Grip

Impact Driver

Though having a similar design with the impact wrench, the impact driver is considered to be of use for smaller projects and tasks. Unlike a normal drill diver, the impact driver does not feature a chuck. It has a hex bit socket that can fit many types of adapters. This automotive tool can maximize its functionality in rusted small to medium-sized bolts and for other do-it-yourself projects.

  • provides high torque
  • suitable for light- and heavy-duty projects
  • cordless operation
  • easy to maneuver
Cordless Impact Driver


Simply put, you can’t fix what you can’t see. Although many of you may have a hood light installed in your vehicle, it’s positioning and utilizing under the car is not enough. Morning, noon, night time, a flashlight can illuminate anything you put it into especially when working under your car. It is also essential to have a flashlight for night time emergency repairs. A small pocket fit, powerful led flashlight with different lighting level is convenient for its size and light-weight feature.

  • easy to carry
  • suitable for tight spaces repair and maintenance
  • mostly features rechargeable Li-ion batteries
  • suitable for many applications
  • safe than wired lightings
Led Flash Light

The Creeper

Throw those cardboard boxes and dirty rugs, the creeper for the car is here to save your day. Conventional creepers are designed to have adjustable headrest providing users with the optimum position that can gradually be adjusted to exercise angles the best way possible. The creeper seat is also padded ensuring comfort for your back. It is also designed to have 4-6 wheels maximizing users’ mobility and positioning around the floor surface.

  • fast and easy to maneuver under the car when doing repair and maintenance
  • comfortable for the whole body due to its padding
  • features rollers for ease of movement
Foamed Creeper with rollers

Floor Jacks

The floor jack is a mechanical lifting device capable of carrying the standard weight of over a 3-ton vehicle. It is essential to have and can be useful when needing to replace and install new brake pads, changing damaged tires, and other parts that need attention that is placed from under the vehicle. Commonly, the best floor jacks are made from steel and aluminum which both represent durability. Though having the ability to lift cars, floor jack varies to different capabilities. Be sure to check your car’s weight before purchasing one to properly cater to your vehicle.

  • weight lifting capacity
  • safe and stable tool for automotive repairs
  • sold construction – most floor jacks are built to last
  • easy to maneuver
Hydraulic Floor Jack

Mechanic Gloves

When working on the engine, under the car parts, and so on, you are exposed to encounter harmful chemicals that can cause your hand to burn. Aside from protection, mechanical gloves share the benefits of gripping power, callous prevention, reducing hand fatigue, chemical barrier, and they can also be used for different applications. There are two basic types of mechanical gloves. The disposable and reusable.

Disposable gloves are commonly made from nitrile or latex. They are sets of gloves places inside a box (visually comparable with surgical gloves stronger). They protect you from fluids such as oil, coolant, brake fluid, and more. As its name suggests, the protection power of the gloves won’t last long and needs to be disposed of after working on a project.

nitrile gloves

Reusable gloves on the other hand are considered the best mechanic gloves. They are made from a much stronger material than nitrile. They are commonly seen with real leather or a synthetic one. Reusable gloves enable the user to save lots of bucks in the long run compared to DG. They are washable and can be used many times but is certain to wear over time.

reusable mechanical glove
  • offers protection to many kinds of chemicals
  • abrasion resistance
  • washable
  • can be used for different applications aside from automotive

Torque Wrench

A torque wrench is an automotive tool that is used to tighten nuts and bolts to a predetermined torque value. The torque wrench allows the user to fastened or tightened nuts and bolts of different sizes to their proper or required tension. This is necessary to avoid compromised equipment performance due to having an over-tightening or under-tightening. Today, Torque wrenches digital is one of the best types of TW and are not only for automotive applications, but they can also be utilized in different industries such as home repairs and construction.

  • decrease bolting time
  • save time and money eliminating failed pressure test and repeat bolting
  • increased joint integrity
Torque Wrench

Colored Coded Sockets

Unlike traditional socket sets, colored socket sets feature different colored sockets that represent different sizes of the traditional and deep well socket. From this colored socket set, you will not need to look at every part for the specific socket size you require. This is useful and gives the user the benefit of saving more time when it comes to vehicle repairs, maintenance, and parts adjustments.

  • easy to locate sockets
  • artistic looks
  • save lots of time
Colored Coded Sockets

Adjustable Wrench

An adjustable wrench is also known of names including adjustable spanner or adjustable crescent. It is a tool used to loosen or tighten a nut or a bolt. It has its opening or the jaw where you can clamp the head of a nut or a bolt. It uses a screw that needs to be turned for its opening to be clamp properly. Unlike ordinary wrenches that can only be used on a specific sized nut, having an adjustable wrench gives you the freedom of fitting to a wide variety of nut sizes present in your vehicle. Aside from automotive benefits, an adjustable wrench can also be used in bicycle parts and when doing some plumbing tasks as a pipe wrench.

  • space saver
  • good for automotive and plumbing works
  • fits different sizes of bolts and nuts
  • easy to use
  • suitable for tight spaces repairs and maintenance
Adjustable Wrench

Colored Spanners

Just like colored sockets, colored spanners have been a trend in almost every industry and project they can be used to. Instead of going through individual checking when needing a spanner of a certain size, colored spanners gives you the advantage of having different colors that represent its sizes. Although having an adjustable wrench, small size manual wrenches can be useful when working in small areas where large adjustable spanner can’t fit.

  • easy to locate parts
  • saves time
  • eye-catching colors
Colored Spanners

Wire Stripper

A wire stripper is a portable wire tool or a wire cutter. It is used in different industries including automotive, house wiring workers, and more. This tool is used mainly to remove the protective coating of an electric wire or as a wire crimper for repair and replacement purposes. It is also utilized to strip the end portions of electrical wiring to connect them to other wires.

There are two types of wire strippers present today. The manual wire strippers and automatic wire strippers. Manual wire strippers are the most convenient and versatile type of wire stripper. Though it needs to manually rotate to operate, its wide size range coverage is useful for different applications. The automatic wire stripper on the other hand is useful for beginners having limited knowledge of how to use wire cutters and is capable of stripping wire quickly. However, this type of stripper only works for a limited range of wire sizes.

automatic wiper stripper
  • easy to carry
  • sizes suitable for tight places
  • fully automatic and manual both saves lots of time
  • can be of use for different applications aside from automotive


As we went through some of the most used mechanical tools, remember to acquire the best tools you need for your application. Some equipment listed above can be used for other projects outside automotive, so make sure to maximize their potentials. They’re still tons of tools that have not made it in our guide but offers equal functionality. Each tool delivers great assistance to the specific task they played on.

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