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Piston Damage Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

When piston damage occurs, the engine suffers. It can mean many problems and result in reduced vehicle performance. But how do you tell that engine pistons are faulty? Luckily, piston failure causes a number of symptoms. This article focuses on those signs; how to identify them and the steps to take to prevent engine breakdown. […]

Piston Uses in Different Sectors

From industrial machines to the vehicle engine, piston uses are many and varied. Pistons also come in different sizes and designs. To cater to the many applications, piston manufacturers use a wide range of materials to make these parts. Here, we bring you the use of pistons in different sectors; automotive, industrial, and medical. Automotive […]

Piston Installation in 9 Easy Steps

Car engine repair often involves piston installation. While the process might look simple, doing it wrongly could cause the engine to malfunction. It could even result in severe piston damage shortly after (and another repair process). If looking to rebuild your engine, read to the end. We compiled piston installation directions, presenting them in a […]

Piston Measurement When Rebuilding Your Car Engine

Piston measurement helps to determine various aspects. It provides values for piston size, piston cylinder clearance, piston deck clearance, and several other dimensional specs. This is important when reinstalling pistons or even ordering new ones. But the process to measure a piston is not known to many. If you are rebuilding your engine, that can […]

Automotive Piston Types You Need to Know About

Engine pistons vary in many ways, and the right piston type depends on several factors. Usually, one piston type will have superior qualities over the other but mostly in certain applications. We compiled a description of different automotive piston design, material, and manufacturing method. Use the information to help you make a wise decision, especially […]

Piston Parts and Functions Explained

Piston parts, unlike designs and material, do not vary across different pistons. They remain the same with differences only in their sizes. This article explores the automotive piston assembly components, detailing the function of each. To make identifying each part easy, we added images in the descriptions. Piston components extend all the way from the […]

What is a Cylinder Head?|Cylinder Head Definition and Function

The cylinder head is one of the least noticed parts of a vehicle but among the most vital. In this cylinder head definition and function article, we will define a cylinder head, look at what it does, and its location in automobiles. We also included cylinder head definition images to help you recognize the component. […]

Top 24 Ball Joint OEM Manufacturers List in 2019

Who are the ball joint manufacturers top market players in OEM channel type for the automotive industry? This article will give you an overview of these firms along with the benefits and product advantages of this suspension part. Before that, let us give a brief introduction to ball joints. What is ball joint and how […]

How to Carry out Shock Absorber Repair

Why should you consider shock absorber repair instead of replacement? We will discuss this topic in this article. Automotive shock absorbers undergo a lot of rapid movements when you drive your car. The movements cause gradual wear and even the best shock absorber will eventually wear out. Depending on the driving conditions and habits, the […]

Top 18 Tie Rod End OEM Manufacturers in 2019

This article is a compilation of tie rod end manufacturers under OEM channel type. Before we jump on to our main course, let us first understand the tie rod end and its global market overview. What is a tie rod end? A tie rod end is a vital part of steering system mechanism in an […]

Shock Absorber Replacement: When and How to Do It

This article takes you through the shock absorber replacement process in a step by step way. Automotive shock absorbers are meant to last a long time. However, unavoidable driving conditions can take a toll on even the best shock absorber and cause premature wear. Shocks are one of the most important parts of your car. […]

Top 14 Cabin Air Filter OEM Manufacturers in 2019

Today, we wanted to share the top OEM for cabin air filter products. But before we jump on to the main course of this article, let us begin to learn a few things about cabin air filter. What is a cabin a filter? A vehicle owner would probably know that their engine has an air […]

Standard Shock Absorber Specifications You Should Know

When talking about suspension parts, the mention of suspension shock absorbers cannot be avoided. Automotive shock absorbers control coil and leaf spring movements and improve passenger comfort and vehicle drivability. The damping action of shocks also helps to prolong the lifespan of tires and several other components. For a car shock absorber to work properly, […]

Different Types of Shock Absorbers and Their Parts

Auto parts manufacturers make different types of shock absorbers. The kind to use in a vehicle depends on many factors. Car shock absorbers control the movements of suspension springs. This helps improve the quality of rides and enhances vehicle stability. Shocks also prolong the life of tires and other suspension components. In this article, we […]

Automotive Shock Absorbers Explained

Shock absorbers are critical vehicle parts. Despite that, many people do not understand them well. Learn about shock absorbers in this article: their working principle, purpose, and how they differ from suspension struts. We will also answer popular questions about these suspension system components. To start off, a brief explanation regarding shock absorber meaning. Shock […]

The 9 Bad Shock Absorber Symptoms

Automotive shock absorbers ensure smooth rides, quality vehicle handling, and longer tire and car suspension life. When these parts wear out, several things happen. You may feel a loss of vehicle control, rides becoming uncomfortable, and general drivability issues. The signs of bad shock absorbers may not be apparent at first. To spot them, you […]

Top 27 Fuel Filter OEM Manufacturers in 2019

This article was specifically designed to help OE manufacturers, fuel filter distributors and small business owners, retailers, and individuals planning to give a fuel filter investment a try. The main course of this featured article is to give the prominent fuel filter OEM companies list. Aside from that, each of the firm’s manufactured fuel filter’s […]

Top 25 Air Filter OEM Manufacturers in 2019

The Top OEM in automotive air filter will be presented in this featured article together with their product advantages. But before that, this is a brief introduction about this automotive component and its opportunity in the market. An air filter in car is another important part of engines’ intake systems. In early days, manufacturers of […]

Top 29 Oil Filter OEM Manufacturers in 2019

Before we jump on with the highlight section of this featured article, this is a brief idea of what is an oil filter and its importance. An oil filter is one among the kinds of filters in automotive industry. They play a vital role in improving engine’s. Oil filter are designed to eliminates impurities and […]

Essential Tips When Buying Automotive Sensors for Your Car

Selecting and buying automotive sensors requires that you understand what to look for. Engineers know this all too well and will check different requirements before they settle on a particular sensor. That’s because the types of sensors used in cars vary from one manufacturer to another, working principle, sensing technology, operating conditions, and more. The […]

3 Warning Signs That Your Car’s Cabin Filter Needs Replacing

An automotive cabin air filter captures airborne contaminants. But that is for as long as it can last and as much as it can hold. Eventually, the filter’s pores clog with dirt and the filter starts to fail. A failing filter can mean inadequate air in the cabin, affect the quality of the air, and […]

4 Types of Automotive Cabin Air Filters

Cabin air filters exist as four main types. Each type cleans the air different, with some removing even odors. They are: 1. Particulate Cabin Air Filter The particulate filter consists of a filtration medium, which is usually a porous fibrous material. It traps particles 0.3 microns and larger such as dust, pollen, and other debris. […]

Faulty Sensor? How to test Automotive Sensors in 5 Easy Steps

Vehicle sensors detect chemical and physical changes in a car, transmitting the information to the computers. But the sensors can sometimes fail and relay the wrong information- or none at all. This affects the vehicle’s efficiency and performance. Safety, too, especially if the damaged sensor measures operations such as braking and steering. Here, we explain […]

15 Types of Automotive Sensors Your Vehicle is Likely to Have

All vehicles manufactured today come with a variety types of vehicles sensors installed. Automotive sensors keep track of almost everything happening in and outside a vehicle, allowing the onboard computers to make decisions. The decisions help to: Improve engine performance Reduce emissions Bring about convenience Enhance driving comfort Improve safety, and a lot more benefits. […]

How To Change A Car Cabin Air Filter In 9 Simple Steps

Have you noticed the signs that your car’s cabin air filter is failing such as reduced airflow or noxious smell? Well, that means you need to have the filter changed. Your cabin air filter will, in the long run, clog with dirt and debris and lose porosity. It then becomes less effective and unreliable. When […]

The 3 Essential Tips for Cabin Air Filter Maintenance

The cabin air filter is a useful device. To serve its functions efficiently, here are some tips to your car cabin air filter maintenance that would be essential. That means ensuring it’s always in good working condition, especially if you have been driving in severe conditions. And if the filter clogs with too much dirt, […]

Automotive Sensors: What You Need To Know About These Essential Vehicle Accessories

Entering your car, you might think it a simple moving machine. However, that isn’t the case. The modern automobile is a technology powerhouse- a computer on wheels. Equipped with several Electronic Control Units (ECUs), the car on the road today can react to changes from both within and outside. And in real time. ECUs are […]

7 Different Tonneau Cover Types for Truck Bed

Tonneau covers are made from different materials are the basis of classification of tonneau cover types. The covers also come in different designs. The type that a truck owner chooses depends on many factors such as the expected level of protection, price, compatibility, ease of use, and more. Knowing the available types of theses covers […]

Tonneau Cover Maintenance and Cleaning Guide

5 Proven Maintenance Tips for Truck Bed Tonneau Cover To Last Owning a tonneau cover comes with the responsibility to maintain it. If uncared for, these covers can become damaged in many ways. A neglected tonneau cover will develop dents, scratches, or even lose appeal due to a buildup of dirt. Observing good care practices […]

15 Tonneau Cover Parts: A Standard Tonneau Cover Must Have

A tonneau cover or pickup car cover may look like a simple add-on. However, most are sophisticated pieces of bed covers with different parts to attach to the truck bed. Because of design differences of tonneau covers; most often use different accessories or parts. We will look at these accessories or components in this chapter. […]

5 Advantages to Upgrade Your Truck Using Tonneau Cover

Still undecided to upgrade you truck by installing a tonneau cover? Here are tonneau cover advantages that might help you decide. In the automotive world, a tonneau cover mostly refers to the cover that is used on the back of pickup trucks. Although the cover can be used on other vehicles such as roadsters or […]

15 Complete Steps of Truck Bed Tonneau Cover Installation

Tonneau covers exist in different designs. However, installing steps mostly do not differ a lot. Unless the cover is of an unusual design, the process to place it on a truck should be easy and straightforward. Some parts may be unique to a particular type of tonneau cover. As a result, the method used to […]

Top 24 OEM Brake Disc Manufacturers

TOP 24 OEM Brake Disc Manufacturers Another important part of a disc brake system is the brake disc also termed brake rotor. To completely bring the vehicle to stop, rotor should combine with brake pads to generate brake force. The brake disc works whenever a pressure is applied to pedal, the brake caliper in turn […]

9 Factors to Consider in Buying the Best Tonneau Cover for Truck Bed

Buying a truck bed cover can overwhelming, what with the many types available, the different materials, and many brands on the market. But it need not be. With only a few considerations, you can get yourself the right cover for your pickup truck bed. That is why we included this section in the tonneau cover […]

6 Easy Steps in Making DIY Hard Tonneau Cover That Will Last

Tonneau covers can be quite expensive, so maybe you might be thinking in making your own DIY Hard Tonneau Cover. If you are not looking for something fancy, you may may not be willing to spend huge amounts of money to acquire one. And you need not to. With a few simple tools and materials, […]

TOP 23 OEM Brake Caliper Manufacturers

TOP 23 OEM Brake Caliper Manufacturers Brake calipers are initially an essentials part that will keep completing your vehicle’s braking system work. However, the fact is that brake calipers functions are not recognizable by the most vehicle owner. It is quite arguable that this brake component is the most essential part of car’s disc brake […]

The Car Cabin Air Filter: What is it and What does it do?

A cabin air filter is kind of paper air filter type for cars. A typical cabin air filter is a flat panel consisting of a pleated filtration media and supporting frame. What is this automotive parts component and how does it works? When driving along, a vehicle pulls in air through the ventilation and heating systems into the cabin. […]

Steering Wheel: The Ultimate Guide

Steering Wheel: The Ultimate Guide   When you turn the steering of a car, the wheels turn to face the direction you want them to. But have you ever wondered how this happens or why it is risky to drive with a bad steering wheel? This guide provides you with information about this crucial component. [...]

TOP 26 OEM Brakes Pads Manufacturer in 2019

Brake pads are one of the most essential part of the disc braking system. This is the main reason that every car are capable to stop, as much as important for the car must reach it’s point of destination. Stopping the car will start from the moment the driver feet presses the brake pedal, the […]

Air Filter : The Definitive Guide

Air Filter: The Definitive Guide   Air filters are used in all spheres of life from homes, industries, to vehicles and construction equipment. In homes, high-efficiency HEPA filters are common devices. In the automotive industry, different filters clean the air for various purposes. Air filters for cars can be cabin air filters or engine air [...]

Tie Rod End: The Ultimate Guide

Tie Rod End : The Ultimate Guide   Every driver expects a vehicle to move straight on when they want it to and turn when they rotate the steering wheel. Several components work together to enable that. One of them-and among the most important- is the tie rod end. Connected to the steering knuckle on [...]

Fuel Filter: The Ultimate Guide

Fuel Filter: The Ultimate Guide   To prevent the contaminants from reaching the engine, a vehicle's fuel system is usually fitted with a fuel filter. Internal combustion engines require fuel to run. This fuel needs to be clean. But that is is not always the case. Inevitably, automotive fuel will contain substances and particles, both [...]

Control Arm: The Ultimate Guide

Control Arm : The Ultimate Guide   In a vehicle suspension system, there is one part that serves more than one purpose- the control arm. You may have heard people call it different names, such as "A" arm or wishbone. Control arms are one of the most common vehicle parts, and you will find it [...]

Brake Rotor Pad : The Ultimate Guide

Brake Rotor Pad : The Ultimate Guide   Brake rotor pad are a common component in the motor vehicle of today. With almost every automobile using disc brake, you will likely have pads as the frictional material that form the braking part of your car. We wrote this brake rotor pad guide to give you [...]

Oil Filter : The Ultimate Guide

Oil Filter: The Ultimate Guide   The lubrication system in automobiles supplies oil to the engine. But the oil picks up impurities as it circulates. These can be wear particles from the moving parts of the engine or contaminants that enter the system from outside. The pollutants need to be removed for engine protection, and [...]

Ball Joint : The Ultimate Guide

Ball Joint : The Ultimate Guide   Several components make up the suspension of a vehicle. Among them is the ball joint, a small but crucial part. This guide explores the automotive ball joint, or what some may refer to as a suspension-wheel ball joint due to its location. This vehicle part is also called [...]

Disc Brake : The Ultimate Guide

Disc Brake : The Ultimate Guide If your car is a recent make and model, it will likely have disc brake instead of drum brakes. That is because these are the most used brake types in the modern car. Disc brake offer better performance in many ways. But then, you can only feel these benefits [...]

Brake Rotor : The Ultimate Guide

Brake Rotor The Definitive Guide In a disc brake system, there is one crucial component- the brake rotor or, in another name, the brake disc. Brake rotors are found in virtually every modern vehicle, whether light or heavy. The earlier vehicle models had drum brakes, especially for the rear wheels. That has changed in the [...]

Alternator : The Ultimate Guide

Alternator The Ultimate Guide When talking about a vehicle engine and the various electrical accessories, the thing  alternator always have something to do.  Why is that so? The alternator directly or indirectly affects the operation of different systems in an automobile. In the absence of alternator, the battery would not charge. The engine would have [...]

Brake Caliper : The Ultimate Guide

Brake Caliper The Definitive Guide A brake caliper forms the heart of a disc brake system. It enables the braking action to happen, something that enhances safety and drivability. With vehicle manufacturers today preferring disc to drum brakes, these components are bound to be more common than before. But how do brake calipers work and [...]

Oil Filter Manufacturing Process

The oil filter is an essential component of an automobile. It cleans the oil going to the engine, helping to protect it from damage. Regularly changing your car’s oil filter prolongs the life of the engine. But have you ever asked yourself how the filters are made? What steps are involved, and what materials are […]

Starter Cross Reference Guide

Starter Cross Reference Ultimate Guide: Find 100,000,000+ Cross Reference Nubmers In One Page When was the last time you are asked this question: Do you have the starter cross reference number(s)? Whether you are a purchaser or retail customer, eveytime you ask your starter suppliers the information or require a quote , they ask back: Do you have the [...]

TOP 14 OEM Starter Motor Manufacturers

TOP 14 OEM Starter Motor Manufacturers A starter motor is a car part that is electric in nature and is very vital in the running of the engine. It enables the engine to start by helping it to gain the speed that is necessary for it to start. After the engine starts the starter motors [...]

Starter Motor: The Ultimate Guide With 24 Q&A

Starter Motor: The Ultimate Guide with 24 Q&A The starter motor plays a very important role in the car starting system. In this guide we will explain you all aspects of Starter Motor by 24 Q&A Some of the topics that will be covered include: What is a starter motor? Where is it located? How does [...]

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