BMW Wheel Cylinder 

Braking is one of the normal ways, yet the most important system of your vehicle. Allowing stop as desired provides you mobility and full authority of your BMW ride. Without brakes or having a problematic one can cause serious parts damage and/or worst, can cost you your life.

BMW Wheel cylinder works hand in hand with other brake drum parts including the drum, piston, shoes, and so on. This brake drum component is comparable to the disc brake’s brake caliper.

The rear-wheel cylinder is designed to receive incoming brake fluid from the brake line and utilized it into required force against the shoes. Wheel cylinders are composed of cups and pistons that are forcing the shoes to hot the drum making the slow and stopping motion of the vehicle.

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We are an ISO 9001 certified company and our hallmark for success is backed by strictly monitored quality control system.

Direct wheel cylinder replacements offered by MZW Motor are crafter into a perfect fit for BMW motor vehicles. they are accustomed to giving braking assistance like that of its original equipment. The unit’s surface is inspected making sure products are leak-free when receive.

Enjoyed many years of success, MZW Motor is a prestigious name known by many in the aftermarket scene. The company has provided countless auto parts including BMW alternatives that serve as a tangible solution to many owners’ troubles and replacement needs. MZW started its production of reliable aftermarkets back in 1995 and still growing day by day.

Why MZW BMW Wheel Cylinder?

Due to daily exposure to heat and brake abuse, a wheel cylinder of BMW vehicle is subjected to failure. Normally, when your wheel cylinder is in bad shape, pistons seals are seen to be leaking. This results in the corrosion and rust to occur inside the units.


  • Individually inspected, all BMW wheel cylinders by MZW Motor assures 100% leak-free
  • Rubber composites are of highest quality promoting lasting service life
  • Better than remanufactured auto parts
  • All materials use are handpicked assuring outstanding durability and functionality

We guarantee you every MZW BMW Wheel Cylinder has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Wheel Cylinders

An expert and experienced manufacturer such as MZW Motor is a brand to be trusted. Our BMW wheel cylinders are known for their affordability and capabilities that match factory units of BMW. Aside from wheel cylinders and shoes of drum brakes, our brake parts catalog also includes other components of disc brake system including brake rotors, brake pads, and brake calipers.

All products are marketed at a high cost-competitive price range to give better options aside from BMW OE parts. We manufacture all units complying with the strict guidelines of the highest standards of ISO 9001 / TS 16949. Having certifications under such allows the company to produce quality units

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MZW Brake Series Advantages

From strictly chosen mediums to one of a kind tools and technology, MZW Motor guarantees to deliver second to none replacements that will meet your expectations. The company has over 300 combined engineers and industry-leading professionals that maintain processes to conform to stringent standards established. 1,000 different units are made daily supplying many distributors and partners worldwide.

With us, you can enjoy your ride like its newly bought. Our BMW wheel cylinder will restore the braking you had on the first day you drive your precious ride. 


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