Top 8 Brake Booster Manufacturer of 2023

Braking is a vital function of your vehicle. It provides control, and comfort at the same time. Without the braking performance of a car, it is virtually impossible to drive. Imagine going at a high speed on a busy road when all of a sudden your brake pedal is not producing the stopping power you need? The brake booster is one of the components that helps you stop at any point as desired. Brake booster manufacturers are highly obligated to produce products that are reliable all the time.

The brake booster is an enhanced master cylinder used to reduce the effort needed to exert whenever pressing the brake pedal. It employs a booster that acts with the master cylinder to give amplified hydraulic pressure to the brakes to force the wheels to slow down and stop at one point. The safety of everyone is compromised when having a bad brake booster. But, how can you know you have one?

Common causes of brake booster failure are lack of vacuum pressure. When having one, warning or symptoms such as difficulty engaging brake pedal, spongy brake pedals, or hard to press brake pedals, or if worst comes to worst, not working brakes are expected to experience. Nobody wants that especially when in the middle of driving. When having symptoms as such, immediately take your car for an inspection for a possible brake booster repair or brake booster replacement.

Brake Booster Market Overview

Just like other auto parts in the market, the brake booster is highly demanded and will be for many years to come due to the same reason of having many automotive manufacturers producing vehicles. This is the driving factor of the increasingly global market presence of brake booster and other brake components.

The global automotive hydraulic brake booster market is segmented into different types of vehicles and applications include two-wheeler vehicles, passenger vehicles, light commercial vehicles, and heavy commercial vehicles.

This article is written to serve as a guide to show you some brake booster manufacturers that play a significant role in the growth of brake booster in the global market.

Brake Booster Market

Brake Booster Manufacturers List:

Hitachi Brake Booster

Hitachi Brake Booster

Hitachi is a brand that was built from over a hundred years of expertise. The company is known for its mission tagline, “contributing to society through the development of superior, original technology and products.”

Hitachi Automotive manufactures and markets differentiated products including brake booster under their brake part catalog. The company also offers engine management, electric powertrain, drive control, and car information systems for major automotive original equipment manufacturers globally.

Hitachi Automotive is amongst the company that first develop vacuum brake boosters with a mechanical brake assist device. The company continues to innovate pushing the future of brake technology into new heights. Hitachi brake boosters are manufactured under ISO certified facility to conforming to the strict standards of the automotive industry.

Advantages of Hitachi Brake Booster:

  • weight reduction and brake pedal stroke reduction
  • dynamic response progress
  • high flow rate function with shorter loss-travel and added collision safety by the minimized total strength
  • improved fuel economy
  • Improved rate of deceleration if under sudden brake – resulting in better braking distance and safety


TRW Brake Booster

TRW Brake Booster

TRW is a manufacturer of Original Equipment quality automotive safety products. The company is a known brake booster supplier and a key player to the brake booster global market. TRW braking systems and parts include, steering and suspension components, commercial vehicle components, and service tools are recognized worldwide due to their engineering quality and innovative design. TRW products are also famously well-tested, in-house, and independently.

TRW Brake Boosters are a vital part of the company’s overall drum brake and actuation product range in delivering outstanding quality for consumers. TRW brake boosters are extremely tested, meaning they are guaranteed to deliver reliable and consistent performance on the road.

TRW Brake Booster benefits and advantages:

  • Original equipment quality
  • Wide range of single and tandem brake boosters
  • Unique tie-rod design – lighter and thinner parts for more efficient braking aid
  • Great coverage with almost 340 parts serving more consumers

Durability and resiliency are what TRW brake booster brings due to consumers’ demand nowadays. That is why TRW is invested to develop drum brake and actuation products like their brake booster to last longer.

TRW Official Website:

TRW Brake Booster:

TRW Passenger Cars Products:

TRW Commercial Vehicle Parts:

Mando Brake Booster

Mando Brake Booster

Mando is a brand of technology and a well-versed manufacturer of different automotive parts for big names of automotive suppliers worldwide. Mando is a company where quality and technology is not just a simple object of improvement but the company’s vision itself. The company was established way back in October of 1962. Its half of century experience has brought South Korean vehicles the technology and quality which are being acknowledged in the global market today.

Mando brake booster is one of the many vehicle brake system components that the company offers. Mando brake systems are being supplied to many domestic automobile companies and big vehicle manufacturers including GM, BMW, VW, PSA, and Fiat, giving the company a world-class quality recognition.

Mando Brake Booster features:

  • 100% direct original equipment replacement
  • Ready and easy to install brake booster
  • 100% perfect fitment
  • 100% brand-new power brake booster

MANDO Brake System:

MANDO Official Website:

Crown Brake Booster

Crown Brake Booster

Crown Automotive was established in Boston back in 63’. The company started as a small storefront where overtime has developed into a global brake booster supplier and manufacturer of top-grade replacement parts for Jeep vehicles. Crown Automotive has earned a reputation in the USA and abroad through providing the best original equipment quality replacement parts and accessories. It is because of Crown Automotive parts that many classic Jeeps are still on the road today. The company’s auto parts cover equipment from 1942 and up.

Crown brake booster is known to give everything and left nothing to be desired. Crown brake booster provides OE quality and reliability that combines with the perfect fitment and performance. This component is being offered at a highly competitive price making them an ideal alternative for Jeep owners worldwide.

Advantages and features of Crown Brake Booster:

  • Perfect fit for the first time
  • OE quality and braking performance
  • Fair price everyone can afford
  • Designed to meet or exceed strict industry standards

Crown Automotive Brake booster Kits:

Crown Automotive Official Website:

CARDONE Brake Booster

CARDONE Brake Booster

CARDONE was founded back in 1970 and today stands as a leading brake booster supplier and manufacturer of different brake parts, electrical motors, fuel, and air systems, drivetrain, steering and suspension components, as well as other automotive electronic products. CARDONE’s expertise and manufacturing experience allow them to create products that are highly synonymous with original equipment quality and craftsmanship. CARDONE auto parts feature reliable performance easy installation giving consumers the benefit of saving time and money.

CARDONE brake boosters are 100% O.E quality seals, diaphragms, and check valves are installed in every unit to give brand-new braking feels performance and reliability. The product offers exclusive rust-prohibitive finishing for extended service life.

Features of CARDONE brake boosters:

  • CARDONE brake boosters are 100% vacuum tested to ensure proper, and reliable braking aid
  • Rust-prohibitive properties for longer service life
  • Pre-adjusted master cylinder output rods for easier, much faster installation
  • Brand-new mounting nuts and washers ensure hassle-free installation

CARDONE Power Brake Boosters:

CARDONE Official Website:

Bosch Brake Booster

Bosch Brake Booster

Bosch is a global brake booster supplier and a leader when it comes to the automotive industry. Bosch is a privately held company that is headquartered in Germany. The company’s operation is divided into four different business sectors that include automotive technology, industrial technology, energy and building technology, and consumers’ goods. Bosch products and services are designed to give comfort and provide improvement to the quality of life by offering innovative and beneficial solutions. Bosch is famous for its tagline “Invented for Life”.

Many years of manufacturing expertise in the automotive scene allows Bosch brake booster and other components to offer innovative solutions and alternatives to many vehicles on the road that is in trouble.

Features and advantages of the Bosch Brake booster include:

  • Original equipment fit, function, and braking feels
  • Original equipment materials and technology are incorporated in construction products
  • OE experience and expertise

BOSCH Official Website:

BOSCH Brake Boosters:

BOSCH Brake Parts:

ATE Brake Booster

ATE Brake Booster

ATE is a hundred years successful brake booster supplier and producer of different brake parts of major vehicle suppliers on the globe today. From Hydraulic to ABS, ATE has enriched the market from the outset with pioneering developments and is planning to continue doing so.

When manufacturing ATE brake booster, the company doesn’t differentiate original equipment and replacement parts that is why ATE products can cater to both without any issue. ATE brake boosters are made of high-quality materials to serve consumers for years to come. All products are designed using state-of-the-art technology and with customers in mind to meet or exceed needs and deliver great value products at an affordable cost.

Features and Advantages of ATE brake boosters:

  • Reliable and with a long service life
  • Safe braking made easy – brakes are guaranteed to respond reliably in any situation given
  • Problem-free replacement – ATE brake boosters are easy to install which saves time and ensures a smooth replacement procedure
  • OE quality for all equipment
  • Part of the range is equipped with a brake assistant, pressure/vacuum sensor, or position sensor

ATE Brakes Official Website:

ATE Brakes Brake Booster:

ATE Product Overview:

AISIN Brake Booster

AISIN Brake Booster

AISIN is a brand that produces automotive products of high quality since 1965. AISIN is a well-recognized brake booster supplier and brake parts manufacturer that gives comprehensive production options of parts and accessories for virtually every vehicle system. AISIN has carved its way towards success with innovation using advanced technologies to give consumers automotive parts that generate seamless road performance. Together with AISIN brake booster, products such as drivetrain, cooling parts, brake, and chassis parts are available in the company’s catalog.

AISIN brake boosters are engineered to exacting OE specifications. The product provides precise pedal feel while preventing driving fatigue for a more comfortable and enjoyable driving experience. AISIN brake boosters are always OE matched.

Features of AISIN brake booster:

  • Delivers optimal air pressure to the brake master cylinder
  • Provides precise pedal feel while preventing driver fatigue
  • Manufactured with the highest quality materials to ensure safe operation
  • Maximized durability for longer life span

AISIN EU Official Website:

AISIN Brake Booster:

AISIN Products:

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