Top 11 Brake Cable Manufacturers of 2023

Brake cables suppliers are in continuous growth in numbers thanks to the continual demand and production of vehicles in the automotive industry. Brake cables are part of the brake system and responsible for the application of the parking and emergency braking.

The brake system is one of many integral parts of a vehicle. Braking parts functions simultaneously to create the stopping power needed whenever the driver pushes the brake pedal. The whole system allows you to slow down or stop as desired. Brakes are very useful as they give you full control authority just like what steering parts can do.

With a failing brake cable or any brake parts whether small or big component, the safety of the driver and all the passenger inside the car is compromised. That is why it is important to always keep a healthy braking system intact in your car. If suspecting or experiencing unfamiliar signs, it is highly advised to get an in-depth inspection for a possible repair or replacement if needed.

Brake Cable Market Overview

The most prominent factory of the increasing and growing brake cable markets are the various automotive control cables in two wheels, three-wheelers, and other vehicles where the product is applicable. Many control cable manufacturers are strategically located in different regions of the globe to further cater to the needs of car owners for automotive control cables.

This is article is to help you identify the key manufacturers that play a big role in the global brake cable market. Below are some of the biggest manufacturing name that contributes top-notch brake cables for original equipment vehicle suppliers and aftermarkets.

Brake Cable Manufacturers List:


TRW Brake Cable


TRW is a brake cable supplier for original equipment quality automotive safety products. The company’s braking systems, steering and suspension parts, commercial vehicle components, and services tools are widely known for their superior engineering quality and innovative designs. All products including TRW brake cable are well tested both in-house and independently.

Brake cables by TRW ensure to deliver excellent safety and protection standards, so drivers and car owners can gain the confidence they need when driving. TRW brake cables are manufactured to meet and exceed international regulations, delivering class-leading performance.

Advantages of TRW brake cable:

  • Original equipment manufacturer/supplier
  • High-end materials – multiple stand rope coated in MoS2, improving cable strength
  • Automatic adjusters for maintenance-free parts
  • Variety of cable designs to cover different types of motor vehicles

TRW Official Website:

TRW Handbrake and Clutch Cables:

TRW Products per Category:


ATE Brake Cables

ATE is a century-old brake cable supplier and manufacturer of different brake parts for virtually every application present today. From hydraulic brake to ABS, ATE has fed the market from outset with pioneering developments and will continue to do so.

In manufacturing ATE brake cable, the company pays attention even to the smallest details so consumers can be sure that every unit is received and is almost certain to meet the highest standards. The same care is applied to every product. ATE ensures all products are perfect in every way.

ATE brake cables are made using durable materials to serve vehicles for many years. They are designed using state-of-the-art technology and with customers in mind. ATE brake cables are sure to fit any lifestyle and deliver quality at an affordable cost.

ATE parking brake cable features:

  • High quality at an affordable price
  • Expertly made using materials of the highest strength
  • Built to match the exact requirements of brake cables your car is manufactured with
  • First-class workmanship
  • Highly effective corrosion protection
  • Maintenance-free

ATE Brakes Official Website:

ATE Hand Brake Cables:

ATE Products per Category:

CMA Brake Cable

CMA was founded in 1974 in Rockaway, New Jersey, and has a humble beginning of only 5 employees. Today, CMA is a leading, international cable supplier and manufacturer that is headquartered in Bolivar, Ohio. CMA has a reach history of creating cost-efficient and reliable cables, mechanical cables, conductive cables, custom cable assemblies, and electro-mechanical products.

As a natural innovator of control cable manufacturing, CMA is becoming a leading supplier of mechanical cable assemblies which include vehicle industries. CMA brake cables are the product of years of manufacturing expertise thanks to CMA’s vast experience when it comes to producing control cables.

CMA brake cable features:

  • Provides maximum efficiency
  • Minimum loss of motion/control
  • Applied the same rigid standards used in every control cables
  • Wide application
  • Products are compliant to IATF 16949 standards

CMA Cable Official Website:

CMA recreational cable:

CMA Transportation Cable – automotive:


Bruin Brake Cable

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Bruin Brake Cable is a company that promotes automotive brake cables that are purely made in the USA. The company creates high-quality emergency parking brake cables that are USA certified and manufactured strictly in the USA.

Bruin Brake Cable products are made available widely and can be freely purchased in their eBay store or can be ship and ordered directly in their factory in Chicago. Aside from conventional brake cables, Bruin caters to custom brake cables.

Advantages of Bruin Brake Cables:

  • Toughest quality of brake cable
  • Plastic or steel style housing
  • Custom cable product upon request
  • The USA certified and ISO 9001: 2008 Certified

BRUIN Brake Cables Official website:

Bruin Brake Cables eBay Store:

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Suprajit Brake Cable

Established in 1985, Suprajit today has carved a niche for itself as a pioneer in the design and manufacturer of Mechanical control cables and is recognized as India’s largest cable supplier and the world’s largest in the two-wheeler cable market.

Suprajit mechanical controls and cable systems including their brake cables are engineered to assist every vehicle where they are applied to deliver smoother braking. Suprajit brake cables are produced as per customer specifications using a wide assortment of Wescon standard components. Suprajit also caters to custom brake cable and other components depending on consumers’ or client’s designs and specifications.

Suprajit brake cables are widely used by numbers of automotive suppliers such as BMW, Volkswagen, Mahindra, Tata, and Piaggio. This ensures future consumers that every product under the Suprajit umbrella can be trusted at most.

Features and advantages of Suprajit Brake Cable:

  • Wide application compatibility
  • Handpicked materials used for ultimate durability
  • Extend life cables compared to conventional brake cables in the market
  • Production of custom brake cable possible

Suprajit Official Website:

Suprajit Brake Cable and Lever Systems:

Suprajit Control Cable Systems:


NINGBO Brake Cable

Ningbo Shangge Automobile Parts Co., Ltd is specializing in manufacturing different kinds of automotive control cables including mechanical cables, parking brake cables, speedometer cables, accelerator cables, clutch cables, bonnet cables, chock cables, and many more.

Ningbo Control cable systems are widely used in China’s domestic original equipment manufacturer market. Today, the brand is partnered with many automotive car suppliers in China. In creating reliable brake cables and other control cable system products, the company has a highly qualified and experienced R & D Team, which utilizes the world’s leading 3D design software (such as UGNX, PRO-E, CATIA, CAD, etc.

Ningbo Brake Cable features:

  • Made from the latest manufacturing technology
  • ISO / TS 16949 system certified
  • Available at a competitive price
  • Wide range application

Ningbo Shangge Automobile Parts Co., Ltd Official Website:

RS International Brake Cable

RS International is a prominent manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of different automotive parts. Catering to different automotive requirements by the industry, RS International ensures every product is precisely engineered. Automotive sports offered by RS International include automotive control cables, control cable apart, clutch cable parts, hand brake cable locks, clutch cables, and more. The company promotes fitment to many automotive brands such as Toyota, Nissan, Opel, Volkswagen, Mahindra, Maruti, and more.

RS International Brake cables are mainly used by Japanese and European cars. Produced by RS International competent engineers, hand brake cables offered by the company varied technical specifications.

Advantages of RS International Brake cables:

  • Fitting too many major vehicle supplier brands
  • Variety of automotive control cable available
  • Brand-new components are used
  • Leading price range

RS International Brake cables:

RS International / Controlcableparts Official Website:

RS International / Controlcableparts Automotive parts:


Raybestos Brake Cable

Raybestos has been serving the automotive industry with the best brake parts for over 100 years now. Raybestos has been a tool for people to change the way they think about brakes and brake performance due to the company’s continual innovations and dedication to producing the highest possible quality of brake parts.

Raybestos Brake Cable is the most technically advanced cables in the industry today and is part of the company’s signature products of Element3 Hydraulics. Brake cables are tested to ensure strength, fit, and corrosion resilient. Raybestos brake cable promises to deliver a flawless performance each time they are applied.

Raybestos Brake Cable features and benefits:

  • Performance matching to OE manufacturer standards
  • Nylon-coated steel brake cables
  • Includes all OE-Style Brackets and end fittings
  • Ensures optimal protection, service life, and safety
  • Provides optimum resistant to corrosion, ensure a safe and smooth application
  • OE-fit making them easy to install

BrakePartsINC / Raybestos Official website:

BrakePartsINC / Raybestos Hydraulic Parts – Brake Cable:

BrakePartsINC / Raybestos Products:


DORMAN Brake Cable


DORMAN is one of the brands in the automotive industry that has reached the hundred-year mark. The company is a leading brake cable supplier and international manufacturer of different auto parts for many automotive suppliers in the OEM sector and aftermarket. Products including DORMAN brake cable are known to their unique combination of application expertise and innovative product design. Craftsmanship is unquestionable as well. They offer products which not conveniently or economically elsewhere that is why many consumers patronize the company.

Dorman brake cable is the right choice for car owners that wants OEM quality at a price not even near the high dealer price. Dorman products are expertly crafter bringing to life identical specifications that consumers expect from an OEM. They are even tested and generates performance better than what is originally equipped in vehicles when they are manufactured.

Advantages of Dorman brake cable:

  • Inner cables are sheathed and lubricated to provide many years of reliable service life and improved performance
  • Flexible casings are completely covered with conduit – this prevents corrosion of internal cables
  • Zinc plated fittings and clips – resilient to corrosion

Dorman Cable – Parking Brake:

Dorman Products Official Website:


Wagner Brake Cable

Wagner is a proud brand that is under the Federal-Mogul Corporation. The company is recognized in the automotive industry as one of the leaders in developing and manufacturing both Global Friction original equipment and aftermarket products. Wagner carries premium brake parts that deliver original equipment’s looks, fit, function, and road dependability that exceed stock brake components in performance and durability.

One of the brake parts that Wagner takes pride in is their brake cable. Wagner brake cables are manufactured ensuring that products will deliver improved OE-design. Products by Wagner give consumers the capability of repair and improve their vehicle’s braking system in the best possible condition.

Wagner Brake Cable Features and advantages:

  • Innovative engineering
  • Extensive field testing ensuring quality and performance output
  • Exceptional quality control
  • Provides longer brake life

WagnerBrake Official Website:

WagnerBrake Hydraulic Products:

WagnerBrake Products:

C:\Users\123\Desktop\logo (8).png

PIONEER Brake Cable


Pioneer Automotive was established back in 1946 by Herman A. Shields. Mr. Shields owned a successful automotive parts manufacturer’s representative firm in his hometown of Meridian, Mississippi. The company shares the goal of its founder where is to supply the needed, hard-to-find parts for the automotive business. The company has experienced steady industry growth that is now has a reputation of the “Source of hard-to-find parts”.

Having its manufacturing facility, Pioneer automotive guarantees that every product including brake cable has the best quality in the market with the most competitive cost structure. Pioneer Facilities are one of the factors that keep the strict quality control of the company.

Pioneer Automotive Brake Cable Features:

  • Made to deliver reliable service for a long time
  • Rugged construction to withstand harsh condition
  • Made with cutting edge tools and equipment
  • Manufactured confirming the company’s strict quality control

Pioneer Automotive Official Website:

Pioneer Automotive Products:

Pioneer Automotive Cables:

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