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The MZW parking brake cable has earned a respectable reputation in the industry for manufacturing and distributing every type of parking brake cable as well as custom parking brake cable. A parking brake system includes brake levers, brake pedals, park brake cables, brake pads, and cab lock systems.

MZW parking brakes are made under in-house production facility, tested in a series of quality parameters to ensure excellence in surface finishing, high durability, and reliability.

We are an ISO 9001 certified company and our hallmark for success is backed by strictly monitored quality control system.

Founded in 1995, MZW is an industry-leading manufacturer of parking brake cable and distributor across 15 nations around the world. Since those early days, we have become a single source of high-quality OEM replacement parts for European cars, American cars, and Asian cards.

Throughout the years, our philosophies have remained the same: to deliver the best and finest solutions to the customer, provide unrivaled customer service, and provide in-depth engineering knowledge to guide customers in selecting the right parts and services.

Why MZW Brake Cable?

MZW universal emergency parking brake are extensively demanded in aftermarket industries for a variety of application. MZW manufactures hand parking brake cables for light duty and heavy duty trucks, buses, vehicles, commercial cars, and more. The versatility of our parking brake cables has earned reputation in the global market.

Built on high strength aluminum, steel, or cast iron for interior linings. Made in lightweight materials that offer fade reduction and better heat conduction capacity.


  • Lightweight construction – Reduction in overall weight due to the utilization of light materials
  • Resists corrosion – Features zinc plated fittings and retaining clips for resistance against corrosion
  • Insulation technology – Parking brake cables are protected from chemical harm and as completely covered housing to prevent rust of internal cables
  • Prolonged service life – Lubricated inner cables to prolong the service life and improve performance
We guarantee you every MZW Brake Cable has passed a series of strict tests:

MZW Made Brake Cable

Our replacement products have been demanded across the globe and have a proven record of success in terms of quality and performance. All raw materials are carefully selected and have been tested to go through chemical, physical, and quality testing. Our processes are in adherence to ISO regulations and hence are a non-polluting process.

We also have an in-house R & D division that houses the most advanced testing equipment you can find. MZW has the right team and expertise to provide custom parking brake cables. With MZW, we place great importance to the safety and satisfaction of our customers. For many years, we have been supported with a long term vision that stands for quality and service,

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MZW Brake System Advantages

With our 15,000 square meters facility, we are proud to be the most reliable manufacturing company that services to more than 15 countries all over the world including America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. We start off with an in-depth brainstorming of ideas in collaboration with our team then work together to meet the set specifications.

Backed with many years of extensive research and development, our team combines your custom requirements and OEM specifications to achieve high quality and consistent performance.

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