Top 14 Cabin Air Filter OEM Manufacturers in 2023

Cabin Air Filter Manufacturers ListToday, we wanted to share the top OEM for cabin air filter products. But before we jump on to the main course of this article, let us begin to learn a few things about cabin air filter.

What is a cabin a filter? A vehicle owner would probably know that their engine has an air filter, but are not aware that their car’s HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning) got one too. It was called cabin air filter.

It has the same responsibility for your HVAC like an engine air filter to the car’s engine.

The cabin air filter is a small pleated filter made up of multi-fiber paper cotton or other improved materials.

How does it work? Before the air entered into the passenger compartment, the air would be directed to this filter, the cabin air filter traps the contaminants inside it and prevent them to enter the vehicle.

A clean air is essential, the cabin air filter keeps the air inside the car fresh for the passengers and it helpful especially during allergy season.

What are the opportunities that triggered cabin air filter to be demanded by end users? How is the market growth for this filter type? Is it worth your investment? These questions will be answered in the next topic of this article.

The Cabin Air Filter Market Overview

Cabin Air Filter Market Overview

The Expresswire recently reported about the “Automotive Cabin Air Filter Market 2019 Report”, released by 360 Research Report.

The Industry analysts revealed from the forecast that the global automotive cabin air filter Market will grow at a CAGR of 4.23% during the period 2017-2021.

Request a sample report study through this link – Automotive Cabin Air Filter Market 2019 Report

Some of the noted market driver for the optimistic growth in cabin air filters we’re the increasing demand for passenger cars and the awareness to health concerns.

A current market trend to cabin air filter products are the introduction of washable ones which most of the big companies has been into.

Cabin air filter products are such great investment to add on your auto part inventory whether you we’re a small autopart supply owner or wholesale distributors.

Now, let’s move on the cabin air filter manufacturer’s player in OEM type. You can learn about their cabin air filter’s product advantages and the materials most of them nowadays are using.

Here are the List of Top OEM Cabin Air Filter

Fram Filters Logo

Fram Cabin Air Filters

Fram Company Building

Fram is an American-brand of automotive replacement parts which mainly offer filter product and other similar products. This is a brand from Fram Group, LLC. headquartered in Ohio and established since 1936.

The men behind the success of FRAM is T. Edward Aldham and Frederick Franklin when they first developed a replaceable element in oil filtering. It was incorporated by 1934 with an average of 10 filter per day.

In 1972, FRAM open their largest filtration engineering and research facility to cover the starting demand in the filter products.

Fram Group recently renewed their sponsorships with the racers edge motorsports which made them outcast Acura NSX GT3 Evo Racing Vehicles.

Aside from Fram oil filters as the highlight products of the company. Fram cabin air filters also demonstrate high quality in its product specifications.

FRAM Fresh Breeze® cabin air filter has the following advance technology features:

  • With a natural deodorizing qualities ARM & HAMMER™ baking soda
  • Filters upto 98% of foreign particles to eliminate contaminants
  • Embedded with carbon in the filter
  • With available ranging in size from 5-100 microns for road dust and pollen particles

There are also cabin air filter offer by Fram for heavy duty commercial engines.

To know more about Frams cabin air filter the following official sites fo Fram Group is listed below for your guide.


Toyota Logo

TOYOTA Cabin Air Filter

Toyota Motor

Toyota Motor is certainly one of a multi-international car maker based in Aichi, Japan. Toyota is recognized as one among the top OE car manufacturers.

It was 2017 when Toyota was recognized as largest automobile producers within the world.

Toyota is likewise the first vehicle manufacturer that has the manufacturing capability to supply greater than 10 million cars a year beginning 2012.

Since the company is backed by it’s strong brand name, most direct consumer trust the products they offered.

Common allegations that the Toyota filter brand including the cabin air filter is made and shipped from Thailand as original manufacturer.

However, Toyota doesn’t admit the issues.

Still, there are still excessive demand of Toyota cabin air filters. And mostly are from the Toyota vehicle users.

Toyota advertised cabin air filters are mainly for their vehicle brand and models users.

The following are the information about Toyota cabin air filter:

  • Offered a triple layer filtering
  • Installed with polyurethane resin frames
  • Embedded with active charcoal to neutralize odor
  • Guaranteed an effective increase to capture of harmful particles
  • Remove harmful particles that cannot be seen by naked eye
  • Enhances air quality
  • Maintain a cleaner cabin environment

Charcoal are proven to be effective to minimized bad odor and neutralized it. Therefore, most manufacturers employed it with cabin air filters to improve it’s features. Toyotaare proud to offer their premium grade cabin air filters that will improved air inside the vehicle for better driving experience.

To know more about the Toyota charcoal cabin air filters, you may check out the following links to pages listed below.

Additional Resource:

wix logo

WIX Cabin Air Filter

Wix Filters company

For those who do not know, WIX are bought and managed by the largest company in Filter Industry – The MANN+HUMMEL`.

WIX filters are available for passenger and commercial vehicle applications.

The company has been in business operation for over 80 years with MANN+HUMMEL as it owners.

The organization has been doing business operation in the market for over 80 years from now.

The company birth began in the year 1930, when Jack Wicks and Paul Crawshaw started to invent vehicle filters.

Few years later, the two apply for the patent of thread filter which they named, ” twist of the wrist “. This thread was the start of automotive filters.

From then on, WIX Filters started to offered filtering solutions for vehicles.

In the year 2016, the worldwide brand WIX together with FILTRON was incorporated with MANN HUMMEL Group which made the latter, the largest filtration group.

Today, WIX filter’s product portfolio has broad range to offer with over 16,000 automotive car models. This includes filter products that are engineered to fit passenger motors, light and heavy vehicles, machines adn equipment.

Except for this, WIX has filters applicable for racing vehicles.

Among the filters made by WIX are the cabin air filters. Here are the WIX cabin air filter’s product features:

  • Fight and capture airborne contaminants
  • Exclusive enhanced with a Microban® antimicrobial technology – prevent increase in microbes by killing cells
  • The High-premium XP cabin air filters are built with premium Pur-Air™technology
  • Guaranteed to filters out nearly 100% of allergens like pollen and fine dust
  • Absorb odors, gases and pollutants

Another exclusive technology features of a cabin air filters are available to this OEM supplier. WIX cabin air filter to kill germs from air before they entered the vehicle are truly amazing. As this microorganism from the air build up and started the bad odors.

Wix cabin air filters eliminate and provide a clean free air by killing germs.

To know more about cabin air filters from WIX, the following links listed below might help.


Bosch Logo

BOSCH Cabin Air Filter

Bosch Company

Robert Bosch GmbH also known as Bosch is a German multinational engineering and technology company headquartered in Gerlingen, near Stuttgart, Germany.

The firm was initially founded by Robert Bosch. A large share of the company’s equity is owned by Robert Bosch Stifting.

Bosch’s core operating areas are spread across four industry sectors: mobility, consumer good, industrial technology, energy and building technology and other areas.

Bosch filtration system are under mobility solutions section. The company offers various types of filters.

Bosch fuel filters is designed to offer protection on the most extensive parts of engine. This fuel filter brand guaranteed the most dependable and trouble-free performances.

Bosch (Robert Bosch GmbH) is a German multi-international engineering and technology corpration. The company Bosch is headquartered in Gerlingen, Germany.

The man behind the company birth and success was no other than Rober Bosch as the name suggest. The large part of share is owned by Robert Bosch Stifting.

Bosch is operating into a four business sectors: mobility, customer good, commercial era, electricity and building era and other areas.

The filtration solutions from Bosch are just a part of the company large market portfolio.

Though, Bosch has been into different market, they’ve been able to excel in filtrations which is the main reason they are listed in here.

Bosch filtration device are below mobility solutions phase. The organization offers numerous sorts of filters.

Bosch is proud to offer their, “HEPA Cabin Air Filter”. This type of cabin air filter is one among the market trend today.

Here are the key features of Bosch HEPA cabin air filters:

  • Designed to trap microscopic pollutants including pollen, mold and common allergens
  • Providing very dense filter media
  • Structural ribs to provide additional stability and durability
  • Provides filtration efficiency of 99.7% at 0.3 microns.

HEPA means High Efficiency Particulate Air based it standards from ASTM D2986. This cabin air filters are made up of media with randomly-arranged fibers. It was studied that the filter media for this type of filterd is capable to capture particles of 2 microns or even larger and has the efficiency level of 99%.

It was the type of cabin air filter enhance by Bosch.

To check out this improved cabin air filter made and manufactured by Bosch. You can check out the following links below.

Additional Resources:

DENSO logo

Denso Cabin Air Filter

Denso Company

The Denso Corporation is a global manufacturer of car components headquartered in Aichi, Japan.

Denso was once a part of Toyota Motors Groups. After it became an independent firm from this large vehicle manufacturer, Denso we’re initially named as Nippon Denson Co. Ltd.

The 25% shares being an independent firm remained owned by Toyota. Despite being a part of the big company, it was recognized that they are able to contribute a large part of Toyota sales.

In the year 2016, Denso was listed as a fourth largest auto parts in the world.

Among the car components distributed by the firm, Denso filters are one of the most popular. It was highly demanded by most direct users because of it unparalleled high quality and durability.

Denso cabin air filters are design and engineered for optimal airflow and filtration. It has up to five layers of filter media that are used to trap down impurities to just 0.001 microns in size. Denso brand of cabin air filters are the ” DENSO First Time Fit® “.

Here are some of Denso cabin air filters product features:

  • Available from 3 filter media types: charcoal, electrostatic, particulate
  • Prevent and tap contaminants before entering the vehicle cabin
  • Premium quality filter medias
  • Fleece material used up to five individual layers
  • Assures easy replacement installation

Denso has a lot more to offer and is considerably into the market trend of cabin air filters. The filter medias by Denso are proven to provide improve filtering solutions. The greatest benefit was a greater passenger comfort.

To learn more of the Denso cabin air filters, check out the link below.

Helpful Resources:

acdelco logo

AcDelco Cabin Air Filter

ACDelco Company

AcDelco is an automotive component manufacturers based in United States and partnered with vehicle manufacture General Motors(GM).

Most of car auto component manufactured by AcDelco is installed in about 2M GM vehicles on the road.

Through years of partnership, the vehicle manufactured by GM has been consolidate to install most of its part from AcDelco.

However, AcDelco also supplied non-GM automobiles.

Over its long years in business AcDelco has the revolution of different names from United Motors Corporation, United Motors Service, and United Delco.

“AcDelco” brand should not be confused with GM’s former AC Delco Systems, formed in 1994 from the merger of AC Rochester Division and Delco Remy Division.

AcDelco filters are among the automotive component its manufactured. The product are available in two categories: the GM OE cabin air filter and Professional cabin air filter.

GM OE cabin air filter is recommended and intended for GM vehicle models and the other category was for other vehicle brand.

Here is the following benefit of AcDelco GM cabin air filters:

  • Equipped with long media in the non-woven material/compound media
  • Uses electrostatic multi-layer filter media inserts
  • Has a layered construction that creates “separated” media
  • GM-recommended replacement part for your GM vehicle
  • GM OE certified
  • Manufactured to GM OE specification for fit, form, and function

The list of following benefits are AcDelco Pro cabin air filter:

  • Is highly durable and reliable to fit most vehicles equipped
  • Equipped with advanced filter media technology
  • Helps keep mold from growing inside your vehicle’s ventilation system
  • Reduce vehicle odor

If the vehicle is a GM brand, AcDelco cabin air filters would be the great fit. The company generally use a five level filter media and an electrostatic type.

To check out the cabin air filter from AcDelco, click on the links below. 


champion filter logo

Champion Cabin Air Filter


Champion is an American producer known with their high quality spark plug products. They’re in the beginning a part of a Fortune 500 companies. In the year 1908, Champion company were founded by Robert and Frank Stranahan in Boston.

After being established, the organization moved over to Toledo, Ohio in 1910 to be near Willy-Overland car organization.

Today, Champion is owned by the Federal-Mogul Corporations.

With unmatched year of experiences in engineering and manufacturing of OE auto parts components and subsystems for most of automobile manufacturers, Champion understand every component they manufactured.

As of the moment, they’re are not only into producing spark plugs but also other components.

Champion are into filtration manufacturing too. One of the filters that are popular to user are the cabin air filters produced by Champion.

What are good about Champion air filters are that they we’re using and activated carbon.

Among the benefits of Champion cabin air filters powered by carbon are:

  • Optimum efficiency in eliminating exhaust and other foul odors
  • Eliminates odors efficiently
  • Guaranteed to be raplace once a year/12,000 miles

Champion cabin air filter comes with installation sheets included in every filter package. With carbon technology features., Champion cabin air filters nailed it.

To get to know more about the Champion cabin air filters, you may check out the company official website page in listed below.

More Resources:


MAHLE Cabin Air Filter

Mahle Filters Company

The MAHLE GmbH or popularly referred to as MAHLE is a German automobile manufacturer i headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany.

They’re one among the largest car producer for engine systems, filtration, electrics, mechatronics, and to thermal management.

It was just last year when MAHLE declares that the income reached more than €12.5 billion.

MAHLE Aftermarket Divisions are responsible in distributing MAHLE products.

MAHLE Aftermarket is now reachable in about 23 international places, and numerous sales channels, with a total of 1,670 employees and sales of EUR 805 million (2013).

The company brands that was distributed by aftermarket division are constituted with innovation and uncompromised quality are the: MAHLE, Behr and Clevite.

The selection of this brand provides the enterprise with a strong marketplace coverage.

With the MAHLE current logistics’ location, the products are readily accessible.

MAHLE cabin air filters are a part of the agency’s filtration product portfolio. They are available for passenger and industrial applications.

The MAHLE cabin air filters are mainly designed and engineered to provide fresh air.

The following listed below are MAHLE cabin air filter product feature:

  • Pleat geometry construction
  • Produce no harmful emissions as solvent-free methods
  • Installed with activated carbon elements
  • Specifically matched to housing for particular vehicle
  • Customizable with foam or fleece mats

Check out the link below to MAHLE official company page to learn more about the company carbon improve technology cabin air filter products.

Additional Resources:

Sakura logo

Sakura Cabin Air Filter


Sakura Filters has been in business operation of filtration manufacturing for over 45 years. The company were operated through the management of PT Selamat Sempurna Tbk (SMSM).

PT Selamat is the flagship of the Automotive Division Group and currently the largest filter producers.

When it comes to filtration technology, Sakura Filters are among the most trusted OEM today.

Sakura Filters are available in a vast range of application for more than 7,000 component numbers of OEM/OES and additionally the aftermarket.

This variety of applications covers the automobile, marine, business, commercial, heavy device for American, European and Asian applications.

The company has the functionality to fabricate approximately 96 million every year.

Sakura cabin air filters are not only familiar with some car owners but for racers as well.

Sakura cabin air filter features a ” Triple Layer Filtration “. There filtration layers are the Bio-Guard Layer, Carbon Layer and the Protective Layer.

The following are the product features provided by Sakura cabin air filters:

  • Kills germs and viruses that cause diseases
  • Deactivate airborne bacteria and prevent formation of mold
  • Reduces the presence of allergen
  • Hold and filters out up to 2.5-micron dust particles
  • Removes unpleasant and harmful odors

Sakura cabin air filters undergone independent testing as company procedures to ensure the effectiveness and its quality. The Cabin Air Filter Test System perform by the company has the ability to Dust holding, Particle Penetration and Gas Absorption.

The following link listed below would direct you to company official websites


valeo services logo

VALEO Cabin Air Filter

valeo head office

Valeo is a worldwide automotive producer based in France, the business enterprise shares are presently traded on Paris stock change as CAC-40 Index. The firm supply wide variety of auto parts merchandise to car manufacturers and the aftermarket.

In the beginning, Valeo was named ” The Société Anonyme Française de Ferodo ” based in 1923 in Saint-Ouen. The primary product disbursed by the company are the brake linings and clutch facings below the licenses of Ferodo Ltd United Kingdom.

After a decade, the company diversified to include the production of clutches and was additionally listed in the Paris stock exchange.

It was year 1950’s when Valeo expanded outside Paris.

Valeo product portfolio also expanded which includes additional braking system, thermal system, lighting systems and also electrical systems.

The company acquired its name Valeo which means “I am well” in Latin in May 1980.

Today, the company has a total of 113,600 employees in 33 different countries. Also a recorded total of 186 R&D plants, 59 R&D centered and 15 distribution channels.

Valeo approach specially focuses in innovation and development in speedy growth rising countries.

Valeo strategy mainly focuses in innovation and development in fast growth emerging countries.

It was discovered that last year’s organization sales rose to 4% to a total of €19.1B. From 2016-2018, additionally they ranked to be France’s main patent filters.

One of the product distributed by Valeo are the cabin air filters.

Valeo cabin air filters are proud to offer in three levels of filtrations: Particle Filters, Combine Filters and Combined filters with additional functions.

Each of the layers provides are installed to achieved the high quality level of cabin air filter Valeo deliver to market.

Here are the key product features by Valeo cabin air filters:

  • Offers 98 % protection against harmful contaminants
  • Made from close-knit and reinforced fiber
  • Neutralize up to 96% of pollen allergens
  • Feature a surface coating made from a natural polyphenol extract
  • Made up of 3 or 4 different layers

Valeo cabin air filters guaranteed to improve the air quality inside car vehicle for drivers and passenger better experiences.

To know more about the cabin air filters from Valeo, follow the link listed below.

Additional Resources:


MANN HUMMEL Cabin Air Filter

mann hummel company

MANN+HUMMEL FT Poland is a German manufacturing firm headquartered in Stuttgart. The corporation is well-known to be the worldwide leader and expert within the field of the filtration industry. MAHH+HUMMEL is also considered to be the largest filtration company after it completed a company merger with WIX and FILTRON and buying the 50% ownership of Bosch in Purolator.

MAHH+HUMMEL focuses on delivering premium quality filters for automotive, machinery, heavy and other specialized equipment.

It was declared by the company that 90% of the its annual sales about 4B euros was acquired from the automotive industry sectors.

Mann Hummel filters brand of filters are sold together with FILTRON and WIX FILTERS.

With the help of WIX and FILTRON filter’s technology, MANN+HUMMEL are able to engineered ” MANN Filter ” as the company name brand.

MANN+HUMMEL cabin air filter are also joined the trends of carbon cabin air filters, aside from this, the firm installed a third layer with a special bio functional coating called ” Polyphenols “. This filter technology features are exclusively available from MANN+HUMMEL cabin air filters.

Here are the following key features from MANN HUMMEL cabin air filters that can be expected:

  • Improved comfort and fresh air to enter your car
  • Prevent harmful contaminants
  • Perfect fit
  • Eliminated bad odor
  • Verified and patented air filters

MANNHUMMEL cabin air filters comes together with the power of WIX and FILTRON Filters, that is why, this filters are guarantee to have a high filtering efficiency features.

To know more about the MANNHUMMEL cabin air filters, the listed link below would direct you to the company official pages.

Additional Resources:

Hengst Logo

HENGST Cabin Air Filter

Hengst Building

It was in the year 1958 when Hengst Automotive was founded. The firm were headquartered in in Munster, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Hengst Filtration specializes in business sectors such as fluid management, the crankcase ventilation systems and filtration systems.

The company first to introduce the first service-friendly cup oil filters draining system and plastic screw cap in 1988.

After several years of operating in business, Hengst established its first filter production plant in Berlin.

It was followed by a successful launched of the environmentally-friendly ENGERGETIC® filter system, which was the first metal-free filter insert.

Hengst are also able to acquired several firms such as Champs and Luber-finer trademarks from Luber-finer GmbH and also entered into joint ventures in the next few more years.

Today, Hengst are popular in filtration market.

They are proud to distribute premium filters in the market.

Hengst cabin air filter are also creating name in the market. It was currently distributed as Blue-care.

The Blue care cabin air filter from Hengst is the most modern and most effective development stage from the firm.

Hengst cabin air filter are offered to most leading vehicle manufacturer and almost all current production models.

The company has carefully undertaken extensive study in order to come up with Blue car cabin air filter.

Here are the product benefits that you can expect with Hengst cabin air filters:

  • Capable to caught 100% of allergens
  • Ideal protection against contaminants such as pollens, hay fever
  • Resistant to mold and bacteria
  • Removes almost all fine dust
  • Increase security and comfort for driving experiences

To know more about Hengst Blue Care cabin air filter, check out the links below.


delphi technologies logo

DELPHI Cabin Air Filter

Delphi Technologies Company

Delphi Automotive PLC changed its name to Aptiv PLC. This company is a global automotive parts manufacturer which incorporated in Bailiwick, Jersey.

Aptiv was currently headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.

They we’re first founded as Automotive Components Group in the year 1994 and later on renamed as Delphi Automotive System.

Aptiv experience some issues regarding their financial recording departments. There are notable irregularity on its accounting practices in the year 2005. This issue leads the company to its bankruptcy problem. Luckily, Aptiv manage and still in business operation up to this day.

Furthermore, successful joint ventures with Ener1 and Grupo Division has been completed.

Delphi (Aptiv) is proud to be a leading tier 1 supplier to a top 25 global vehicle manufacturers.

Among the large product portfolio of Delphi, filters are recognized by users. Under this are the cabin air filters from the company.

Delphi cabin air filters are manufactured with the company high level of standard.

The following listed below are what can be expected from Delphi cabin air filters:

Manufactured to conform with OE specification

  • Backed by unmatched years of A/C System experiences
  • Multi-layered constructed fabric
  • With carbon activated layer
  • Easy installation and removal
  • High level of airborne contaminants prevention

Delphi cabin air filters ranges include both particle and activated carbon filters, a modern materials used in most cabin air filters nowadays.

To know more about the Delphi cabin air filters. Check out the link listed below.


Hastings Filters Logo

Hastings Cabin Air Filter

Hasting Premium Filters Executive

Hastings Premium Filters became a part of CLARCOR (NYSE) in the year 1995. They have been in business operation for over 60 years.

Being a part of CLARCOR, Hastings is benefited as one of the world’s leading players in the filtration industry. The association with CLARCOR companies allows the firm to share with the latest trends and ideas in filtering solution.

Hasting invested with technical center that are dedicated to research, develop, test from raw materials to finish products. With the strict standards they applied, it was guarateed that every product they manufactured meet the qualified requirements of hte end users.

Hasting cabin air filters offers you the following product advantages:

  • Reduce the amount of airborne pollutants entered the vehicle
  • Comes in easy installation
  • Fully meets OE requirements for fit and operation
  • Improves heating and air conditioning system performance

To know more about Hastings cabin air filters, the list below will direct you to the company official website.



If you were thinking of investing you’re hard earned money into auto parts supplies, a cabin air filters can be great choice to include in your inventory list.

With the current market trends from the top OEM players, we hope that you would be able to grasp basic knowledge about the products and the market opportunities it has.

It is recommended to take extra research so you could market the product to end users efficiently.When and why should a car owner replace their cabin air filters. We are encouraging you to read our blog about cabin air filters provided by this link to know more about the product.

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