Cadillac Brake Rotor Disc

Utilizing the heavy-duty, lightweight materials, MZW’s Cadillac brake disc offers unmatched product durability ready to serve you for many years.

This Cadillac brake disc replacement features exacting specification as to its original equipment, yet made available at a lower price compared to your OE supplier. Get the same stopping performance and durability you expect from your stock unit at an affordable price.


  • Saves time and money – easy to install due to the same dimensions as your original equipment
  • Eliminates the need for vehicle modification when installing
  • Expertly engineered to meet its OE specifications
  • Fully compliant to ISO/TS 16949 quality system and product standards
  • Guarantees to deliver proper slow and stop functionality
  • Noise and vibration-free operation guaranteed
  • Best Cadillac brake disc price in the market

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As a leading brake rotor supplier, every brake rotor manufactured by MZW conforms to OE specifications.

The brake disc is an important part of the vehicle’s brake system that keeps you (driver) fully in control of the car’s functionality. 

MZW Motor is a premier manufacturing brand that specializes in auto part alternative productions such as different kinds of brake parts.

We are a privately-owned company that was established back in 1995. With over two decades of manufacturing expertise and experience, MZW Motor has managed to earn a reputable name that is now trusted by many car enthusiasts and auto parts suppliers around the globe.

MZW Cadillac Brake Discs

The disc brake rotors are metal discs that work together with the brake pads and the disc brake calipers that allows your vehicle to slow down or stop. Rotors work to slow the vehicle using friction from direct contact to the pads.

Due to brake disc function, this brake part wears out over time. A failing brake disc produces some noticeable warning signs include noisy brakes, vibration when brakes applied, increased stopping distances, and/or leaking fluid somewhere in the brake system.

When noticing such symptoms, immediately bring your vehicle to your trusted technician to provide brake disc inspection for a possible repair or replacement.

We guarantee you every MZW Cadillac Brake Rotor Disc has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Brake Rotor

The common question of a consumer when looking for a replacement is “how much for brake pads and rotors?” Stop worrying about the brake disc prices.

Here at MZW Motor, we are dedicated to providing you with reliable brake disc replacements that will not break your bank.

We offer the best price not only for brake disc and pads but also for other performance vehicle parts you might need. Compare to see the difference.

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About MZW Motor

Here at MZW Motor, we believe that quality products need quality packaging that compliments with them.

MZW Motor implements the use of enhanced product packaging to ensure you receive your brake rotors and pads at their pristine condition.

Also, to further extend our company’s exceptional service, we make use of a unique ordering process and delivery system to ensure orders will be received exactly when promised and not a minute late.

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Enjoy driving worry-free from a failing brake system and be safe at all times with MZW’s Cadillac brake discs.

With its quality and affordability, this brake rotor is your ideal alternative for your worn-out component.

Not the auto part you are looking for? Contact our customer service hotline or message us at and we will be happy to help you make the right purchase for your specific vehicle requirements.


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