Cadillac Ignition Coil

Want to know how ignition coil works?

Cadillac Ignition Coils, or commonly referred to as induction coils, its purpose is to convert the relatively low 12-volt on the car battery to a much higher volt power that is required to deliver electricity to the spark plug. Ignition coils are vital components to your Cadillac that are responsible to ignite the fuel-air mixture within the engine combustion.

Is your engine frequently stalling? Misfiring engine? These are some of the telltale symptoms if a failing or bad ignition coil. These are some of the problems faulty or bad ignition coils. Get back on the road with the sturdy, precision-engineered design of the MZW ignition coils. Proven to work under extreme conditions, these ignition coils are reliable in the long run.

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MZW Automotive Ignition Coil suppliers ensure that the radiator is in perfect working condition before selling it to you.

MZW specializes in the design, manufacture, supply, of automotive parts for the aftermarket industry. Where others have failed, MZW succeeds in overcoming the ignition challenges. With years of automotive experience, full engineering assistance, and in-house machine capabilities, we provide outstanding quality of products and services to meet every customer’s need.

The company has been delivering outstanding quality car ignition coil, combined with advanced technology and 25 years of industry-expertise, MZW aims to provide you the quality you deserve.

Why MZW Cadillac Ignition Coil?

ISO9001 certified with over 300 types of automotive ignition coils for easy selection. These high-performance ignition coil assemblies are competitive price, OE-fit quality, and dependable for a long time.


  • Proper testing of ignition coils according to OE specifications
  • Designed with superior materials
  • Endures extreme conditions
  • Availability in different sizes and style 
  • Provides ignition coil manuals to avoid installation headache
  • Several styles and sizes offered to deliver the perfect solution
  • Easy to install
  • Extended ignition coil lifespan
  • Accurate dimensions for proper mounting
  • All ignition coil undergoes tests to ensure quality and service

We guarantee you every MZW Cadillac Ignition Coil has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Ignition Coil

MZW has established the ISO9001 quality management system and was granted an ISO Certification. Along with these, we’ve acquired a specialized level of care and attention for car repairs, maintenance, or parts replacement.

Here at MZW, we have served tens of thousands of clients over the years. With certification and an extensive profile in engineering, we are equipped with the right tools and essential knowledge to address and Cadillac issue that comes your way.

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About MZW Motor

Through the integration of the Research and Development department, our company is able to produce the top-of-the-line quality of ignition coil and spark plugs. All MZE products meet the environmental trends and ever-changing market demand.

MZW has gained an excellent reputation for its products and services to many regions around the world. These are made possible through the collaborative effort of our dedicated employees under the 15,000 sq. ft. a world-class manufacturing plant.

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