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Control Arm Introduction

The control arm is part of the automotive suspension system. This component is also known as the A-arm due to its form. Control arm function as a suspension link between the chassis and the suspension upright or hub that carries the wheel.

Here in this article, we have collected different sources that tackle everything we need to know about the control arm. These include control arm function, signs or symptoms of a bad control arm, which causes them to fail, how to do replacement than on your own, control arm replacement cost, and so on.

Topics are divided into different chapters to better assist you in what you need to know exactly. Simply click the link on the chapters and be directed to different sources for a better understanding of the control arm.

control arms

Chapter 1: What is the Control Arm? – Control Arm Function and why it is important

What is the purpose of the control arm? Why control arm is important to the overall operation of the automotive suspension system? Small as it may appear, Control arms play a significant role in the vehicle suspension allowing proper driving experience from whatever road condition is given.

In this chapter, sources will tell us more details about the control to further our knowledge about such components.

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What is the function of Lower Control Arms?

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worn out bad control arm

Chapter 2: Failing Control Arm – Common Symptoms of a Bad Control Arm

Life expectancy doesn’t differ to control arm just us other automotive components. Manufactured with a good intention to last just as the life of your vehicle itself, the Control arm will and is certain to fail over time due to wear and tear and other causes. This chapter will tell us about the common causes and symptoms of a bad control arm or a failing one.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Control Arm Assembly: Auto Blog

Symptoms of a Bad Control Arm:

Bad Lower Control Arm Symptoms Diagnose and Repair: KY Home Garage

Common Control Arm Symptoms: in the garage

5 Symptoms of a Bad Control Arm Bushing:

5 Symptoms of a bad Lower and Upper Control Arms in Your Car: AutoCarTimes

replacing control arm with power tools

Chapter 3: Control Arm Repair – DIY installation

The control arm can be repaired and not needing replacement in some cases of slight assembly issues. Instead of servicing your suspension system in a shop or service center, you can do it yourself. Save lots of money and learn along the way. This chapter is loaded with sources that tackle different methods on how to repair control arms.

How to Remove and Replace a Control Arm – Due to Bad Bushings: Ratchets and Wrenches

Lower Control Arms Replacement Cost – Everything you Need to Know: Cash Cars Buyer

How to Replace a Lower Control Arm and Bushings: 2CARPROS

Replacing Control Arms – How it’s done: LEMFORDER

How to Diagnose a Faulty Control Arm: in the garage

When do control arms need to be replaced?: Testing Autos

Diagnosing bad control arm

Chapter 4: Control Arm Replacement

If inspection suggests Control Arm Replacement is necessary, don’t just rush to the auto part shop. Seek for the advice of a professional technician or trusted mechanic so you can identify what control arm is suiting for your vehicle. This chapter will further up your knowledge when it comes to control arm replacement.

Control Arm Buyer’s Guide:

Control Arms Assembly Replacement: Your Mechanic

Front Control Arms: Problems, when to replace, repair cost: Samarins

Control Arm Replacement Procedure: Know Your Parts

new and old lower control arm

Chapter 5: How much will a Control Arm Replacement cost and other things to consider in replacing Control Arms

Size, types of material, durability, and replacement cost are the most common things needed to consider before purchasing control arm replacement. This chapter is sourced with different things you need to know when purchasing control arm replacement. Feel free to click on any link.

Control Arm Replacement Cost: Auto Service Costs

Front Control Arms: Problems, when to replace, repair cost: Samarins

Lower Control Arm Bushings Replacement Cost: Everything You Need to Know: Cash Cars Buyer

Learn About Control Arm Repair Cost: Buy Auto Parts

Control Arm Assembly Replacement Service and Cost: Your Mechanic


The control arm serving as a suspension connection between the wheels makes it one of the most dependable and critical parts of the suspension system. With failing one, it is highly advisable to get your vehicle inspected for a possible repair of minor issues or replacement if required. Here in this article, we have tackled different topics that point out the importance of control arms and the whole suspension system. From function and symptoms to troubleshooting and replacement know-how, it is important as a car owner to understand them all.

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