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Cylinder Head Introduction

In the vehicle, the internal combustion engine is integral to operate and drive. Internal combustion is/can be divided into two parts which are the cylinder head and the cylinder block. The cylinder head functions/serves as a housing for vehicle components which include intake and exhaust valves, spring and lifters, and combustion chamber. This is where you can see the majority of moving parts of the vehicle. Inside of the cylinder head, passages known as the ports or tracks can be seen. The cylinder head can be made from different materials which include cast iron, aluminum, and titanium. These materials offer natural resistance to scratches and bents but can be prone to cracks over time.

Market Overview

Cylinder head manufacturers and suppliers engage in using different materials in creating cylinder heads. This component is segmented into two different engine types which are the straight or inline engine and the v-type engines. For the type of vehicle, it can be applied and compatible for two-wheelers, passenger cars, and light and heavy commercial vehicles. The Cylinder head parts and function are important to create a smooth driving operation as it has a direct connection with your vehicle’s IC. Continuous automobile production means growth to cylinder head global market as well.

Mopar Logo

Mopar Cylinder Head

Mopar Show

Mopar is an exclusive cylinder head supplier and other original equipment auto parts for millions of applications under the brandings of Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, and Fiat vehicles. The company has a rich 80 years of experience as a cylinder head manufacturer and supplier of auto parts that have been used by professional technicians, racers, drivers, and more.

In manufacturing a Cylinder head manufacturer for OEM use, the Mopar facility is equipped with the top-of-the-line equipment to properly exercise precise engineering and design of cylinder heads. They are used to ensure the highest quality standards. Also, Mopar Cylinder heads are known to provide outstanding performance and durability.

Advantages of Mopar Cylinder Head:

  • the best solution for OEMs such as Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, and Fiat applications
  • a veteran cylinder head supplier with over 80 years of experience
  • designed according to OEM highest quality
  • high resistance to wear and tear due to materials used for long-lasting service

Mopar Official Website:

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Mopar Store – Genuine Mopar Parts:

amc logo

AMC Cylinder Head

AMC Cylinder Head

Established in 1958, AMC was started by Amadeo Marti Cabonelli. AMC today is a leading cylinder head manufacturer. The company dominates the industry in designing, casting, and precise machining aluminum parts as well as iron casting. As a leading cylinder head supplier, AMC maintains a focus on supplying cylinder heads for both diesel and petrol-powered engines. Also, AMC is a cylinder head manufacturer that holds ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certifications which ensures full quality control and environmentally-friendly facilities.

AMC is a world leader in manufacturing cylinder heads for light diesel engines. AMC uses high-quality aluminum compounds and cutting-edge manufacturing technology that results in maximum durability and perfect engine assistance.

Advantages of AMC Cylinder Head:

  • competitive price cylinder heads
  • OE quality cylinder heads
  • offers 2 years of warranty against manufacturing defects
  • offers aluminum and cast iron solutions
  • provides perfect fitment as a replacement for worn OE cylinder head

AMC Website:

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Racing Head Service

RHS Cylinder Head

RHS Head Catalog

Racing Head Service or the RHS is known as a legendary innovator of airflow technology. Today, RHS offers the ultimate solution for Cylinder heads, engine block, and intake manifold performance. Leading the industry as a Cylinder head manufacturer, RHS utilizes the resources of the industry-leading COMP Performance Group engineering and development team.

Since founded in 1967, Racing Head Services has begun and continues to manufacture racing cylinder heads. The company offers a wide selection of Cylinder heads that are made from varieties of high tensile and quality materials such as aluminum, cast iron, titanium, and more.

Advantages of RHS Cylinder Heads:

  • refined water jacket design – improves thermal conductivity;
  • extra-thick deck faces
  • lightweight aluminum compounds
  • hardened multi-angle intake
  • optimal airflow efficiency

Racing Head Service Official Website:

Racing Head Service Cylinder Head:

About Racing Head Service Cylinder:

adv logo

ADV Cylinder Head

adv front page

ADV Cylinder Heads is one of the industry’s leading cylinder head manufacturers that specializes in new and remanufactured cylinder heads for all makes and models you can think of. ADV Cylinder heads also offers brand new heads and cylinder head modifications. Located in Southern California, ADV Cylinder Heads has over 40 years of dedicated provider of high-quality cylinder heads and auto parts for customers internationally.

The ADV Cylinder Heads offer an intensive cleaning process combined with the latest and advanced machinery in manufacturing new and remanufactured cylinder heads. The Company’s cleaning process is considered the most intensive technique today. They utilized PCD to mill aluminum cylinder heads and CBN for cast iron.

Advantages of ADV Cylinder Heads:

  • strict quality control
  • latest machinery utilization
  • intensive cleaning process applied in every remanufactured cylinder heads
  • offers 3 years unlimited warranty
  • high-quality gasket sets
  • covers a wide range of makes and models

ADV Cylinder Heads Official Website:

ADV Cylinder Heads Our Shop:

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Modern Cylinder Head

mch front page

MCH or the Modern Cylinder Head is owned and operated by Jeff Kobylski. The company port all types of cylinder heads from full-blown race cars to mild streetcars. MCH’s main market area in the NHRA Super Stock and Comp Eliminator class. Lots of racers in these two classes run all Modern Cylinder Head products in their rides.

Modern Cylinder heads have extensive equipment that you would find in the cylinder head industry. As the company offers port heads, MCH is also capable of CNC cylinder heads. MCH is a cylinder head manufacturer equipped with a Fadal five simultaneous axis CNC machine. This equipment is capable of porting cylinder heads to converting manifolds with a standard carb opening to a dominator flange.

Advantages of Modern Cylinder Head:

  • MCH products cater Mopar cylinder heads, Ford, Chevrolet, and Pontiac applications
  • competitive price
  • markets MCH cylinder head price lower than competitors advertised parts
  • equipped with Fadal five simultaneous axis CNC machine

Modern Cylinder Head:

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Company Services:

MCH Products:

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Brodix Cylinder Head

brodix cylinder head

Brodix is a 50 years cylinder head manufacturer and supplier of the cylinder head for several OEM applications. The company has the vision of maintaining the highest standards of excellence in producing cylinder heads while being sensitive to the customers’ needs and environmental and manpower compliances.

Brodix is a cylinder head manufacturer that is serious about the quality and workmanship at every step of the cylinder head manufacturing processes. The company creates and sells more aftermarket aluminum cylinder heads in the market. Also, Brodix has the capability of supplying large racing operations. Products such as Big Block Chevrolet compatible heads, small Block Chevrolet compatible heads, small block for ford and Mopar, and V6 Chevrolet compatible cylinder heads can be found in their portfolio.

Advantages of Brodix Cylinder Head:

  • compatible to big automotive supplier brands
  • successful back story and a trusted brand in the auto racing scene
  • manufactures cylinder head with exacting specifications for different racing associations
  • high strength castings

Brodix Official Website:

About Brodix:

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