Top 7 Cylinder Head Remanufacturers in 2023

Remanufactured Cylinder Head Introduction

The remanufactured Cylinder head is the unit that used to have a failing part and serviced to new part standards. The most common failure of cylinder heads is the cracks that will eventually grow. In process of cylinder head remanufacturing, cylinder head suppliers use a number of methods and techniques. This includes casting, machining, welding, pressure tested and more. Pressure testing and thorough cleansing is an important part of the remanufacturing cylinder head process to ensure leak-free cylinder head and interior that is free from sand and metal shavings. Also installing brand-new valves is necessary and required most of the time. Valves springs are check and painted if found ready to use.

Market Overview

As a consumer, there are always 3 choices present whenever having a bad cylinder head or auto parts in general. Replace the part with a brand-new OEM component, have it repaired, or purchase remanufactured parts available. With the likeness of the remanufactured cylinder head to OEM in functionality and design, it is not that shocking to have consumers from all over the world patronizing remanufactured parts as it offers features like OEM and fitment just as the same with lesser warranty coverage. Together with OEM cylinder heads, remanufactured cylinder heads’ market potential is expected to grow constantly as many cylinder head suppliers engage in the automotive industry years after year.

Remanufacturers List:

ach logo

American Remanufactured Cylinder Head

American Remanufactured Cylinder Head

American Cylinder Head is the ONLY cylinder head remanufacturer in the US that has the ISO 9001-2009 compliant remanufacturing facility. The American Cylinder Head demonstrates a commitment to quality and dedication to continuous product improvement. As an ISO 9001:2009 cylinder head supplier, customers can expect quality service from factory-like conditioned remanufactured cylinder heads in the facility until purchases are taken and shipped to you.

Listed below are the reasons of American Cylinder Head on why customers should choose them.

  • newly rebuilt cylinder heads in stock, ready to ship
  • fast service, orders are processed immediately once received
  • American Cylinder Heads is a cylinder head supplier that adheres to precise international standards
  • an ISO 9001:2009 Certified cylinder head remanufacturer
  • all units are in-house made, parts are done in the company’s shop in California, USA
  • capability to refurbish heavy-duty and industrial power cylinder heads
  • bulk orders available on request
  • offers custom machining of the cylinder head

American Cylinder Head Website:

American Cylinder Head Shop:

American Cylinder Head Product Search:

Alberta Cylinder Head and Engine Rebuilders

Alberta Remanufactured Cylinder Head

Alberta Cylinder Head and Engine Rebuilders

Alberta Cylinder Head and Engine Rebuilders has over 100 years of combined experience in engine rebuilding service. The Company is a full-service engine machine shop that specializes in rebuilding machining automotive, marine, and diesel cylinder heads and engines. Alberta Cylinder Head and Engine Rebuilders’ facility is equipped with top-quality engine rebuilding tools and equipment which allows the company to maintain precise specifications while aiming for fast and superior customer satisfaction.

Cylinder Head Remanufacturing Processes of Alberta cylinder Head includes hot tanking, inspection, jet wash, soda blasting, glass beading, magnafluxing, pressure testing, resurfacing, valve seat machining, valve sear replacement, and more.

  • precise rebuilding methods
  • combined with 100 years of Cylinder head remanufacturing expertise
  • facility equipped with industry-leading tools and equipment

Alberta Cylinder Head Official Website:

Alberta Cylinder Heads:

Alberta Cylinder Head Project Samples:

Allied Motor Parts

Allied Remanufactured Cylinder Head

Allied Motor Parts Cylinder Head

Allied Motor Parts is an Expert Cylinder Head Remanufacturer. The company has over 150 years of remanufacturing light truck and automotive cylinder heads. Allied Motor parts houses their remanufactured cylinder heads inside their 25,000 square foot plant in Atlanta. The Company has a large selection of cylinder heads for sale that covers most makes and models today. Allied Motor Parts also do custom cylinder head building for hard to find parts and late models. Machinists at Allied motor Parts are experienced cylinder head remanufacturers and are capable of offering foreign and domestic cylinder heads at competitive prices.

Listed below are the cylinder head service offered by Allied Motor Parts:

  • cylinder heads for all makes and models
  • repair and cylinder head exchange
  • aluminum welding
  • cast iron welding
  • CBN and PCD resurfacing
  • crack repair,
  • triple angle valve work

About Allied Motor Parts:

Allied Motor Parts Website:

Allied Motor Parts Cylinder Heads:

CAT Remanufactured Cylinder Head


CAT Parts are made to support customers with 100% confidence. CAT Parts ensures their customers get the right parts, service, and support to keep projects and applications running for maximum productivity.

CAT Cylinder Heads are built to meet the engine’s demands. Cat Cylinder heads seal in the pressures of combustion, circulate coolant resulting in maintained proper operating conditions while providing superior compression resistance. CAT remanufactured cylinder heads are tested and produced to rigid manufacturing tolerance to ensure tight sealing, prevent stress warping and prevent cracking. A special cleaning method is applied ensuring internal passages are free of core sand and metal shavings for longer service life.

Advantages of CAT Cylinder Head Remanufactured:

  • quality materials and controlled manufacturing processes;
  • for a better cylinder head second life
  • less wear and longer life
  • fight to crack and wear effectively
  • tightly sealed and free of sand and metal shavings

CAT PARTS Official Website:

CAT PARTS Remanufactured Cylinder Heads:

About CAT Parts:

adv logo

ADV Remanufactured Cylinder Head

adv front page

ADV Cylinder Heads is one of the industry’s leading cylinder head remanufacturers that specializes in new and remanufactured cylinder heads for all makes and models you can think of. ADV Cylinder heads also offers brand new heads and cylinder head modifications. Located in Southern California, ADV Cylinder Heads has over 40 years of dedicated provider of high-quality cylinder heads and auto parts for customers internationally.

The ADV Cylinder Heads offer an intensive cleaning process combined with the latest and advanced machinery in remanufacturing cylinder heads. The Company’s cleaning process is considered the most intensive technique today. They utilized PCD to mill aluminum cylinder heads and CBN for cast iron.

Advantages of ADV Cylinder Heads:

  • strict quality control
  • latest machinery utilization
  • intensive cleaning process applied in every remanufactured cylinder heads
  • offers 3 years unlimited warranty
  • high-quality gasket sets
  • covers a wide range of makes and models

ADV Cylinder Heads Official Website:

ADV Cylinder Heads Our Shop:

capital reman logo

Capital Remanufactured Cylinder Head

Capital Reman Team

Capital Reman Exchange is a Cylinder head remanufacturer that has an extensive and long history in the medium and heavy-duty commercial engine industry. Comprise with over 40 years of experience, Capital Reman Exchange specializes in remanufacturing diesel engines and components to offer exacting OEM specifications.

The Capital Reman Exchange Cylinder head facility is equipped to precisely create diesel and natural gas remanufactured cylinder heads. The company also offers repair services which include injector tube replacement, valve seat and valve guide replacement, crack and casting repairs, and more. Manned with machinists that have the knowledge and experience, Capital Reman Exchange ensures the quality and reliability of all their remanufactured cylinder heads.

Advantages of Capital Reman Exchange:

  • backed by 40 years of experience
  • 13 meticulous steps on remanufacturing cylinder head
  • general machining services
  • offers a wide variety of repair service

Capital Reman Exchange Official Website:

Capital Reman Exchange Parts:

About Capital Reman Exchange:

All Head Services Logo

AHS Remanufactured Cylinder Head

ahs front page

AHS also known as the All Head Services is a 40 years cylinder head remanufacturer veteran that serves the Australian automotive industry. All Head Services has developed a reputation for excellence in the field of remanufacturing cylinder heads and supplying a wide array of ancillary parts for petrol and diesel vehicles. AHS is also recognized by the Victorian Automotive Chamber of Commerce (VACC) as an accredited engine reconditioner.

All Head Services run an Australia-wide exchange program for fully reconditioned, OEM standard cylinder heads for passenger, four-wheels, and light commercial vehicles. Alongside cylinder head remanufactured, AHS also has product options such as gasket sets, EGR coolers, timing kits, fuel injectors, and more. Moreover, AHS provides Australian and European Engine parts.

Advantages of All Head Services:

  • Convenience – short waiting time
  • Competitive Prices
  • Exclusive warranty service
  • caters Australian and European model engine parts
  • quick quotation of orders

AHS Official Website:

AHS Reconditioned Cylinder Heads:

About All Head Services:

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