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One of the most vehicle component parts that are really hard to deal with when buying is the filters.

Perhaps, all kinds of filters eventually.

Why? Because of different brands available in the market.

And if you are not familiar with it, you’ll get lost.

So, you must be asked again by your supplier with this very common question.

“What are your Part Number?” or

“Do you have your Part Number?”

You need to understand that in automotive industry, manufacturers, supplier, distributors and even small auto parts retailer stores will have asked this to their customers.

Because cross reference is the identification of every auto part component.

Which anyone in the automotive market chain are not exempted.

I assume that you are here because you are in need of available cross reference tool to use.

Well, you’re in the right place.

We have compiled the list to different Luftfilter companies that can offer you with parts finder and other resources to be your reference guide.

Check them out.

K&N Logo

For couple of years, K&N® has been an industry-leader in automotive filtration and technology. The company continued to offer high quality products to increase performance, protection, and longevity in thousands of vehicle applications for consumers globally.

After experimenting with various types of filter media in quite a number. They finally discovered that an oiled cotton design allowed the filter to not only capture contaminants very efficiently, but also allowed it to be washed and reused, and the original K&N® High-Flow Air Filter™ was born.

Five decades later, K&N® is still innovating industry-leading filtration technology, and offers outstanding protection for everything from top-fuel dragsters to commuter vehicles across the globe.

Looking forward today, K&N Filter can offer so much more. The company has a huge database for different filter brands.

They are a one-stop solution for those in search of a cross reference tool to use, from vehicles to brands.

K&N Air Filter Search By Vehicle Manufacturer
K&N Cross Reference Compilation Charts

SB Filters Logo
S&B Filters

S&B Filters is a worldwide provider and supplier of cold air intakes, filters and other performance parts.

Specializing in diesel/gas trucks and SUVs vehicle application.

The company engineered intake systems to greatly lessen airflow restriction.

S&B Filters has a lot of resources that it could offer.

S&B Air Filter Product Page
S&B Air Filter Safety Data Sheets in PDF

donaldson filter logo

For more than two decades, Donaldson has become the pioneer in the fine fibre technology and continued to develop innovative solutions to exceed standard requirements of the filtration industry.

Today, the company facilities have doubled in size and imported 17 million filters and part for more than 164 countries.

They offer filtration to protect fuel systems-including injectors, pumps and engines.

Donaldson air filter is a one of filter product line of the said company.

Donaldson’s resources and tools are very simple and easy to use with.

Donaldson Filters Parts Finder
Donalson Official Cross Reference Tool

Puralator Logo

The Purolator Filters LLC is an American provider of filters headquartered in North Carolina, America.

It was established in 1923 for the Motor Improvements, incorporated in New York metropolis.

Later took on the Purolator call as a brief form of their filtration system known as pure oil filter.

It had bought buy Trans Canada Couriers in 1967 and later on sold to Canada Post Corporation.

MANN+HUMMEL is owned and manage the entire Puralator as of today.

Puralator Filter Lookup
Puralator Online Catalogue
Puralator Filters Selection Guide

Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company is an vehicle manufacturer established in 1903 Henry Ford with his associate investors.

In 1919, this firm was reincorporated, with Ford and his wife and son. Edsel, his son acquires the full ownership and their subsequent heirs under the Ford Foundation formed on 1936.

Way back 1956, the public sale of the common shares of stocks was then first offered.

They are a global makers of passenger vehicles as well as automotive parts and accessories headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan.

The Ford Motor Company is distributed in three brand parts: OMNICRAFT™ PARTS, MOTORCRAFT Parts and FORD.

Motorcraft Air Filter Cross Reference


AcDelco is in partnered with GM OE. An extensive range of AcDelco components installed in over 2M vehicles produced by GM every year.

This manufacturer has more than 90,000 auto parts components throughout the 37 product strains.

AcDelco, together with GM is constantly to be one of the leading global automotive parts distributor worldwide.

ACDelco Online Catalogue
ACDelco Product Parts

Ryco Filter Logo
Ryco Filters

Ryco Filters are always been take pride of the product they supply to automotive filtrations industry.

Through years, the Ryco are able to earn good reputation for filter products they manufactured.

The company guarantee the quality of every filter they produce.

At Ryco, quality is the main priority.

Ryco’s quality comes in many forms, from the attentive, expert service we give our customers to the scientific precision we apply throughout our product design, manufacturing and testing processed.

Ryco Vehicle Fitment Search
Ryco Filter Cross Reference

Mann hummel

MANN+HUMMEL FT Poland is a German manufacturer based in the metropolitan area of Stuttgart. The company is known to be the worldwide leader and professional in the filtration industry.

Mann Hummel are popularly known for the production of premium first-rate filters.

They serve applications such as automobile, machinery, heavy and different specialized system.

About 90% of the manufacturer’s annual sales round 4B euros is generated from the automotive enterprise sectors.

Mann Hummel filters are bought beneath reputable manufacturers: FILTRON and WIX FILTERS.

Mann Filter Online Catalogue
Mann Filter Cross Reference in PDF

AMSoil Logo

Al Amatuzio, is AMSOIL founder and industry pioneer of the company.

He is a jet fighter squadron commander with the same principles in – excellence, integrity and strong leadership.

In 1972, one of the company history breakthrough came.

AMSOIL 10W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil, the result of years of research and inspired by aerospace technology, became the first synthetic motor oil in the world to meet American Petroleum Institute service requirements.

Today, AMSOIL are one of the top brand in the filtration technology.

Amsoil Free Online Catalogue
Amsoil Filter Cross Reference Guide

Virgis Filter Logo
Virgis filter

All the Virgis air filters can fit various vehicle type. They can guarantee protection and high performance of the engines.

Virgis filter products range serves applications such as agricultural machines, construction machineries, Gen set, compressors, diesel engines, marine engines and forklift.

Virgis are the top filter manufacturer in Italian market.

Today, they have established an impressive sales network around Europe and also includes important international OEM’s.

Virgis air filters for diesel engine, earth moving machines and tractors.

Virgis Filter Offical Site
Virgis Filter Product Site

Air Filters Cross Reference under OEM Type

Except from the above mentioned companies, another group of which you can rely too not only for the cross reference tools are the top OEM in air filter production.

Not only that you can rely on their cross references but also they had marketing materials for your case study.

And the good news is, you will not need have to search over the internet to get them.

We had them prepared for you.

Check out our “Top 25 OEM Air Filter Manufacturers” .

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