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Are you a new auto part’s venturer? or still looking for opportunities in automotive industry?

Well, you must be right here because of one thing.

A Brake Caliper Cross Reference Guide that you can use.

How many times have you heard this questions from your supposed to be supplier?

“ What is your Parts Number? “

Yes, you read it right.

If you are new in the business, you would have questions in mind.

“ What was that? Should I really need to know that? ”, you might say.

Well, YES you should.

Cross reference tool is used by manufacturers so they can identify the right parts their customers are buying.

Keep in mind that, it will be same resources that you will use to give your customers the exact part their need.

But making your own cross reference tool will worth an estimated of $10,000. Really costly.

Now, let me give a trick for you. You can use cross reference by top companies.

And this article will provide you the top companies where you can find a reliable Bremssattel cross references.heck out each of them.

Kodiak Logo

Kodiak 225 Brake Caliper Cross Reference

Kodiak brake caliper was founded in December 1989. They started to manufacture products for boat trailers.

Through years, the company product range has improved greatly.

Beginning 1994, Kodiak become a leader in developing hydraulic disc brakes for the trailer industry.

Today, Kodiak’s product lines include different option to choose from.

The company now serve different applications such as trailer manufacturers including marine, RV, horse, commercial/industrial, cargo, and even certain operations from the military.

A very popular Kodiak 225 cross reference for GM vehicles is listed below.

Kodiak Brake Caliper Product Page
Kodiak Brake Caliper Cross References for GM vehicles


Bendix Brake Caliper Cross Reference

The Bendix Corporation has over 60 years in manufacturing and engineering business.

Bendix major product lines includes brake shoes, aircraft brakes, aeronautical hydraulics and electric power systems, automobile fuel control systems, televisions and computers. Their brand name is also used in washing machines but actually they never made these appliances.

Because of extensive lines of products Bendix has, their company resources available online are used by small auto parts manufacturers for their advantage.

Throughout years, the brake calipers’ manufactured by the Bendix are proven its efficiency and high quality.

Check out Bendix company official link below for your advantages.

Bendix Product Catalogue
Bendix Brake Caliper Product Page
Bendix Auto Parts Maintenance Guide
Bendix Auto Parts Document Library
Bendix Parts Cross Reference Tool
Bendix Brake Caliper Parts Number Search Tool
Bendix Cross Reference Software Service Support

Meritor Logo

Meritor Caliper Cross Reference

Meritor is located in Troy, Michigan. The company is one of the leading world manufacturer of mobility, drivetrain, braking and aftermarket solutions for both commercial and industrial markets.

Meritor has been in manufacturing business for over a century.

With years of unmatched experience in engineering innovative products their auto parts has been always an option in automotive industry

The company common stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol MTOR.

Meritor Auto Parts Brand Shops
Meritor Aftermarket Parts Finder

Wholesale Brake Caliper Cross Reference

Except for the companies mention above, you can also check on the auto parts distributors or wholesaler such as,,

These tier 2 supplier has cross reference tool and product finders which you can use.

Because of their role in the auto parts market place, they undeniably have tools and resources that is available online.

Top OEM Brake Caliper Cross References

You can also check the cross references among these types of manufacturers.

They are the manufacturers which work closely to vehicles providers.

I can say that anyone of them can provide a complete cross references database and that you can also be benefited with other perks available at their official pages.

And we had prepared the Top OEM list for brake calipers just for you.

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