TOP 14 OEM Starter Motor Manufacturers

A starter motor is a car part that is electric in nature and is very vital in the running of the engine. It enables the engine to start by helping it to gain the speed that is necessary for it to start. After the engine starts the starter motors work is done and therefore it turns off. Although this may look like a very small task, it is important to note that a car will not start unless you have a starter. While the starter has been designed to last for a long time, you may need to replace it at least once in the lifetime of the vehicle.

Because of the rarity of the starter motor replacement, most people wouldn’t know where to start when they need to replace it. This article will give you a detailed overview of the top starter manufacturers with the hope that it will be easier for you to identify the one that will work for you.

Starter motor market overview

The starter market has experienced a steady growth thanks to the increasing number of vehicles being produced and the rise in demand for electrification of vehicles.

According to one of the leading market research firms globally, the value of the starter motor market is estimated to grow at 5.22% within a period of five years i.e. 2015 to 2020. It is estimated that the market will rise from the current 13,971.5 to 18,111.6 USD Million. Regions within the Asia-Oceania are expected to provide the largest market thanks to their large population, while North America is described as the most attractive market for these car parts.

In the light of these developments it is therefore expected that each starter motor manufacturer will come up with innovations in order to not only meet the market demand but also rise above their competitors and become the preferred brand.

Below is a list of the TOP OEM Starter Motor Manufacturers List


Delco Remy Starter Motor

331px remy advert 1920
331px remy advert 1920

Started back in 1896 by two brothers, this company has seen major transformations that include trading hands and at one point being a division under the GM. It later became a private entity and the most recent is the change of name to Remy International, Inc, a name that the company has retained to the present day.

Remy International, Inc is one of the world’s renowned starter manufacturers. The starter motors from this company are designed for heavy duty and off-road vehicles. The other key features include:

  • Integrated Over Crank Protection (IOCP) to ensure that the starter motor is protected from system problems.
  • Electrical soft-start which offers a consistent yet accurate engagement of the pinion with the ring gear hence providing increased reliability.
  • Ability to integrate with a wide variety of motor vehicles
  • Internal Magnetic Switch Solenoid (IMSS) patented units that extend the starter motor’s life by reducing issues such as corrosion and vibration.


Declo Remy Resource:

ford logo

Ford Starter Motor

ford car

This company is more than a hundred years old having been started in the mid-1890’s by Henry Ford. Through the years, the company has come up with numerous innovations enabling it to experience many firsts in the motor industry. As a result, Ford has seen successful establishments across the globe where it has been highly acclaimed for its car parts that have become popular in the motor industry.

The starter motor is one of the parts that is manufactured by the company. It is known for both original and remanufactured starter motors that contain the following features:

  • Application specific designs meaning that the starter motors are not designed to fit all vehicles but rather for the specific vehicles.
  • Long life thanks to the use of the latest engineering enhancements
  • Better engine cranking for long term service
  • Original features for the assembly industry that matches the manufacturers’ requirements.

 More Resource:

Prestolite logo

Prestolite Starter Motor

Prestolite Official Site

Prestolite Electric Incorporation is a manufacturer of electrical equipment for vehicles. It was formed through a merger of different companies and has grown to establish its presence in various global locations. It has manufacturing and distribution locations in the major markets such as the United States, China, Mexico Canada and Europe. This has enabled the company to easily influence the global market in the vehicle electrical equipment.

Prestolite is a major contributor to the starter motor industry as a manufacturer. It has continually produced and improved starter motors over the years to ensure that customers enjoy high quality starter motors. Currently the company is only manufacturing gear reduction starter motors with an aim to capture the market as the direct drive starter motors are being replaced.  Other features of the starter motors from Prestolite include:

  • Ability to withstand tough environmental conditions
  • Use of Superior technology for long lasting and reliable starters
  • Ability to serve either petrol or diesel engines
  • Meeting the customer needs by providing engines that can serve the diverse engine capacities.

Prestolite Resource:

Bosch logo

Bosch Starter Motor

Bosch Vehicle Starter Motors

Started in 1886, Bosch a German company now prides itself as the largest supplier of motor vehicle parts. Throughout, the company has managed to stay relevant by acquiring other manufacturing companies and opening different ventures across the world. Additionally, it has diversified by incorporating different auto parts as well as inventing different parts while using the latest technologies.

Starter motors from this company are particularly known for their long term service. Thanks to the new technical features that have been engineered, the customer is able to enjoy reliable starters. Other features include:

  • Light compact design
  • Advanced performance technology to provide optimum power for increased torque and quick reliable starts
  • Two-stage solenoid ensures that the engine is shielded from damage thus increasing the starter pinions gears’ life.


Denso logo

Nippon Denso Starter Motor

Denso Auto Parts

Denso Corporation was formed in 1949 after becoming independent from the parent company Toyota. It has since then grown to become one of the leading supplier of motor vehicle components. Its headquarters are in Japan and is involved in numerous volunteer projects and CSR activities.

One of the parts manufactured by Denso is the starter motor. The starter motors made by Denso are well known for their power and this has seen them adapted for use in racing vehicles. The amount of time taken in starter motor tests ensures that the consumer gets a part that will serve them for an extended period of time. Other features include:

  • High voltage tested armatures and field coils
  • High copper components for terminals and fasteners
  • Performance validated commutators

Denso Resource:

Mitsubishi logo

Mitsubishi Starter Motor

Mitsubishi Starter Motor

Although the brand name Mitsubishi is known for motor vehicle assembly, this company is also a force to reckon with when it comes to electrical car parts. Mitsubishi was started in 1870 as a shipping firm and grew rapidly to incorporate the manufacturing and commerce. The company has since then experienced numerous changes and upgrading and in 1921, the Mitsubishi Electrics was established.

The electrics venture is now well known and prides itself as one of the major suppliers of electrical machinery for the motor industry as well as home appliances.

Mitsubishi has a wide range of starter motors that can be used for both diesel and petrol controlled engines. The starter motors are also made for different vehicle types and applications. Some of the key features of the Mitsubishi starter motors include:

  • Light weight compact size
  • Low mass
  • High power and torque
  • reliability

Mitsubishi Resource:

Mitsuba logo

Mitsuba Starter Motor

Mitsuba R&D center

Japan is well known to be a hub for the automotive industry. It is no wonder that Mitsuba feature in the list of the top starter motor manufacturers. Although Mitsuba was first founded for production and selling of bicycle generator lamps in 1946, the company has experienced steady growth and diversified its production. The company’s journey has seen it merge with other companies and even listed in the Tokyo stock exchange.

The Mitsuba starter motors are manufactured under stringent conditions to ensure that they meet the highest standards and certifications. They also come with a one year warranty and have the following features in addition:

  • Specific motor for a specific brand
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Installation manual for easy installation
  • ISO certification

Mitsuba Resource:

Hitachi logo

Hitachi Starter Motor

Hitachi Starter Motor

Based in Japan with its headquarters at Tokyo, Hitachi Ltd was founded in 1910 and established in 1921. The first achievement of this company was completion of a five horse power induction motor. Since then, Hitachi Ltd has successfully come up with projects that have seen the company grow to the current state where it is able to influence the world of technology through its numerous inventions.

The starter motors from this company have also managed to stay on top of the list thanks to the continued improvement. This ensured that they retain their high level of quality while at the same time ensuring that you are able to start your car smoothly. Other feature include:

  • One year warranty upon purchasing
  • Compact design
  • Einfache Installation
  • Use in wide application regardless of the type of fuel
  • High torque
  • High shaft speed

Hitachi Resource:

Sawafuji logo

Sawafuji Starter Motor

Sawafuji products

This company was started in 1908 as an electric manufacturing company and later incorporated in 1919. Throughout the years, the company has manufactured many products and established subsidiaries in UK, Australia and Thailand among others. It has also been listed in the Tokyo Stock Exchange thus able to increase its operating capital.

The starter motors from this company are manufactured under the automotive electrical equipment production. Their features include:

  • Low-impact engagement pinion that improves the durability of both the pinion and the ring gear.
  • Compact size with high torque design for proper starting of the engine
  • Large capacity clutch that enables the starter to secure reliability of the starter.

Sawafuji Resource:

Nikko logo

Nikko Starter Motor

nikko starter motor

Nikko Electric Industry Co. Ltd is another Japanese auto parts company that specializes in car electrical systems. The company strives to balance between the needs of their customers using technology while at the same time ensuring that the environment is taken care of. Started in 1933, the company has been able to establish branches across the globe. It has also been able to acquire major clients such as governments, automobile industries, railways and construction industries.

The starter motors from this company have a sturdy structure that is strong enough to withstand heavy conditions. They also have other features that make them the best in the industry. These include:

  • A wide range of models
  • Small size that is light in weight but able to deliver high output
  • Einfach zu installieren
  • Reduced manufacturing costs that translate to friendly prices
  • Diverse models that enable it to meet various market needs
  • Resilience against vibration and friction that enables it to have a longer life.

Nikko Resource:

iskraIskra Starter Motor

Iskra Starter Motor-1

With more than 40 years in the market, Iskra Avtoelektrika has experience exponential growth. It has been able to change with the environment and comfortably adjusted with the global currents to remain relevant in the current technologies. It is located in Slovenia and its products are largely electric for automotive industry as well as components for other industrial use.

By understanding the needs in the current motor industry, this company has been able to meet the needs of the starter motor industry. As a result, the company has been able to develop starter motors that are smaller, lighter and highly efficient for both petrol and diesel engines of all capacities.

The main features of the Iskra starter motors include:

  • Compact lightweight and efficient reduction gear
  • High output power and efficiency
  • Environmental friendly production materials
  • Designed to meet high international standards
  • Outstanding resistance to vibrations and diverse weather conditions.
  • High reliability with low maintenance needs.

Iskra Resource:

Iskra Official Site

Iskra Starter Motor

Iskra Catalogues


Valeo Starter Motor

Valeo Electric Axle

Valeo services USA is a company that specializes in both original and aftermarket spare parts. The finished products are kept in an organied inventory while the distribution is done from various warehouses in North America. The company has been able to successfully conduct business in over 100 countries around the world.

Valeo Services USA has been able to penetrate the motor industry and provide starter motors that are designed under stringent conditions to fit the consumer needs. These starters have:

  • High resistance to dust, heat and vibration for long lasting performance
  • High starting frequency resistance
  • Made of the latest technology
  • High performance
  • Wide range of applications.

Valeo Resource:


Magenton Starter Motor


This is a company based in the Czech Republic and has been in existence since 1926. It specifically deals with the manufacture of electrical accessories for the automotive industry. The products which mainly comprise of alternators and starters are made for use by a wide range of application such as cars, buses, trucks and construction machines among others. The company has a wide customer base across the world in different automobile manufacturers.

The starter motors manufactured by Magenton are manufactured to suit customer requirements and are available for wide usage. Key features of these starters include:

  • Einfach zu installieren
  • Available spare parts
  • Reduced size with high performance
  • Reliability
  • High toque

Magneton Resource:

lucas-logoLucas Starter Motor


Lucas was established in 1872 by Joseph Lucas in Birmingham. It has experienced different changes over time in an attempt to diversify its market and meet various industry conditions. The company has successfully grown with the motor vehicle industry growth and come up with various products to meet the auto industry demand. With over 125 years of experience in the automotive world, the company is arguably leading the market in various auto parts.

The starter motors from Lucas electrical have not been left behind in the technological advancement. They have experienced continued renovation to ensure that they are able to meet the current market demand. Their features include:

  • Light weight and compact design
  • Latest technology
  • High torque
  • High ouput
  • Breite Anwendung

Lucas Resource:

These are just but a few of the known starter motor manufacturers. They stand out because of their years of existence and their ability to produce high quality long lasting starter motors that meet the market demand.

There are however more manufacturers in the market. When purchasing starter motors, it is prudent to conduct proper research and decide on the best based on how well they score in your search.

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    I am having an issue with a starter motor as it spinscounter clock wise and I need it to spin clockwise. Is there anyway of changing that internally as the engine is ground I can not change the polarity and it work with the ignition system.

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