Top 10 CNC-Bearbeitung Hersteller weltweit im Jahr 2023


CNC machining greatly helps the industrial sector meet various mechanical product demands on the market. This process mainly serves as the brain of any type of machinery in manufacturing facilities.

To be inclined in technological advancement, having means to employ commands technically in machines is truly a dream come true. So, if you want a supplier for this, check out this list of CNC manufacturing companies and learn more about what CNC manufacturing really is.

1.Astro Machine Works 

Astro Machine Works CNC Machining

This CNC machining company was established in 1984 and has been providing a wide range selection of customized machines and parts. Astro is one of the 5 axis CNC machining center manufacturers. They are located in Ephrata, Pennsylvania; with their professionally skilled team and gained knowledge, they can support their business partner companies regarding quality-graded machines. Supplying a more significant portion of the industrial sector, such as aerospace, military, medical, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, and electronics, is their top priority. They have developed substantial work and business ethics to expand their business enterprise scope.

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2.MZW Motor

MZW CNC Machining

MZW is a manufacturing company that focuses on producing hybrid machines that encompass the reliability of classic machines with the flexible and accurate attribute of CNC Machining. Their hybrid machines boost their company’s production by using specific and new features that shorten the time index a product is being made, higher spindle speed, and complete side-working tools of CNC. They have already been in the business industry for many years and they continue to offer their customers quality machines up to this day.

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Daes CNC Machining

Daes is a CNC machining manufacturer that was established in 1994 in Texas, USA. As a manufacturing company, they have been supplying global products and services to their business partners and clients. These services include technical support and assistance, training, facilities improvement, quality control, and operating management. This company has established other branches from different parts of the world. They can supply a vast portion of the industrial sector with their specialized team, logistics, consulting, distribution, representatives, and services. With their standard procedure and quality manufacturing process, they are certified by ISO 9001: 2015.

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Thermwood CNC Machining

Thermwood is a CNC vertical machining center manufacturer that was established in 1970. They have been providing services, software, and machinery products on the global market. This company is an established CNC machining manufacturer offering 3- and 5-axis, large-scale additives, routers, mold plus, Mastercam, and more. They have other branches and offices in 11 countries, making it easy for them to supply and cater to the growing customers from different parts of the world. Some sectors they supply are aerospace, automotive, architecture, furniture, medical, and marine.

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5.Bent River 

Bent River CNC Machining

Bent River Machin Inc. has been in the industry since 1978, supplying a wide range of customers in the industrial and consumer industries. They cater to large companies and private clients from across the globe. With over 40 years of experience, they can meet the growing demand for machinery and parts in different fields like aerospace, military, healthcare and medical services, automotive, and electronics. They also offer various specified products, customization machinery products, and automation services. With their team and growing customers, they ensure they provide standardized and qualified products on the market.

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6.CNC Systems Inc.

CNC Systems Machining

This manufacturer offers a wide range selection of machinery products and parts, as well as services in the industrial sectors which include clinical, aerospace, military, automotive, and electrical. They offer importation, sales, and services to enterprises and business clients. With years of experience in the industry, they are able to cater to a large portion of product manufacturers and installation of its advanced and high-performance machines. Through their production team and cutting-edge machinery, they can supply and meet the criteria in the industrial segment.

CNC Systems Inc. Official Website:

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7.Hornet Cutting Systems 

Hornet Cutting Systems CNC Machining

Hornet Cutting Systems is a company that produces CNC cutting machines for over a decade already. They are the leading original equipment manufacturer in the industry and they have been making high-quality OEM Hornet Cutting Machines that can be used for a variety of applications such as contour beveling, pipe cutting, and plate cutting. This company is eager to let their customers have the quality machines they are looking for and they offer training courses and demonstrations so they can provide their customers with in-depth knowledge about CNC cutting machines.

Hornet Cutting Systems Official Website:

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RMT CNC Machining

This company is one of the top-quality providers and producers of CNC machines. They are mainly focused on making metal fabrication machine tools and is now in the industry since the year 1974. Revolution Machine Tools (RMT) believed that manufacturing and making quality machines and tools contribute to the success and growth of their customers. Thus, they always guarantee the efficiency, durability, and quality of their products. Every product that RMT has, is made to be precise, strong, and innovative machines on the market.

RMT Official Website:

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Hermle CNC Machining

Hermle is a manufacturing company that produces quality machines including CNC machine, that is made with the highest quality materials. Their products are all made to adapt and keep up with any tasks so that their customers will be able to reach their desired success. This company has been established since the year 1938 and is still on the market to this time and offers its customer quality service, packaging, delivery, and maintenance.

Hermle Official Website:

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10.Sigma Design 

Sigma Design CNC Machining

Sigma Design Company is a company that is not solely focused on making designs but is also making a way in manufacturing machines including CNC machines. The designs of this company have the quality of tight tolerance machine components, circuit board design, hydraulics, material properties, and finish. It also has the feature of being compatible with the older accessory of the system and has an aesthetic vibe. This company is in its 20th year of experience when it comes to producing creative designs and quality machines globally, despite it being affordable.

Sigma Design Official Website:

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With the growing demand in the industrial and manufacturing sector, there is really a need for a reliable machine that can sustain and help the manufacturing of these mechanical parts and products. CNC machining really helps the ongoing commerce sectors in the industrial segment with only programmed codes and commands in its software.

With this in mind, if you are looking for CNC manufacturing companies, consider the manufacturers included in this list so they can provide you with their best quality CNC manufacturing examples, products, and services.

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