Die 10 größten Druckgussunternehmen der Welt (2023)


Die-casting is a popular industrial process that employs steel casting molds to create a range of metal goods. Due to the growth in demand for metal products from various sectors such as automotive, plants, aerospace, and medical fields, die-casting businesses have opened and expanded to meet this high demand.

Thus, if you are looking for the best quality die-cast products, here is the list of top die casting companies in the world. These companies offer the most affordable yet quality die-cast products on the market.


Lakeside Die Casting

This company is one of the world’s die casting manufacturers and suppliers. It was established in 2002 in Monroe City, United States. They have a large manufacturing facility to meet the increasing demand for die-cast products in their company. With their advanced and upgraded factory technologies, they can supply and deliver bulk orders and significant business transactions to their valued clients and partners. Through their top-skilled personnel team, they have provided and applied their utmost expertise in the business, thus meeting the specifications and requirements.

Lakeside Casting Official Website: https://lakesidecasting.com/

About Lakeside Casting: https://lakesidecasting.com/about/team

2.MZW Motor

MZW Die Casting

MZW is one of the leading automotive die casting suppliers. Since its founding, this business has specialized in casting various metal components. They are able to provide a variety of automotive parts to clients all over the world because of their cutting-edge machinery and highly trained production staff. Additionally, they provide mass production, prototype design, and component layout for automobiles. One of their top priorities is their dedication to exceeding customer expectations and offering reasonably priced, dependable products that go through meticulous inspection and quality control.

MZW Official Website: https://mzwmotor.com/

MZW Die casting: https://mzwmotor.com/die-casting-manufacturer/

3.Legget & Platt 

Legget & Platt Die Casting

Legget & Platt was established in 1883 and has been supplying various die-cast products worldwide. They are dedicated to serving and delivering quality products that can be used in a wide range of sectors in the manufacturing industry. With their dedicated team, gained experience, and high-production facilities, they are able to supply and meet the growing demand for metal products on the market. This company also offers other services regarding furniture, car seats, hydraulic cylinders, and airplanes. Efficiency, meeting specifications, and innovative products are their top priorities as a market supplier.

Legget & Platt Official Website: https://leggett.com/

Legget & Platt Other Services: https://leggett.com/our-businesses/furniture-flooring-textile


Zetwerk  Die Casting

Zetwerk is one of the die cast car companies globally. This company has been supplying a wide range of die-cast products and services. Through their years of experience and gained knowledge, they have gained large manufacturing companies’ partnerships and clients’ trust. With their advanced mechanical machinery, they have supported these companies’ manufacturing processes with regard to automobile parts, aircraft, electronics, home appliances, and construction materials. They aim to transform the industry into its most manufacturing capability, operating and supplying almost every other sector in the market with cost-effective quality products.

Zetwerk Official Website: https://www.zetwerk.com/

Zetwerk Product: https://www.zetwerk.com/capabilities/die-casting/

5.Power & Motion

Power & Motion Die Casting

Power & Motion is a die-casting company focused on providing a strategic review regarding modern motion systems and their power sources such as hydraulics, electrical and hybrid, and pneumatic. Aside from this, Power & Motion also gives an insight into building system efficiency and productivity. With all the innovation that occurs in our technology today, Power & Motion put an emphasis on how they also improve their technology. They focus on operating and monitoring modern motion systems, fluid power management, vision systems, sensors and integrated systems, condition monitoring, and many more.

Power & Motion Official Website: https://www.powermotiontech.com/

About Power & Motion: https://www.powermotiontech.com/about-us

6.Alcast Technologies 

Alcast Technologies Die Casting

This die-casting company was founded as a subsidiary of Saltfleet Aluminum Foundry in 1994 and has produced high-quality casting products since then. Alcast Technologies produce its products in various markets, from General Industrial to Military and Aerospace applications. They provide their clients with lists of designs that can help them select the type of product they want. In Alcast, they specialize in making and producing aluminum castings. That’s why whatever mechanical performance and specific chemical compositions you need, they can get you your needed aluminum casting.

Alcast Technologies Official Website: https://www.alcasttechnologies.com/

About Alcast Technologies: https://www.alcasttechnologies.com/aluminum-casting-foundry


Arconic Die Casting

Arconic is a die-casting company that produces quality casting products in the industry of automotive and commercial transportation, aerospace and defense, and building and construction. They have been in the business since 1888. Hence, they have been in the service for over a century already. With this, they ensure their clients and customers will receive the quality die-casting materials and products they want. Their products were made durable, light, robust, efficient, and recyclable using their advanced materials and technology.

Arconic Official Website: https://www.arconic.com/

About Arconic: https://www.arconic.com/about-us


Dynacast Die Casting

This die casting company is a leading manufacturer of small engineered precision components globally and mainly uses tooling techniques and multi-slide die casting technology. Dynacast has been on the market for 80 years already and is now promoting its production of quality yet low-cost die-casting products all over the world. With this die-casting company, you can rest assured that all the products that you need will be sent to you safely and without any scratches or damage.

Dynacast Official Website: https://www.dynacast.com/en/

Dynacast Product: https://www.dynacast.com/en/specialty-die-casting


Gibbs Die Casting

Gibbs is a die-casting company that was founded in 1965 and has been producing automotive products on the worldwide market. It is situated in Henderson, Kentucky, and specializes in producing die-casting products that undergo critical processes to supply a wide range of customers and companies. Their supply chain and transaction are sufficiently provided through their modernized equipment and team of production experts. For more than 50 years in the industry, they have been meeting the demands and requirements of clientele all around the globe at competitive prices.

Gibbs Official Website: https://www.gibbsdc.com/

Gibbs Product: https://www.gibbsdc.com/products/


ConMet Die Casting

This company is one of the prominent die-cast manufacturers globally and has been in the industry since 1964. ConMet is headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, USA. It specializes in producing a wide selection of die-cast products on the market and critically meeting the demands of its clients based on their requirements and specifications. Their die-cast products are one of the market’s choices because of its performance and quality. They currently have thirteen manufacturing facilities worldwide and are all certified by the ISO 9001:2015. Lastly, this company also received various awards for its excellent performance.

ConMet Official Website: https://conmet.com/

ConMet Product: https://conmet.com/oem/oem-proprietary-products/aluminum-castings/

About the Die Casting Process

Metal parts for various applications are created and produced by the die-casting process. This process involves melting the metal elements like aluminum and zinc, then placing them into the molding structure to make the desired shape outcome products. This process has been popular in the metal, mechanical, and industrial sectors, where there is a significant demand for metal manufacturing for construction, architecture, automotive, electrical, medical, aerospace, and so much more.

Since die-casting requires critical processes to be applied in various sectors, its procedure has two forms. These two forms include the hot chamber and the cold chamber. The hot chamber is used for materials with low melting points, like zinc and lead. Conversely, the cold chamber is used for metals like aluminum with high melting points.


Since lightweight metal products are highly sought after in the industrial sector, it is not surprising that the demand for die-cast products escalated quickly in the worldwide market.

Hence, a reliable manufacturer and supplier for this kind of in-demand product is essential, especially with the growing demand in the modern world.

This list of the top die-casting companies will help you decide what company will best provide you with the best-quality die-casting products on the market.

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