Die 9 größten Hersteller von Doppelschneckenextrudern der Spitzenklasse

If you are looking for the best mixer that can be used for various applications like chemical industry, food, and commercial production, a twin screw extruder is the most suitable. With this list of twin screw extruder manufacturers, you can access their best-quality products for manufacturing. Not just this, but they also offer cost-effective value for their products at wholesale prices. Having these manufacturers, the best functional customized product and service will be achieved.

Learn About Twin Screw Extruder

Where is twin screw extruder used for? A twin-screw extruder is a type of machinery that mixes various materials in its system. This equipment is composed of two co-rotating large screws that operate based on the structure of one another. These two rotate inside an enclosed large tube, and any material placed in these screws, either solid or liquid, will be compacted, pumped, or shaped. This is why it is sought to be one of the best mixer machines in any production industry. It may be used in detergents, chemicals, and plastics. It has greater compounding power and more flexible applications. Since the industrial sector is the one that produces the largest part of products on the market, different companies and manufacturers utilize this extensive machine.

Twin Screw Extruder Market Overview


In 2023, the approximate price value of twin screw extruder products on the market hit over two billion dollars. Since there is still a growing demand for this customized machine in various sectors, this is expected to increase by five percent from 2023 to 2033. One of the driving factors for this growing market is the demand for different products. These products can only be produced by the application of twin screw extruders in the manufacturing process. Food industries, medical sectors, and even plastic and construction segments utilized the functional capacity of this machine to produce products from these sectors.

Twin Screw Extruder Manufacturers List

This list of top twin screw extruder manufacturers will provide you with their quality service and products:

Arlington Machinery

Arlington Machinery Twin Screw Extruder

AMT is one of the plastic extruder manufacturers situated in Lake Zurich, Illinois. It was established in 1987 and has been offering a wide range of plastic machines, which include shredders, molders, and their top machine product, the extruder. Their twin screw extruders provide consistent mixing and compounding strength for various applications. Arlington also customizes these twin screw extruders to meet specifically your needs and requirements to achieve the best end result for your products. This company has a wide selection of twin screw extruders based on size and configurations.

Arlington Machinery Official Website: https://www.arlingtonmachinery.com/

Arlington Machinery About: https://www.arlingtonmachinery.com/about-us/

Arlington Machinery Product: https://www.arlingtonmachinery.com/plastic-extruder/pl.c.1052.0/extruder-twin-screw/

Arlington Machinery Solution: https://www.arlingtonmachinery.com/faq/


Hunting Twin Screw Extruder

Hunting was founded in 1870. This company provides various innovative equipment and machines used in the present manufacturing of goods and products. They aim to deliver safe, secure, and quality standard machinery products on the market and to cater to large industrial sectors of society. Some of the sectors they cater to are medical, telecommunications, food, and aerospace. With gained expertise throughout the years, Hunting established different production facilities all across the globe. Currently, they are able to secure positions in eleven countries with their wide selection of machine products and equipment systems.

Hunting Official Website: https://huntingplc.com/

Hunting About: https://huntingplc.com/about/

Hunting Product: https://huntingplc.com/products-services

Learn More About Hunting: https://huntingplc.com/news/


Coperion Twin Screw Extruder

This twin screw extruder manufacturer is one of the leading manufacturers worldwide. With their years of experience, professionally-made team workers, and advanced technology, they are able to produce a large number of manufacturing machines like twin screw extruders. Since they have been in the industry for many years, they can provide specified machines for different companies. One of their offered products is currently in demand in various segments and sectors: medical, food, pharmaceutical, and automotive. Their twin screw extruder design varies depending on the specifications and requirements of their business partners and customers.

Coperion Official Website: https://www.coperion.com/en

Coperion About: https://www.coperion.com/en/about-us/our-business

Coperion Product: https://www.coperion.com/en/products-services/extruders-compounding-machines

Learn More About Coperion: https://www.coperion.com/en/news-media/newsroom


Readco Twin Screw Extruder

Readco is one of the prominent twin screw extruder manufacturers. It was established in 1906 and has been providing a wide selection of manufacturing machine mixers, including twin screw extruders, continuous mixers, and conveyors. Through expertise and advancement in technology, they are able to serve a large proportion of manufacturing companies in the world. In 1975, this company had completely expanded its products to strong and high-compounding mixers. Some industries they serve are chemical, food, pet food, battery energy power, pharmaceutical, medical, adhesive, and special material sectors.

Readco Official Website: https://readco.com/

Readco About: https://readco.com/about/

Readco Product: https://readco.com/products/

Learn More About Readco: https://readco.com/blog/

AAA Machine

AAA Machine Twin Screw Extruder

This company has been in the industry for years, producing machine products worldwide. As a manufacturer, they assure that they deliver the most cost-effective but quality-rated manufacturing products on the market. They produce manufacturing supplies and components solely based on the customers’ specifications and requirements. AAA Machine ensures that it only provides high-performance equipment like twin screw extruders in a vast range of sectors. Other types of equipment offered are mechanical, jet, hammer, and media mills, other kinds of mixers, dryers, dischargers, and metal detectors.

AAA Machine Official Website: https://www.aaamachine.com/

AAA Machine About: https://www.aaamachine.com/Corporate_profile.html

AAA Machine Product: https://shop.aaamachine.com/

AAA Machine Solution: https://www.aaamachine.com/business_prospect.html

Tier Max

Tier Max Twin Screw Extruder

Tier Max is one of the PVC twin screw extruder manufacturers. Aside from PVC, they also work on metals and other solid manufacturing equipment. They have been supplying a wide selection of equipment necessary for different sectors to produce high-demand products like food, sheet, chemicals, medicine, fiber, plastics, tubes, and many more. Their extrusion machines vary depending on the requirements given by their clientele. With their production team and cutting-edge technology, they can cater to a large proportion of orders from various industrial segments. Some other products they offer are mixers, dryers, conveyors/processors, heaters, and packaging systems.

Tier Max Official Website: https://tiermax.ca/

Tier Max About: https://tiermax.ca/about-us/

Tier Max Product: https://tiermax.ca/products/extruders-compounding-machines/

Tier Max Solution: https://tiermax.ca/contact/


Xtrutech Twin Screw Extruder

This producer of twin screw extruders was established in 2002, situated in the UK and Philadelphia. They have now branches in Europe, Russia, and Asia. It is considered one of the leading suppliers/manufacturers of twin screw extruders on the global market. Not just this, but because of their team of experts and production facilities, they are able to also supply engineering products and services. Some industrial sectors that utilize their products are the chemical, electronics, food sector, and pharmaceutical segments. With more than 20 years of experience, they can meet the large demand for manufacturing components.

Xtrutech Official Website: https://www.xtrutech.com/

Xtrutech About: https://www.xtrutech.com/who-we-are/

Xtrutech Product: https://www.xtrutech.com/rotating-parts/

Learn More About Xtrutech: https://www.xtrutech.com/news/


Buhler Twin Screw Extruder

Buhler has more than thirty production facilities and twenty-five centers. This company has been supplying a wide range of manufacturing supplies like twin screw extruders all over the world. One of the most industries that utilized their product is the food industry. They aim to cater to a vast number of people and to provide safe and secure food that undergoes the most critical manufacturing process in the food sector. Through the help of their production team, manufacturing components are created and crafted with precise specifications from clients. Their years of experience help them serve durable machines.

Buhler Official Website: https://www.buhlergroup.com/content/buhlergroup/global/en/homepage.html

Buhler About: https://www.buhlergroup.com/content/buhlergroup/global/en/about-us.html

Buhler Product: https://www.buhlergroup.com/content/buhlergroup/global/en/services/hardware.html

Buhler Solution: https://www.buhlergroup.com/content/buhlergroup/global/en/industries/Wet-grinding-and-dispersing.html


Bonnot Twin Screw Extruder

Bonnot has been in the manufacturing industry for more than one hundred thirty years. With gained experience and honed expertise, they can supply and deliver extruder and manufacturing equipment products. Through their group of skilled personnel and advanced production systems, they can cater to a wide span of manufacturing companies from different industrial sectors. They aim to provide quality products and deliver them securely to each customer’s doorstep worldwide. Because of its production supply, Bonnot has gained thousands of business partners and customers throughout the years.

Bonnot Official Website: https://thebonnotco.com/

Bonnot About: https://thebonnotco.com/about-us

Bonnot Product: https://thebonnotco.com/extruders/

Bonnot Solution: https://thebonnotco.com/contact-us


With this, the twin screw extruder benefits the manufacturing firms as the best compounding mixer. If you’re looking for something versatile that can be used in a wide variety of manufacturing industries, this type of machinery can be used in wide production settings. When choosing twin screw extruder manufacturers, take into account their reputation, demand, quality, price value, certification, and customer service.

This list of twin screw extruder manufacturers will help you secure your highest-quality manufacturing products. Always keep in mind that you, as a client, deserve only the finest while seeking quality.

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