Dodge Brake Booster

Dodge Brake boosters serve an explicit advantage to many modern vehicles nowadays. Unlike classic vehicles that run with a drum brake, disc brake offers better braking performance due to technologically advanced composites and systematic function.

Acting as a boosting component, brake boosters multiply the pressure put in the brake pedal by into multiple folds allowing powerful braking from a lightly pressed pedal. This component has a diaphragm and a check valve.

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We are an ISO 9001 certified company and our hallmark for success is backed by strictly monitored quality control system.

When experiencing a problem with your brake pedal and it seems hard to depress when the engine is turned off, it is highly possible that you have a bad brake booster. Consider taking your ride to your technician and be provided with professional assistance if you have no knowledge of how to test a brake booster.

Brake booster manufacturers in the aftermarket world are growing in numbers every year yet, only a few stands out and stays on top of the chain. MZW Motor is one of those. Our company stayed solidly standing for over 20 years in the business. With over 50,000 automotive units in our portfolio, MZW Motor surely is within everyone’s top 5 sources of OE quality replacements.

Why MZW Dodge Brake Booster?

MZW’s Dodge brake booster or the brake assist is designed to deliver exact detailing and craftsmanship by its original equipment (OE). We manufacture our brakes parts putting lots of combined efforts from our employed professionals to produce units that do not differentiate with many OEMs known today.


  • Direct replacement for your worn-out brake booster
  • Power brake booster by MZW Motor is 100% vacuum tested
  • Raw materials used are all new
  • Vehicle specific designed creating alternative suiting to your lifestyle
  • Undergo a series of tests before leaving the factory for shipment
  • Compliant to the strictest quality system of ISO 9001 / TS 16949

We guarantee you every MZW Dodge Brake Booster has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Brake Booster

A wide variety of affordable OE-like brake parts is what we offer here at MZW Motor. Our brake support for your preciously owned ride is made up of several units alongside our Dodge brake boosters include brake calipers, brake rotors, shoes, brake drum, and so on.

Partnering with us will be your best investment. We will be your all-in-one brake booster repair, maintenance, and replacement provider. Also, the brake booster price from our online store is lower than those typical suppliers of genuine Dodge parts.

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MZW Brake System Advantages

Running the business for a long time, MZW Motor has managed to build a good reputation in China and many countries overseas. Being in demand in the industry, we equipped ourselves with branches of production establishments to cater to increasing product requests we receive day by day.

The company produces units of closing to a couple of thousands per day, making sure that provision to partners’ requirements is met.


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