Dodge Ignition Coil

The Dodge Ignition coils are an electronic engine management component that are part of your car’s ignition system. Its function is to produce the transform the relatively low-voltage into much higher volt power to produce electricity on spark plugs that is necessary to ignite the air-fuel mixture.

Does your car have starting-up issues? Does it backfire or creates sputtering sounds? These are only some of the ignition problems of a failing or bad ignition coil. Replacing your ignition coils brings back the maximum performance of your car. When you choose MZW, you are guaranteed a high-quality Dodge ignition coil and parts at the best prices possible.

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MZW Automotive Ignition Coil suppliers ensure that the radiator is in perfect working condition before selling it to you.

Acclaimed as one of the top manufacturers of auto aftermarket parts, MZW has established years of a good relationship with customers and aftermarket manufacturers alike which enabled us to continuously supply automotive parts manufactured to the highest specifications at a reasonable price.

As a manufacture of ignition coils, we are dedicated to improve our product strengths to improve both in safety and environmental considerations. We have a team of R&D specialists who brainstorms and incorporates the advanced technologies in all our product lines.

Why MZW Dodge Ignition Coil?

Get your vehicle back to its proper condition and have your engine operate better with this top-grade Dodge Ignition Coil from MZW. Made to meet OE specifications, it is precise-formed, fit, and functional. Constructed with the same features as OEM parts, this reliable Dodge Ignition Coil works better than advertised.


  • Constructed from top-grade materials and the latest technology
  • Meticulously engineered to ensure maximum performance
  • Features resistance to wear and tear for extended product lifespan
  • Designed according to stringent OE specifications
  • ideal solution to keep your vehicle in top shape
  • Provided with ignition coil manual for ease of installation

We guarantee you every MZW Dodge Ignition Coil has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Ignition Coil

At MZW, safety is our number one concern among car owners. To us, quality, durability, and reliability are integral parts of every vehicle. Our company upholds a 25-year-old practice of protection and concern for others and evolving technology.


  • Equipped with top-grade materials
  • Straightforward pricing policy
  • Wide selection of vehicle options
  • Efficient safety features
  • Automotive innovation 
  • Epoxy filled

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For more than a decade, MZW has been the natural choice for testing and manufacturing partners for customers, automobile suppliers, and manufacturers globally.

Our world-class 15,000 square meters automotive facility, combined with our team skilled technical experts, can provide you an all-In solution for your needs. As an IS0 certified company, it is with our strongest collaborative efforts that we are able to establish a reputation that stands for safety and quality.


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