Top 6 Driveshaft Manufacturers of 2023

From a simple car to trucks and SUVs, a vehicle is equipped with a drivetrain system that helps power your driving. The driveshaft is a rod-like component responsible for transferring the torque from the gearbox and engine rotation into vehicle motion whenever shift into drive. The driveshaft function must also compensate for all variations in angle or length resulting from perfect synchronization between the joints.

Driveshaft suppliers’ products with front-wheel drive consist of the outboard fixed joint, inboard constant velocity joints and connecting shaft. Driveshaft features elements such as the anti-lock system ring and torsion damper.

Driveshaft Market Overview

Driveshaft companies and manufacturers have been on continuous growth due to the inception of many, new-born manufacturers of both aftermarket products and original equipment manufacturers. With a certain point of failure, the Driveshaft is needed to be replaced, thus, these companies benefit the most. Also, one of the driving factories of the rising global demand for driveshaft is the production of vehicles. Automotive driveshaft in general is segmented into different kinds of applications which include passenger cars, light commercial vehicles (LCV), and heavy commercial vehicles (HCV). According to an article published by, this component design is segmented into hollow driveshafts and solid drive shafts. Based on market statistics, hollow driveshafts are expected to lead the market over many years to come.

To help you locate the best driveshaft suppliers in the market, we have listed some manufacturing brands that play a significant role in the global driveshaft market with regard to popularity and demands.

Global Drive Shaft Market

Driveshaft Manufacturers Lists:


GKN Driveshaft

GKN Automotive

GKN is a global engineering business. Most of the time you are traveling by road or by air, it is highly possible to have the assistance of GKN due to the high coverage of their products and how highly utilized they were. The company has over 6 decades of manufacturing experience. They produced the world’s first constant velocity joint. Today, every car can be seen with GKN parts and the company remains the world’s largest supplier of CV joint and a key driveshaft supplier, producing billion of units over the years of existence.

GKN driveshaft is designed and manufactured for original equipment manufacturers around the globe. Their product boasts of high quality that will certainly be of service for many years to come. It is made using state-of-the-art technology and with the customer in mind, certain to meet consumers’ needs and deliver exceptional quality at an affordable cost.

Features of GKN Driveshaft:

  • Designed to effectively transfer the engine’s rotational power through the transmission
  • Provides the same look, fit, and function as the original factory part
  • Helps to restore mobility and total functionality of the vehicle
  • Made from the finest materials to meet or even exceed OE specifications

GKN Official Website:

GKN Products:

GKN Company Overview:

DANA Driveshaft

Dana Showroom

DANA is a global leader in drivetrain and e-Propulsion systems. DANA engineers, manufacturers, and distributes power-conveyance and energy management solutions for vehicles of today and tomorrow. With 115 years of manufacturing expertise, DANA has navigated through all vehicle evolution since then making them today as one of the global leaders and premier driveshaft suppliers. With a passion for innovation and commitment to engineering expertise, DANA’s automotive experiences reflect every single product they produce, which ensures exceeding all expectations.

DANA driveshaft products come with variation suiting for different automotive applications. The company has a complete line of light-duty, medium-duty, heavy-duty, and specialty driveshaft products for every commercial vehicle’s application. As a leading driveshaft supplier, DANA’s innovative, industry-leading products provide the most efficient, reliable, and durable performance on the road.

Features of DANA Driveshaft:

  • Wide application coverage
  • Different types of driveshaft available
  • Heavy loads are made easier over time
  • Standard-setting products
  • Long service life components
  • Reliable performance guaranteed

DANA Driveshaft:

DANA Company Overview:

DANA Official Website:

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NEAPCO Driveshaft

Neapco Performance

Founded just after the automobile was invented, Neapco has a long history of delivering driveline products that are designed, engineered, and performance like original equipment at a competitive market price. As a leading driveshaft supplier, Neapco also offers other components including universal joints, center supports, and other parts that are proving to restore the reliable operation of every vehicle. Since founded in 1921 with almost a century of background in the automotive industry, Neapco has been a trusted brand and manufacturer for OEM related and aftermarket products.

Neapco uses the latest technologies in manufacturing Neapco driveshaft/prop shaft to optimize driveline performance while reducing NVH issues. All components and systems and validated in-house to current applicable standards by the company’s leading professionals and engineers. Regardless of system configuration may it be a single piece, multi-piece, traditional Cardan, high-speed constant velocity joint, or other, Neapco will surely have a solution to meet your requirements.

Features and benefits of Neapco Driveshaft:

  • Diverse product portfolio
  • Robust, durable designs for long-lasting service under constant high power loads in harshest conditions
  • Designs meet performance standards for low maintenance, high speed/high torque, and other requirements of heavy-duty off-highway applications
  • Custom solutions
  • Designed and balanced to meet high RPM requirements with reduced NVH

NEAPCO Components Official Website:


NEAPCO Driveshaft:


Dorman Driveshaft


Dorman is not a stranger when it comes to auto parts. The company is known to provide automotive components that are on par or better than original equipment. Started in 1918, Dorman products are backed with over a century of expertise. Today, the company is known as a leading driveshaft supplier delivering quality products incorporated with a special solution called the OE-fix. With original equipment flaws eliminated, Dorman products are sure to surpass OE’s functionality, durability, and performance.

Dorman Driveshaft offers a better solution for repairs and maintenance needs. Products are 100% new and assembled from scratch using all-new components. Dorman Driveshaft also has ready-to-install features. Every unit is completely assembled and balanced for immediate installation. Aside from traditional design, Dorman has an exclusive solution for longer drive shaft applications.

Features of Dorman Driveshaft:

  • Made from 100% new materials that are rigorously tested for long-lasting durability
  • Direct replacement for a proper fit
  • Vehicle try-on tested – ensures every unit provides trouble-free performance
  • Dorman driveshaft is made, balance, and tested in the USA
  • A special coating applied for extended life and protection from corrosion and rust

Dorman Products Official Website:

Dorman Driveshaft:

Why Dorman Driveshaft:

Company Video Introduction:

DSS Driveshaft

DSS Driveshaft

DSS plays a key part as a global driveshaft supplier in the growing demand for driveshaft in the industry. DSS engineers, researches, designs, develops, and distributes the highest quality CV Axles and drive shafts for the aftermarket. The company has the NEW conventional Driveshafts for vehicles under the brands of BMW, Jeep, Volvo, and much more. For the record, DSS is the only aftermarket provider that offers 3 years of 36,000 miles limited warranty, which numbers that are equal to most OEMs today. DSS components are being utilized by different vehicle types including passenger cars, race cars, light-duty trucks, ATVs, and electric cars.

DSS Driveshaft is manufacturing under facilities that are verified capable of producing the highest OEM quality or equivalent. The company’s manufacturing facilities are certified under ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 9001, and ISO/TS 16949. They run a self-owned nationally certified testing lab to independently run QA testing for parts such as DSS Driveshaft and materials used in construction.

Benefits and Features of DSS Driveshaft:

  • At least 25% stronger than conventional driveshaft designs
  • Slip unit travel distance is 60mm longer than factory units
  • Operation angle of 45 degrees at any travel point
  • Longer slip cage compare to OE making the new XB axle more stable
  • The only provider of OEM or higher standard parts in the aftermarket
  • Widespread coverage – covers 95% of vehicles on the road
  • Experts in Euro Luxury car parts

DSS Official Website:

DSS Driveshaft Advantages:

DSS Company Profile:


MOPAR Driveshaft

MOPAR Driveshaft

MOPAR is a manufacturing brand of auto parts and an exclusive source of original equipment components and accessories for millions of vehicle models under the brands of Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, and Fiat. MOPAR has been serving the automotive scene for over 80 years, which today places them in a reputable position as a leading driveshaft supplier and provider of different original equipment parts. MOPAR Parts are wide utilized by many professional technicians, races, and weekend drivers worldwide for their repair and maintenance requirements.

MOPAR Driveshaft is made utilizing the best tools of the industry. Products by Mopar are created featuring premium quality and guarantees to perform better than advertised. MOPAR driveshaft catalog is diversified suiting for different driving lifestyles and vehicle applications and is certain to meet or exceed stringent standards of OE as well as the automotive industry as a whole.

Features of MOPAR Driveshaft:

  • Designed to deliver trouble-free performance
  • Lasting aid due to materials used
  • Right for different applications and lifestyle
  • Manufactured to meet or exceed strict quality requirements

MOPAR Driveshaft:

MOPAR Parts:

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