Eagle Ignition Coil

Your Eagle Ignition coil is an essential part of the automobile ignition system. The ignition coil function as a transformer that converts the vehicle’s 12 volts to thousands of voltages to create an electric spark in the spark plug that generates combustion that will ignite the fuel.

Being a critical part of the system, it is important for vehicle owners to know if they are in possession of a bad ignition coil. Some of the symptoms of bad ignition coil are easy to detect as they produce quite noticeable changes to the vehicle’s performance.

Some of the usual symptoms you can notice are having a hard time starting your car’s engine, loss of power, engine misfires, and when the check engine light comes on.

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MZW Automotive Ignition Coil suppliers ensure that the radiator is in perfect working condition before selling it to you.

If you suspect your car’s ignition coil having a problem, have them inspected by your trusted mechanic for possible ignition coil replacement. For an alternative, MZW ignition coils are your best options. 

MZW Motor is a professional manufacturing company for electrical system parts, brake parts, suspension parts, automotive filters, and much more alike. MZW Motor has been bringing visible solutions to the industry for two decades and counting. We are dedicated to helping auto parts shop owners to source top-quality aftermarkets at a competitive price

Why MZW Eagle Ignition Coil?

Revamp your ride with improved design and standard-setting performance offered by MZW’s Eagle ignition coils. These coils are expected to generate top performance even under extreme thermal and electric pressure. Made with handpicked materials, MZW’s Eagle Ignition coils have noticeable durability upgrades that can withstand the harshest road stress and vibrations.


  •  Modern approached design that meets exceptional OE standards 
  • Manufactured to deliver worry-free driving performance
  •  Direct bolt-in replacement
  • Windings are coated with high-quality materials for improved durability and better protection from internal shorts
  • Each newly produced coils are road tested to ensure real-world performance
  • Installation guide for faster and easy installation
  • Guarantees to bring notable results to keep your vehicle on top-shape

We guarantee you every MZW Eagle Ignition Coil has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Ignition Coil

Being the leader in supplying top-performing ignition systems and components, MZW Motor offers an extensive variety of ignition wires, spark plugs, ignition coils, fuel injectors and other automotive products that are meticulously engineered from our certified facilities to bring freshness to your vehicles.MZW Motor is dedicated to research and product development to satisfy performance enthusiast clients with constant improving units.


  • Two decades of manufacturing experience enable us to understand what quality and precision means to you
  • Highly recognized as one of the top aftermarket manufacturers in the global market
  • Imposes strict manufacturing processes
  • Unique ordering process and delivery system
  • World-class customer service to attend your queries
  • Top-tier products that exceed OE performance for a lower price

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Looking for a reliable automotive parts manufacturer? Expand your shop’s list of auto spare parts with MZW Motor extensive options of aftermarkets. Get ahead of the supply chain competition by sourcing trusted replacements that we offer.


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