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When it comes to mobility, braking function has equal importance as the vehicle’s acceleration. Brake system in your car allows you to stop your car at will avoiding unnecessary bumps and accidents that can happen on the road.

The braking system has two different types. The disc brake and the drum brake. Drum brakes to be specific are made out of many components such as brake drum, pistons, shoes, brake cylinder, and so on. Brake drum function has a connection to the disc brakes caliper. Many Brake drum manufacturers fabricate their products from different rigid materials including cast iron, aluminum, and forge steel. It houses different composites of the drum brake system and needs to be resilient to many factors including rust and corrosion.

With existing demands for automotive vehicles worldwide, it is not surprising at all to have braking parts market to rise as well. Every year, Brake Drum manufacturer count has been in constant growth creating a neck to neck competition for both OEM and aftermarket brake drum and other brake parts there is. Also, applications such as commercial, passenger, industrial, and the likes are a big factor to brake parts growing demands.

The Brake Drum Market Overview

According to a content from marketwatch.com, the global Automotive Brake Drum Market is expected to snowball at a grand CAGR for the upcoming years. Drum Brake System Market CAGR studied to grow roughly 2.5% over the next 5 years, which will top its 2900 million USD back in 2019 and is expected to reach its peak at 3370 million USD in 2024.

Though having some uncertainties due to the global situation we are facing, only one thing is for sure; automotive brake drum suppliers are expected to create nonetheless innovations and more product development.

The Top 7 Brake Drum OEM Manufacturers:




Established in 1871, Continental has been a pioneer of automotive industry when it comes to bringing solution for automotive troubles by means of components. Continental offers safe, efficient, intelligent, and affordable solutions for all known vehicle issues including braking problems.

Continental brake drum are made available in the market to suit every vehicle lifestyle and application. Conventional drum brakes they offer are engineered and expected to deliver lasting service life.

Here are some of Continental brake drum specifications that the company takes pride on:

  • Drum brake sizes ranges from 7” to 11” to cover vehicles up to 3000kg GVW
  • Features incremental adjuster to assure stable pedal travel
  • Aluminum wheel cylinder offers resistance to corrosion – lightweight
  • ECE and NAO lining material available – as well as copper


Continental Official Website:https://www.continental.com/en

Continental Brake Drum: https://www.continental-automotive.com/en-gl/Passenger-Cars/Safety/Products/Brakes/Hydraulic-Brakes/Foundation-Brakes/Drum-Brakes

Continental Product List – Vehicle Types: https://www.continental-automotive.com/


BREMBO Brake Drum


Comprised with 24 production facilities and about 9,000 employees, Brembo stands as one of the leaders in development and production of braking systems and components for cars, motorbikes, industrial, etc. They produce Brembo brake drum and other units for OE market and aftermarket use.

Brembo brake drums are designed for different application and vehicle performance requirements. Brembo brake drums are fabricated using cast iron. Though having standard design, custom brake drum such as drive flange in steel and aluminium are available in Brembo brakes catalogue.

The company’s products are easy to obtain and are available in the global market, that is why you don’t need to worry where to by Brembo brakes. Brembo brakes price is also reasonable to be enjoyed by many.

The following are the advantages of Brembo Brake drums and other braking parts:

  • Todas las piezas nuevas
  • Brembo shoes, asbestos-free, are certified under ECE-R90 regulation
  • Brembo brake drums are developed using different composites to reduce unit weight
  • Perfect fitment for wide OE application – aftermarket units are suitable for custom product requests


Brembo Official Website: https://www.brembo.com/en/

Brembo Drum Brakes & Shoes: https://www.bremboparts.com/america/en/products/drums-shoes/complete-range

Brembo Distribution Network: https://www.bremboparts.com/america/en/where-to-buy/distributors/distributors-america


Bendix Brake Drum


Founded under the Westinghouse Air Brake Company in 1869, Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems is a pioneer of safe technologies, control systems, and air brake charging.

The company offers vast selection of brake parts including Bendix brake drum, brake pads, and shoes for medium to heavy-duty trucks, trailers, commercial vehicles. Maintaining the quality of every brake drum replacements are their employed 2,000 professionals housing in their Headquarters in Elyria, Ohio. Getting exception Bendix brake pads review and other brake parts, the company dedicates its whole existence to delivery products that guarantees to satisfy.

Bendix brake drums and other friction materials are engineered to OE specifications and manufactured globally in ISO 9001 / TS 16949 certified production faciltiies.

  • Built to withstand severe duty performance due to superior thermal stability and strenght
  • Heat-resistant coating which extends the drums life by eliminating corrosion build-up
  • Bendix brake drums ready to install features saving you lots of time
  • Lasting braking aid that tops life expectancy of many OEM


Bendix Brake Products: http://www.bendix-brakes.com/products.php

Bendix Brake Drums and Product Line STOP: http://www.bendix-brakes.com/stop_by_bendix.php

Bendix Premium: http://www.bendix-brakes.com/bendix_premium.php

Bendix Fleet Metlok: http://www.bendix-brakes.com/bendix_fleet_metlok.php


BPW Brake Drum


Experienced unending development of transport Industry for the past 120 years since founded; BPW is one of the leading innovation drivers in freight transport and logistics. The company is in constant development – and is always on the move.

BPW brake drums are utilized globally for many logistics and commercial vehicles. The company offers OE parts and aftermarket spare parts. BPW brake drums are designed to achieve a high level of safety with less weigh and fewer wearing parts. BPW brake drum allows fast and easy brake shoe replacements.

BPW Genuine parts are carefully constructed to provide the best solution in quality, reliability, and life expectancy. All BPW brake drums are put to rigorous testing both in Europe and around the world.

Advantages of BPW brake drums are the following:

  • Tried and tested – more than 11 million units sold worldwide. BPW brake drum serves as a global quality standard
  • Minimal wear, yet maximized performance output benefiting from optimal friction lining pairing with a separate brake drum
  • Torque-limited axle nut – drum brake system replacement features faster product application compared to other drum brake parts


BPW Official Website: https://www.bpw.de/en

BPW Drum Brakes – ECO Drum: https://www.bpw.de/en/products/components-systems/drum-brakes-eco-drum

BPW Drum Brake Catalogue: http://www.bpwtranspec.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/BPW-Drum-Brake-Catalogue.pdf


MERITOR Brake Drum


Headquartered in Troy, Michigan, Meritor is a leading provider of drivetrain, mobility, braking solutions for commercial vehicle and industrial market. The company has a rich background history since the launch of Timken Detroit Axle in Michigan back in 1909.

Meritor drum brakes deliver consistent performance, braking aid, and reduce wear time of commercial truck brakes. Together with drum brakes are other components including Meritor brake caliper, brake pads, and Meritor rotors. Meritor drum brakes offer longer lining life and helps fleet and vehicles to reduce braking distance.

Products offered by Meritor are available globally and covers different applications. Meritor drum brake features quality and advantages stated below:

  • Wide application compatibility
  • Fitting for all sizes and design to provide braking aid for every driving lifestyle and fleet type
  • Guarantees to deliver superior performance with greater safety and stopping power
  • Lesser parts involved – easy brake maintenance and longer brake life
  • Twin anchor pin design with rigid double web on each fabricated steel shoe – assures stabilized alignment and positive braking with no shoe float
  • S Cam maximizes brake response and provides constant brake pressure


Meritor Official Website: https://www.meritor.com/

Meritor Brake Parts: https://www.meritor.com/products/brakes/

Meritor Drum Brakes/Brake Drums: https://www.meritor.com/products/brakes/drum


WEBB Brake Drum


Approaching its 6th decade in the business, WEBB started doing business under the name of WEBB Corporation in Webb City. The company has over 8,000 warehouse distributors and OEM truck and trailer partners.

Webb brake drum catalogue is composed of brake drum varieties suiting for different application requirements. Types of brake drums under WEBB include:

  • WEBB Vortex Unlimited Brake Drums
  • 66864B brake drum – Standard Webb brake drum
  • WEBB Cast Brake Drums

WEBB OEM brake drums are designed and formed into different sizes, width, diameter, thickness ensuring to give solutions to different kinds of vehicles and fleets. Though having different specifications, WEBB brake drums are created for one reason solely; to give answer to every braking problem there is.

  • Standard brake drums are to fit industrial, heavy-duty application
  • Cast iron brake drums – promotes longevity due to its corrosion resilient factors
  • Webb Vortex has high-heat tolerance and designed with external cooling ribs to dissipate heat more effectively
  • All units saves maintenance cost


WEBB Official Site: https://www.webbwheel.com/index.php

WEBB Brake Drums: https://www.webbwheel.com/oem_truck_brake_drums.php

WEBB OEM & Aftermarkets: https://www.webbwheel.com/products.php


Wagner Brake Drum


Providing braking solutions since established by H.A. Wagner in 1891, Wagner today is known as an innovator in braking technologies for passenger car, medium duty, and commercial applications. Wagner brakes provide a complete repair, maintenance, and replacement. Top-notch brake parts including Wagner Brake drums offer exceptional quality for all the latest applications.

Wagner Brake drums incorporates many OEM specification today. The company is partnered to many automotive supplier that carries their products. Wagner brake drum and braking components gives fitment, looks, and functionality of OEM Vehicle suppliers.

The company continues to supply brake parts and sets new standards by creating latest innovations in braking technologies, such as proprietary Low-copper Formulation, advance integrally molded insulator tech, and so on.

Wagner Brake Drum premium parts are engineered, tested, and certified to perform efficient braking for many years:

  • Brake drum by Wagner has smooth finish provides less shoe wear-time
  • Superior composites used to maximize braking aid potential
  • Precisely cut outer diameter for a more balance operation
  • Tested under real-world conditions
  • Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor – saves installation time


Wagner Brake Official Website: https://www.wagnerbrake.com/

Wagner Product Page: https://www.wagnerbrake.com/products.html

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