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MZW is a top brake parts manufacturer whose experience in the auto parts industry spans more than thirty years. Using the vast knowledge of many years, MZW designs, manufactures, and supplies a wide range of braking system components.

MZW brakes are exceptionally reliable and longlasting. We do not only manufacture quality products. MZW also makes the process to order brake parts easy and fast. Currently, we have clients from all parts of the world. The list continues to grow as more and more auto parts businesses prefer to stock their stores with MZW brake products.

To ensure quality, MZW abides by in-house and international manufacturing standards. All MZW brakes conform to the manufacturer requirements for different vehicle models, which caters to the diversity on the market.

Polígonos industriales y manufactureros de rápido crecimiento.

MZW Make Brake Products

A global brake parts company, MZW manufactures brake parts for different automotive applications. These range from small cars, light passenger vehicles, to heavy duty trucks and motorcycles. We have different braking components in our portfolio. Among the parts we make are brake discs, brake pads, brake calipers, brake lines, and many more.


  • Sturdy components made from high-quality materials
  • Durable brake parts that are designed to resist corrosion and other forms of damage
  • Parts that are made to accurate dimensions and precision machined
  • Fully tested brake parts with confirmed specifications
  • Brake parts that meet OE standards

Representante de ventas

Rotor de disco de freno

MZW brake rotors are mill-balanced. This ensures they provide smooth braking by reducing the vibrations caused by imperfections.

Brake Pad

All MZW brake pads are passed through rigorous testing and quality control procedures to ensure the right friction coefficient.

Zapatas de freno

Las zapatas de freno MZW son una opción respetuosa con el medio ambiente. No contienen amianto, lo que las hace limpias y de alto rendimiento.

Pinza de freno

MZW’s top brake caliper is the houses your car’s brake pads and brake discs. Made of high-grade plastic, aluminum, or chrome-plated steel.

Cilindro principal de freno

MZW is a premium manufacturer of brake master cylinders, brake drums, rotors, and wheel hubs for the light and heavy-duty applications.

Cilindro de rueda

Being one of the renowned wheel cylinder suppliers, MZW are here to lead the market with an extensive range of excellent part quality and reliability.

Refuerzo de freno

MZW performance brake boosters are made of high-quality materials that comes with superior structural integrity.

Latiguillo de freno

MZW custom brake lines are suitable for all applications including off-road, highway, street racing, and city driving.


Cable de freno

MZW parking brakes are made under in-house production facility, tested in a series of quality parameters to ensure …

Tambor de freno

Los tambores de freno MZW cuentan con la certificación ISO y se mecanizan en instalaciones propias para garantizar una calidad y un valor inigualables.


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After all the manufacturing steps are over, MZW brake parts are packaged into their respective boxes. These can be custom or company branded. It depends on customer preferences. Packed brake parts are stored, ready to be shipped to the customer.

How We Make Brake Product

Braking system components are among the most important parts of a vehicle. For safe driving, these parts have to perform as expected. That is why MZW ensures highly-controlled manufacturing at all stages of producing different brake parts.

Raw materials are received and tested by MZW experts at our manufacturing facilities. Manufacturing brake parts at MZW involves the use of different machines. In-house engineers always ensure the machines are always properly calibrated for accuracy and precision.

Testing is part and parcel of brake parts manufacture at MZW facilities. Experienced employees carry out various tests and inspection procedures using modern machines. The tests include endurance, corrosion, sturdiness, and others.

Pass Various Tests

Experienced employees carry out various tests and inspection procedures using modern machines. The tests include endurance, corrosion, sturdiness, and others.

Accuracy and Precision.

In-house engineers always ensure the machines are always properly calibrated for accuracy and precision.

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Reliable Brake Parts Solutions

MZW is your most trusted brake parts supplier to stock your dealer’s shop. Get in touch with us today for more information.

MZW Motor offers you the exclusive brake products related tech tips to help you do better brake sourcing and selling work.

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Why Choose MZW Brake Supplier

MZW is among the leading and most trusted brake parts suppliers whose main commitment is quality and customer satisfaction. Our team of dedicated manufacturing staff ensures set procedures are followed, while our sales team works towards serving the needs of our clients.

MZW makes brake parts using premium materials to ensure reliable products. This provides for safe driving. At MZW, the raw materials for the different brake parts are adequately tested before being used. All the steps to manufacture different braking components are also monitored and controlled to ensure quality.


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MZW Brake Products Advantages

The quality of MZW brakes speaks for itself. From stopping power to longevity, the brake parts manufactured by MZW by always excel in their areas of application, be it light or heavy vehicles. In different road conditions, too, whether dusty, wet or rough.

Several reasons explain the excellent performance of MZW braking components. They are made from premium materials, using closely monitored processes, and with the know-how that we have gained over the thirty years that we have made automotive parts.

Dimensional Accuracy

MZW brakes components are made to precise dimensions. That ensures proper fit and components that function as required.


OE Specifications

Brake parts made by MZW comply with the specifications of the manufacturer for the particular type, vehicle model and year of manufacture. This ensures compatibility and quality.


High-quality Materials

MZW ensures the right raw materials to make brake parts. By testing the materials before the manufacturing process improves, we are able to produce brake components that can be relied upon to perform exceptionally.


Innovación del suelo al cielo.

Brake Parts Research & Development

At MZW, we are always devising new ways to make products better. We also adopt the latest manufacturing technologies and manufacturing machines to improve the quality and design of our brake parts. It is one of the reasons MZW brake system components have always stood out on the market.
Send us an inquiry if looking for the best brakes manufacturer. We will respond promptly and advise you on what to do.

MZW brakes are superior in many ways. Choosing them means choosing the best and helps you auto parts business to expand.

Lead Automotive Brake Manufacturers

MZW ha crecido a lo largo de los años hasta convertirse en un fabricante mundial de componentes para vehículos. Nuestras fábricas producen miles de rótulas, brazos de control, rótulas de dirección, amortiguadores y otras piezas de suspensión cada semana. Como uno de los principales fabricantes de suspensión de automóviles, MZW ofrece una capacidad de producción que abastece al mercado mundial.

Contamos con instalaciones de fabricación y trabajadores adecuados para garantizar que cada pedido se cumpla y a tiempo. Además, siempre estamos ampliando nuestras fábricas y equipándolas con las máquinas más modernas y automatizadas para atender la creciente demanda. Gracias a la automatización, podemos responder adecuadamente a necesidades demasiado urgentes, como las piezas de suspensión a medida.

MZW Brake Company Capacity

As one of the leading automotive brake manufacturers, MZW has put in place measures to ensure adequate production capacity for brake parts. Our manufacturing facilities are adequately equipped with automated machines for the different production processes.

Additionally, we have enough and dedicated staff to ensure smooth production at every stage.
MZW can manufacture thousands of different types of brake parts every month. We can take both large and small quantity orders from customers in any part of the world. We maintain an inventory of ready parts and these get shipped immediately. We also manufacture custom brake parts quickly using the automation machines.

ISO 16949 Certified Brake Manufacturer

MZW holds the ISO 9001/TS 16949 certification. That means international quality standards are followed at our manufacturing facilities. It is what results in the quality brake parts that MZW is known for. Every process at our factories is a controlled one, with MZW offering support throughout. This ranges from material selection to the final testing of the finished brake part.

Packaging and Transportation in Our Brake Factory

MZW packs brake parts in different boxes and bags depending on the type of component. During the whole process, great care is taken to prevent any damage or contamination, especially for the delicate parts. Customers have a say in the type of packaging they prefer. The MZW brand is usually used, but you can request for blank packaging.

To ensure products reach the customer destinations safely and fast, MZW uses the shipping services of trusted companies. As one of the best auto brakes manufacturer, MZW always strives to shorten the time between placing your order and the time you receive your ordered brake parts.

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