TOP 23 OEM Brake Caliper Manufacturers


Brake calipers are initially an essentials part that will keep completing your vehicle’s braking system work.

However, the fact is that brake calipers functions are not recognizable by the most vehicle owner.

It is quite arguable that this brake component is the most essential part of car’s disc brake system. The brake system that most cars on the road have in their front brakes.

The calipers serve a significant role, without which, the car wouldn’t be able to stop at all. How does brake caliper do its job? The brake caliper is like a clamp that fits on wheel’s brake rotor, inside this is the car’s brake pads and pistons. Whenever you step on your car’s brakes, the caliper creates braking friction on brake rotors to slow and eventually stop your vehicle.

Brake Calipers market overview

Manufacturers have been forced to follow strict regulations to install enhanced braking systems like disc brakes. That is why the competition in brake caliper industry has been triggered by creating a market for disc brakes; it boosts the demand for the latter brake part.

Según Global Market Insights, Inc., “The global automotive market for brake caliper is expected to continuously grow at a CAGR of 3% from the forecast period, 2017-2024”.

Introduction to light-weight brake caliper made from aluminum and improvement in fit will increase brake caliper market by 2024.

Large companies like Bugatti have already used new technology in manufacturing brake calipers using 3D printing.

On the other hand, driving with worn-out brake calipers is a serious matter. It can put your life, and the lives of your passengers in danger which makes choosing the best caliper in the market is a top priority.

You need to know that the auto parts industry has two types of companies as suppliers: OEM and aftermarket manufacturers. Aftermarket used SAE standards to test the quality of their auto parts while OEM requires more extensive testing procedures and should comply with ISO requirements. There is also a choice between reconditioning and brand-new.

The listed Top 23 OEM that manufactures high-quality and demonstrate trusted brake calipers has been narrowed in first types of auto parts company- the OEM. Brake calipers from the companies listed in here provided excellent braking performance that already has stable demand on the market.

Also, keep in mind that some of the large companies have already combined their caliper and disc brake product line for distribution. Means that they named their product segment under a disk brake system or a disk brake caliper and supplied as a kit.

We hope that this article will help you with your search to find the best brake calipers available in the market that will suit your vehicle type.

Below is a list of the TOP OEM Brake Caliper Manufacturers List:

Brembo Logo

Brembo Caliper

Brembo Company

Brembo is an unmatched global leader in the production of brake parts products. With this expertise, Brembo can produce braking system for popular cars in the European, American, and Japanese region OE model. The specific braking system is available in the four main categories, which includes car, bike, van, and racing. It is further sub-categorized in OE, Sporting Use, Racing Professionals.

The Brembo produces high-tech brake calipers in leading car model in OE manufacturers. Some of this top range model are Maserati, Aston Martin, Jaguar Carbon Ceramic, John Cooper Works, Bentley, Lamborghini Carboceramici, Porsche and Rolls-Royce.

The Hall of Fame winners that used Brembo brake calipers on their racing cars demonstrated its high quality in prestigious race events.  Such racing tournament under Formula 1 such as the MotoGP and World Superbike Championship.

Brembo offers a wide range of different types of calipers under each category. Such Brembo calipers are monoblock type and two-piece fixed caliper for top car models. 3 front caliper line and 1 rear caliper line for motorcyclists. Most especially different braking systems, forged and billet machine with a customized number of pistons are available for racing professionals. The single and dual-piston of front and rear floating hydraulic calipers for Vans.

Brembo calipers product highlight applications are for racing and sports vehicle types.

The Brembo brake caliper products features include:

  • The comprehensive type of world-class brake caliper
  • Interchangeable with fork mounts of famous European and Japanese hyper sports models
  • Fully compatible with original disc equipment
  • Machined from solid billet metal
  • Coated with nickel to reduce narrow machining tolerances
  • Aesthetically designed for top car models
  • Comes complete with sintered pads
  • Demonstrated and tested high-quality brakes products

More Brembo Company Resources:

Wilwood Logo

Wilwood Caliper

Wilwood Factory Building

Wilwood Engineering, Inc. manufactures high-quality disc brake systems since 1977. The calipers supplied by Wilwood is among the most widely known brake calipers in the market. Positive feedbacks have been given by end-users as they experience using Wilwood calipers.

Wilwood brake calipers covered two-vehicle kinds both standard and racing in Automotive Industry.

The company distributed both individual brake calipers and disc brake systems. Wilwood calipers have 300 different parts on the shelf for agricultural equipment, utility vehicles, snowmobiles, motorcycles, industrial applications, quads, and military vehicles.

Wilwood caliper has an outstanding number of product advantages and benefits. These are the following:

  • Integrated Wilwood’s Thermlock Pistons for the most effective thermal barrier on the disc brake system
  • Optional Wilwood colored calipers in signature gloss black, competition red and 22 additional variants
  • Disc brake system has safety wire installations
  • Heat and brake fluid resistant
  • 41 Wilwood main designs for racing cars and 8 for open wheels’ applications
  • 4-piston, high-performance front and rear powerhouse with billet aluminum calipers for motorcycles

Because of the Wilwood large product segment for every product lines, the company offers 3 different product catalog for easy search. These catalogs are the Bolt-on Disc Brake Catalog specifically for world-class professional motorsports. Sprint/Midget Catalog, this is for a wide range of open wheels in a kit and related components. Lastly, V-Twin Motorcycle Components and Parts are for motorcycle vehicles applications. To know more about Wilwood calipers, click on the catalog of your vehicle type.

You can check on Wilwood resource link listed below if you want to know more about their brake calipers and other products. Each brake calipers manufactured by Wilwood Disc Brake is fully discussed in detail in their official website.

Additional Wilwood Resources:

Akebono Logo


Akebono Company

Akebono brake products are trusted by OE manufacturers globally. Their various customers include Nissan, Mazda, Toyota, Honda, General Motors, Subaru, Subaru, and Isuzu.

It is demonstrated by Infiniti, the luxury vehicle division of automaker Nissan that uses brake calipers from Akebono.

Akebono ranges of brake products include front and rear calipers with or without integral brake products and drum brakes.

Let’s focus on brake calipers supplied by Akebono in the market.

The wide array of Akebono calipers are available and categorized by the company in six-vehicle kinds. The table will show you the details of Akebono calipers.

Akebono CategorizationAvailable Brake Caliper
High-Performance Cars – manufactured in European Region10-pot brake caliper

6-pot brake caliperAutomobiles – Nissan, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, GM, Ford etc.Commonly called disc brake caliper that fits 4 wheels of carCommercial Vehicles – trucksOpposed Piston Type disc brake system

Floating Type disc brake systemMotorcycle – scooters2-pot brake caliper for motorcycles

1-pot brake caliper for motorcyclesRolling Stock –  high speed trains overseas, partnered with Japenese bullet trains.Floating Type Disc Brake system

Opposed Piston Type Disc Brake systemIndustrial Machinery – forklifts, cranes, automobile air-conditioning component, agricultural equipment and heavy-duty trailers.50 to 60 ton large sized cranes use double calipers with two disc brakes per wheel

The company based its new construction on the existing product, the AD-Types disc brake. Akebono extensively modified the product to meet requirements for an automobile that uses electric power source. Noticeably, they have derived this new launch product on the latest technology of using a disc brake system.Recently, Akebono Brake Industry Co., Ltd. developed it’s first “New Construction of Brake Calipers”.

The following listed features are Akebono claims on their caliper associated on their disc brake system products:

  • Used aluminum for every caliper for weight reduction up to 30%
  • Coated with unique material ensures rust and corrosion feature
  • Visually appealing design for comprehensive automobile models
  • Covers different vehicle types
  • Low noise suitable feature for premium cars
  • The comprehensive type of caliper that suit vehicle type
  • Trusted and recognized by well-known OE manufacturer

More Akebono Resources:

Budweg Logo

Budweg Caliper


Budweg specialized in manufacturing calipers. With more than 4,000 calipers, Budweg covers 98% of the cars in the European Region.

Except for manufacturing new brake calipers, Budweg also offers to remanufacture calipers ones.

Budweg has the most modern production plants for brake calipers manufacturing in Europe.

In both cases, Budweg supply calipers that match and exceeds standards. The company admitted that they were not the cheapest choice in the market since they do not compromise safety and quality comes at an equivalent price.

That is why they offer a remanufacturing type of Budweg caliper if looking for an affordable choice.  Regardless of being remanufactured brake types, all related safety components and rubber parts are replaced, and the rest are renovated. Remanufacturing process is subjected to strict procedures and standards.

These are the features that you can get benefited from Budweg calipers:

  • Used brass bushings and hard chrome-plated pistons
  • Glide system is Teflon-coated
  • Comprehensive range for over 3,000 references available
  • Calipers are high and low pressure tested
  • Handbrake mechanisms are tested for a full load

Additional Budweg Resources:

ATE Logo

ATE Caliper

ATE First Established Building Blueprint

Ate has more than a century of experience in brakes market industry today. They are leading their way to be Europe’s brake specialist.

When looking for professional brakes, their name usually comes up. Ate is claiming that their caliper line offered a whole product range from a single source.

Before the ATE caliper included in the product range, it should pass the endurance test and simulations by the company.

As an alternative to brand new ATE caliper, they also offer to remanufacture under “Caliper Replacement Programme.” Still, the quality of ATE calipers at a reduced cost is achieved.

These are ATE calipers features and benefits:

  • Available in fixed or floating calipers type
  • Caliper is offered in brand new or re-manufactured types
  • Made up of aluminum in nodular cast iron
  • Installations kits, sealing kits, bracket holder and sleeve set are available
  • The product range covers a broad spectrum of European vehicles

To know more about the ATE their brake calipers details, these resources can help.

AtE Brakes Resources:

ACDelco Logo

ACDelco Caliper

Delco Remy Company Buiding

ACDelco caliper is recognized worldwide and highly demanded GM vehicles.

As a matter of fact, ACDelco is an American Automotive parts brand owned by GM and also offers aftermarket for non-GM vehicles like Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac.

If your vehicle supplier is General Motor (GM), you would probably consider purchasing brake calipers and other auto parts from ACDelco.

ACDelco caliper product line is named ” ACDelco GM Original Equipment Disc Brake Calipers “. Their brake calipers are available in both new and remanufactured types.

Brake calipers for GM vehicle delivered features and benefits such as:

  • GM-recommended replacement parts to GM vehicles
  • Pressure tested to ensure safe and confident braking
  • Cast iron and aluminum specifications; no extra stress on the brake boosting mounting
  • Developed without attached brake pads for customization
  • Stand testing phase for seasonal weather
  • Enhance corrosion resistance to the last longer and look better
  • Processed for 72-hour salt spray corrosion resistance for zinc testing standards

More ACDelco Resources:

Logo Bosch

Bosch Brake Caliper

Bosch Company

Bosch brake calipers are available for almost all types of vehicles. Each of brake calipers designed is ideally made to the vehicle model. They offered it cheaper than any other brands considering it passed OEM requirements. Consumers used Bosch brake calipers has experienced reliableness and extended service functionality of the products.

Brake calipers are offered in Bosch-eXchange program, which is repairing caliper at current market value. They considered it a top-quality alternative to replacement with new parts.

Advantages of Bosch-eXchange program for brake calipers are listed below:

  • Skills in the field of brake caliper manufacturing
  • Available in 93% of all vehicles
  • Reconditioned brake calipers as good as new
  • Same quality and operation like new item
  • Reduces energy and material consumptions
  • Brake caliper enhance with an integrated parking brake

Additional Bosch Resources:

ABS Logo

A.B.S. Caliper

ABS Brakes Company Building

ABS calipers also have a high demand in the market. Their brake calipers are available in a wide range of European and Asian vehicles. ABS is a brake parts specialist with more than 29,000 different types of parts.

ABS calipers are available in new and refurbished one. Like other manufacturers that offer to remanufacture, refurbishing has the same principles.

For refurbished ABS calipers various components like rubber parts, cylinder liner, 80% of pistons, handbrake mechanism and springs are changed.

ABS brake calipers advantages are:

  • Available in a wide range of Asian and Europe Vehicles
  • Covered with environmental friendly Cr203 coating or termed as Chronium3
  • Offer in brand new and refurbished caliper types

If you want to know more about ATE calipers, these resource links are beneficial to you.

More A.B.S Resources:


WABCO Brake Caliper

WABCO North America Building

WABCO brake caliper is available for vehicle types such as trucks, buses, and trailers. Different foundation brakes are offered in these types of vehicles.

WABCO MAXX ranges of the caliper is the segment name for top performance, single-piston air disc brakes for demanding heavy trucks, buses, and off-highway applications. For North American commercial vehicles MAXXUS is offered.

Additional information about company status is, WABCO is that it will be entered into a definitive merger by ZF Friedrichshafen.

WABCO Maxx brake caliper advance features are listed below:

  • Caliper enhance with advanced air disc brake technology
  • Uses single-piston technology for higher and lighter-weight performance
  • Offered brand new caliper and remanufactured one
  • Available in 12 different brake caliper product lines designs

To know more about their product and company, check on their official website links listed below.

More WABCO Resources:

Shaftec Logo

SHAFTEC Brake Caliper


Shaftec offer remanufactured brake calipers since the year 2007. The Shaftec remanufactured brake calipers consist range of over 5,500 part numbers and cover 95% of most used vehicles on the road. Each SHAFTEC brake caliper is strip back to original casting and inspected to ensure no damage. It is reassembled using brand new components changes in new pistons, springs, actuation, and seals.

After assembly of each brake caliper is tested for air pressure tested beyond the capacity. Shaftec brake caliper design as single-piston.

Remanufactured brake calipers supplied by Shaftec offer advantages such as:

  • Cheaper than brand new calipers
  • Unmatched skilled in manufacturing motor parts including brake calipers
  • Offer remanufactured brake caliper for most popular types on road

SHAFTEC Additional Resources:

FTE Logo

FTE Brake Caliper

FTE Company

Like other large OEM companies, FTE both offer brand new brake calipers as well as remanufactured.

FTE caliper product portfolio currently covers over 1,000 references for almost all European vehicles.

Aside from this, FTE supply remanufactured brake calipers for the aftermarket industry. FTE remanufactured brake caliper offer for European, Japanese and Korean vehicles. This is the environmentally friendly and cost alternative for the new part. The stringent quality process is also applied to achieve high quality like brand new brake calipers.

FTE brake caliper product line can offer advantages such as:

  • Expertise in manufacturing brake parts process
  • Available in brand new and reconditioned brake caliper type
  • Advance features of brake caliper have the electrical parking brake
  • Made up of aluminum materials and cast iron grey
  • First type caliper and caliper with integrated parking brake are available

More Resources:

Mando Corporation Logo

Mando Brake Caliper


Mando Corporation is the largest global Tier 1 based in South Korea.

Mando brake calipers is a part of the corporation’s world-class brake systems series. Mando sets standards on every caliper they’ve produces too meet the same rigorous quality set by automakers. Brake calipers by Mando are available in the new and remanufactured type of products.

Mando Corporation offers individual standard caliper brake, active retraction caliper and an electric parking brake which is integrated by caliper, cable puller, and drum-in hat.

Products manufactured and supplied by Mando Corporation like brake calipers are seen to vehicles produced by GM, Cadillac, Ford, Chevrolet, Nissan, BMW, Suzuki, Hyundai Motor Company, Chrysler and more.

Mando brake calipers are backed by advantages such as:

  • Substantial research and development to achieve quality designs
  • Large OE companies demonstrate calipers
  • Tested for quality, durability, and reliability
  • Offered to be supplied individually and with disk brake pads

Recursos adicionales:

Centric Parts Logo

Centric Caliper

Centric Parts Company

Centric Parts caliper product line focuses on remanufacturing for traditional automotive and light-duty vehicles.

The remanufacturing program of Centric Parts for brake calipers undergo strict processed of tearing down each part. They claim to be the only remanufactured calipers in the market with no details overlooked.

Individually distributed Centric calipers focuses on the remanufactured type, which is available in two types – the Centric Semi-Loaded and Posi Quiet Loaded Calipers.

Posi Quiet are features to have all brand-new component and include the application of Posi pads already installed. The second level of the remanufactured caliper is carefully inspected which worn components are replaced with brand new parts before reassembly stage.

The company also offered advance braking systems, steering and suspension component performance racing.

Centric Parts impressively broadened into OE, armored vehicle, racing through its StopTech brand. And StopTech brand caliper belongs to Centric Parts.

The new Air Disc Brake program features pads, rotors, calipers in a comprehensive range of replacement parts of medium and heavy commercial vehicles.

Centric calipers and StopTech calipers brand offers many advantages in their products:

  • Comes in zinc plating, powdered and anti-corrosive coating
  • High-pressure tested on OE style and received additional quality inspection before reassembly
  • Environmentally-friendly components
  • Pass strict OE standard
  • All new dust seals, O-rings, boots, abutment clips component

If you are into high-quality with less cost, Centric calipers have to offer. Check on their official website and other helpful links below.

Additional Centric Parts Resources:


ADVICS Brake Caliper

ADVICS Company

ADVICS Co., LTD manufactured high-quality brake calipers from genuine parts and a full-line of cylinder assemblies and other components. Advics products are highly recognizable in Toyota vehicles. Their brake calipers are distributed in both disc brake kit and caliper piston.

ADVICS primary line is manufacturing brake system products globally. A wide product range can able to meet most customers’ needs for a variety of vehicle types, from motorcycles to trucks. They are claiming to be the only supplier worldwide that develop a full range of brake-related products, from pedals to pads.

Recently, ADVICS together with AISINS, JTEKT and DENSO form agreed into a joint venture to form a new company. This is to develop integrated control software for automated driving.

In North America, ADVICS brake parts products are marketed by AISIN Group.

These are the benefits and advantages of ADVICS Co., LTD brake calipers:

  • Fixed caliper is made from monocoque body and aluminum pistons
  • Wide ranges of floating caliper to cover mini-vehicle to light-duty truck
  • Caliper is delivered in the disc brake system and individually
  • Enhance with an electric parking brake
  • Integrated ABS Modulator for Motorcycle Brake caliper

Helpful links are listed below if you want to know more about ADVICS brake calipers.

Additional ADVICS Resources:

Alcon Logo

Alcon Brake Caliper

Alcon Company

Alcon Components Limited major focuses on supplying brake parts to fit winning cars in all major kinds of the Motorsport. Whether it for race, off-road, rally and rallycross cars, Alcon got your back.

High-quality Alcon brake calipers and disc brake kit are demonstrated and used in McLaren, Bentley and Aston Martin in GT racing. Continue by Volkswagen and Citroes in World Rally Championship and many Hall of Fame teams in the sports world.

Other various applications of Alcon braking components products covered agricultural vehicles operating in climates from deserts to frozen, armored SUVs and large military combat vehicles.

Brake kits from Alcon are used in OE vehicles such as Corvette C5 and C6, RC4 and RC6, Ford SVT Raptor and the Jeep JL Wrangler.

Alcon calipers are available to provide a solution for this type of vehicles on the road. Alcon Component Ltd. manufactures advantages of brake calipers are:

  • Extraordinary die-cast for monobloc constructions in aluminum alloy
  • Monobloc 4, 6, 8 piston design
  • Piston bore sizes are ensured
  • Pin-mounted pads that provide low threshold pressure and low noise
  • Fully-tested world-class designs calipers
  • Series of Alcon calipers designs are featured in each sector

Recently, a new website has been released by Alcon Components Limited and still under improvement on some pages. We have included their resource websites below where you can also find specific Alcon caliper features across all sectors of vehicles.

Alcon Additional Resouces:

Logotipo de Meritor

Meritor Caliper

Meritor First Established Company

Meritor caliper is available for commercial vehicle manufacturers with a wide array of aftermarket solutions. Such applications are available in truck, trailer, fire and rescue, heavy haul, agricultural, port, and terminal tractor, defense, construction and utility, mobile cranes, rail cars and buses.

Meritor only offers brake parts in kit under two categories of Air Disc Brakes and Quadraulic Disc Brakes for this commercial vehicles. 9 significant disc brake system designs are available in Meritor caliper product lines for different applications.

Meritor disc brakes provide a quiet number of features and benefits, these are:

  • Robust taper wear control
  • High torque capability 17.5″ air disc brake
  • Single-piston air disc brake
  • Wear sensing and indication options
  • Single-sided sliding caliper design
  • Oval-shaped bushing to protect against seized calipers
  • Integrated mechanical parking arrangement
  • Easy pad change
  • Superior friction materials
  • The electro-plated special coating is offered

Meritor More Resources:

ATL Industries logo

ATL Industries Brake Caliper

ATL Industries Company

ATL Industries is an OEM located in North America. They supplied caliper, brake caliper pistons, brackets, and castings. ATL Industries cater products for passenger vehicles.

This company focuses on rebuilding calipers instead of manufacturing new ones to save customers from further cost and to help with the environment. ATL brake calipers initially offered in 6 parts numbers and now expanded into thousands.

ATL Industries first product the brake caliper provides benefits like:

  • Comes with different types of brake caliper castings and brackets
  • Offered in medium-duty and heavy-duty industrials and agricultural pistons
  • Both available in floating and fixed brake calipers, semi-loaded or fully-loaded calipers
  • Available in custom builds and tailored orders

To get to know more about ATL brake calipers and other product lines, you can check out their links below.

ATL Additional Resources:

Knorr-Bremse Logo

Knorr-Bremse Caliper

Knorr-Bremse Company

Knorr Bremse AG products market division are applications in Rail and Commercial Vehicle Systems. The company in both sectors has distributed complete braking system product lines.

Additional  Bendix brake products under their Commercial Vehicle System segments is also a subsidiary of Knorr-Bremse Group.

Knorr Bremse calipers are distributed individually in the market without the attachment of piston and pads. The company supply both brand new and remanufactured but focuses on the latter.

Advantages of Knorr Bremse calipers are the following listed below:

  • Delivered high performances under any challenging conditions
  • Assembled on the same production lines as new OE products
  • Tested and inspected to the same specifications and standards of OE vehicle
  • Available for single-piston designs
  • Enhance with optional Active Caliper Release ( ACR )

It is granted that Knorr Bremse caliper is specialized and known for trucks, bus, rails, and other commercial types of vehicles.

More Resources:

Logotipo de Bendix

Bendix Caliper

Bendix Company News

Bendix Corporation braking solution is also one of the most trusted products in the market. They are globally known in their ranges of their brake pads product, but Bendix calipers are also highly recognized.

Brake calipers manufactured by Bendix has stable demand in the Automotive Industry. And they are available in US, Europe, North Africa, and Middle East regions.

However, Bendix ADB22x design the most recent release caliper is only available in North American trailer and tractor and is distributed under Bendix Disc Braking product segment.

The Bendix caliper products information and delivered features are:

  • Caliper is integrated into Air Disc Brake kit
  • Used a floating caliper design
  • Available with or without a combination of the spring brake unit
  • Compact design air disc brake system
  • Mono-block caliper, dual synchronized piston design
  • New adjustment mechanism to reduce brake pads

For trailers and tractors, Bendix Air Disc Brakes is highly recommended.

More Resources:

Haldex Logo

Haldex Caliper

Haldex Company

Haldex specialized in manufacturing brake system products for truck, vans, and buses.

Haldex distributed individually available in both hydraulic and air disc brake calipers. Haldex caliper is also supplied together with the company Air Disc Brakes product line.

Additionally, the company also deliver a brand new and remanufactured class of Haldex calipers.

The calipers manufactured and distributed by Haldex has features and benefits such as:

  • 7 Significant designs of hydraulic brake calipers based on popular calipers brand such as Bosch Type, Meritor 4 Piston Caliper, Bendix, Dayton Walter, Varga, Lucas Girling, Kelsey Hayes
  • 12 Air disc brake caliper designed
  • Distributed with or without brake pads
  • With unmounted pad wear indicator
  • Integrated with shaft kit adjustment
  • Comes with Haldex unique tool kit

The Haldex Air Disc Brake Caliper products have to caliper model name ModulT and ModulX. You can check more of the Haldex products under 360 techniques on their official website.

Haldex Additional Resources:

BWI Group Caliper

BWI Group Caliper

BWI Group Company

BWI Group both produces standard brake calipers and electric park brake. Globally trusted by OE companies like Ford, Suzuki, Jaguar, Foton, Acura, GMC, and many more.

BWI caliper design portfolio covers the entire range of applications, from a small car to a large SUV.

The brake caliper manufactured by BWI Group product features are:

  • Comprised of cast iron or aluminum body, attachment bracket, piston and friction materials
  • Available in both single or dual pistons configurations
  • Advance brake caliper comes Electric Park Brake (EPB) and actuator assembly
  • Has an extensive range of disc brake caliper designs
  • Reduce driver issues such as brake noise and pulsation

The link of BWI Group has been included below to help you to more about the company brake calipers.

BWI Group Additional Resources:

Continental AG Logo

Continental Brake Caliper

Continental AG Company

Continental AG is a German automotive manufacturing company. Except for specializing in brake systems, they also offer interior electronics, automotive safety, powertrain, and chassis component and many more.

Comprehensive Continental caliper products are available in Passenger Cars, Trucks and Buses, 2-Wheeler and agriculture vehicle applications.

The company, advance brake calipers, are already being used by vehicles on the road. Such calipers provide product features and benefits such as:

  • Enhance with Electric Parking Brake features
  • Premium gear concept with high efficiency
  • The durability of 100.000 load cycles
  • Simple operation via EPB control
  • Modular box with full range scaleability
  • An emergency brake function is available with high decel stability
  • The global footprint for R&D and manufacturing

More in-detailed information about the Continental AG brake caliper and other products are available on their website.

More Resources:

Zf Friedrichshafen Logo

Zf Friedrichshafen Caliper

ZF Company Building

Zf Friedrichshafen Colette Brake Calipers has estimated to cover more than half of the world’s car from small to light truck segments.

It was continuously growing in the market of front and rear aluminum calipers and rear electric park brake calipers.

The brake calipers produce by Zf Friedrichshafen product specification, and advantages are:

  • Colette-type light-weight, in floating caliper design
  • Front and rear brakes offer single and dual-piston
  • Excellent Noise Vibration and Harshness characteristics with NVH features
  • Support CO2 emission reduction
  • Wide range style options
  • The improved rear caliper is being provided as Electric Park Brakes
  • Pioneered in EPB technology in 2000

ZF Friedrichshafen acquired large companies such as Wabco and TRW and continued to supply their products in the same name.

You may check their official website included below to know more about the company brake caliper products.

Recursos adicionales:


Braking power of a vehicle is a crucial matter; end-user is always looking for trusted brake parts products for their vehicles.

With many calipers it can be confusing and exhausting to pick high-quality that you can offer to valued customers.

Finding the very best and suitable caliper for every vehicle type can be time consuming. You might not wish to invest with low-quality brake caliper’s merchandise and get in trouble with customer’s negative review after.

That’s the reason why we come up with this guide that will help you in your search. Take advantage of the information of every OEM company. We’ve take extensive search in marketplace industry as well as client’s product reviews that contains relevant info to develop with this comprehensive collection of the Top 23 OEM of 2019.

It would be an advantage if you can find all brake caliper you need in one OEM supplier. You can save time as well as other money. For that reason, the firm within this guide has information the vehicle type coverage that they can supply as well as the calipers they are specialized with.

We are hoping that you can have the best OEM supplier for your brake calipers business, whether you are an OE, wholesale distributor, retailers or any private related companies. This guide is specifically design for your advantage.

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