Ford Brake Pads

MZW’s Ford brake pads are designed to provide fitment to any Ford models on the road today. Performance tested prior to product shipment; our brake upgrades guarantees to generate lesser noise than your original equipment.

Get the exacting performance from MZW’s brake parts and drive in comfort just like you used to.


  • Direct OE replacement – OE-like dimensions for bolt-on easy installation
  • The improved overall design for better, more powerful braking performance
  • Coated using the finest quality of powder for additional protection to give more accent to product longevity
  • 100% shimmed pads that effectively eliminate grinding noises when braking;
  • Moreover, reduce vibration and irritable noise with OE quality chamfers and slots
  • Dust-free operation keeping your rotors clean while providing efficient braking 

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Every brake pad from MZW is designed to offer consistent braking all through its life.

Founded in 1995, MZW Motor started as a small privately-owned manufacturing company that focuses on assembling auto parts for motor vehicles.

Having real passion in the market industry and genuine goal of supporting vehicle owners with their automotive problems, MZW Motor has grown into a respectable brand recognized by China’s aftermarket and around the globe.

Just like the rotor and caliper, brake pads are a key component of your disc brakes. Seen clamped on the caliper, brake pads slow down the rotation of the wheels using its friction materials when pressed against the rotor by the caliper.

Why MZW Ford Brake Pads?

The Brake system is a substantial component of your vehicle. It contributes to the overall road performance and mobility of your vehicle and is important as your acceleration parts.

As your vehicle moves, it also has to stop or slow down at one point. The most common type of brake seen today with modern vehicles is the disc brake. Disc brakes generate more stopping power than its predecessor which are the drum brakes.


We guarantee you every MZW Ford Brake Pad has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Brake Pads

Hesitant to buy brake pads online due to common issues such as damaged and delayed product delivery? MZW Motor will help you regain the confidence of purchasing auto parts you need from the online market.

Our products are highly rated by many auto parts shops across the globe. MZW is known to provide complete service from quality up until products are received from your very doorstep.

We take advantage of a unique delivery system that we implement, ensuring that orders are delivered on-time every time. Using enhanced packaging, your Ford brake pads replacements are certain to be received in their pristine condition.

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About MZW Motor

Throughout the company’s inception in the aftermarket industry, MZW Motor managed to establish 6 branches of factories equally equipped with the latest manufacturing technology ready to welcome even the most specific, customized product requests.

MZW Motor is flexible in every you can imagine. From product design to fabrication, our systematic tradition of producing auto parts got you covered. We are capable of producing over a thousand different auto parts per day ready to be of service for largest suppliers around the globe.

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Here at MZW Motor, our Ford parts including Ford brake pads are intended not only to be a replacement but an upgrade for all your worn-out parts while giving value to your money as well.

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