Ford Wheel Cylinder 

In your braking system, specifically in your Ford drum brake assembly, a wheel cylinder is clamped on both of your wheels where hydraulic drum brake is applied. It usually is seen on the top part of the wheel right above the shoes. Your Ford Brake cylinder function is to exercise force to the shoes creating the friction needed to stop the rotation of the wheels.

Ford Wheel cylinder forces the brake shoes apart and presses them against the brake drum. As mentioned above, the cylinders are a hydraulic component and face extreme conditions of braking daily. Because of this, the wheel cylinders will eventually wear out and will be needing a replacement. A bad wheel cylinder usually produces symptoms that will help you assess if you need a new one.

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We are an ISO 9001 certified company and our hallmark for success is backed by strictly monitored quality control system.

Mushy brake pedal, poor brake response, and brake fluid leak are the common symptoms of a bad wheel cylinder. When experience, request assistance to your trusted technician to provide inspection or wheel cylinder replacement if needed.

MZW Motor is a respected manufacturer of brake parts of all types for many makes and models. Our brake parts catalog includes brake pads, rotors, shoes, brake drums, and, wheel cylinders. The company also provides other accessories and performance parts for classic and modern vehicles.

Why MZW Ford Wheel Cylinder?

Drum brake wheel cylinder replacements by MZW Motor are designed to fit all Ford applications and to ensure proper assistance to your braking system. This wheel cylinder is guaranteed to give you long-lasting service due to heavy-duty materials used in construction. Incorporating the design and feature of Ford brake parts, our wheel cylinders are expected to be on the same level.


  • Direct OE replacement
  • All new composites used to maximize the unit’s potentials
  • Better than repair and remanufactured
  • Ideal upgrade for your Ford drum brake assembly

We guarantee you every MZW Ford Wheel Cylinder has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Wheel Cylinders

if you are a performance enthusiast looking for an alternative that will not break your bank, we are the right partner for you. MZW Motor parts are high-grade, yet comes at a competitive price ideal for tight budget consumers.

Getting the exacting performance you want from original equipment at a fraction of price, who can say no right? Every unit is tested ensuring performance provision will be dependable. Using state-of-the-art techs and tools, MZW Motor is able to replicate the OEM unit’s fit, form, and

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MZW Brake Series Advantages

To bring a better, more reliable end-to-end service, the company ensures to deliver auto parts just as promised. MZW Motor has a recorded success rate of on-time delivery that nears to about 99%.

Our distributing partners from around the world enable our products to be easy-to-obtain. Alongside swift product transport, MZW Motor also uses high-strength unit packaging keeping all innovations and upgrades intact. The packaging is made inside our facilities and designed to preserve auto parts’ factory-like conditions even under the road, air, or water travel stresses.


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