Guide de référence croisée des alternateurs

bannière de référence croisée des alternateurs

When you are thinking of adding an alternator as one of your auto parts list, circumstances of giving the part number to your supplier would always be necessary.

Buying the right parts that you need for your auto shop inventory is clearly NOT an easy task.  Especially if you are not aware of what are this details is.  Why do your supplier ask about it?

Keep in mind that:

Your supplier will not be able to determine the exact replacement parts you’re buying if you can’t give them the reference or parts number.

Same goes with, you will not be able to recommend the part that your customer needs if you also do not know anything about it.

What you can do?

You need to have a cross reference tool.

And, it is not free, it will surely cause you a hundred of bucks.

But wait, there are other ways that you can do, and this is to use big companies cross reference tool.

Through this article, you will be able to know free cross references from well-known manufactures and distributor.

And we are glad to offer this you.

Here are the most recommended company with advance cross reference that you can use whenever you’re supplier ask about the reference number of the parts you are going to purchase.

Delco Remy logo
Delco Remy

Delco Remy, former “Remy International Inc.” is a legacy left by Charles “Boss” Kettering. He was the one invented the electric starter in the Dayton Laboratories.

The company is a manufacturer and supplier of starter motors, fuel injectors, alternators, rebuilt engines and transmissions for both automotive and heavy-duty vehicles.

In 1927, they had merge with Remy Electric to form the Delco Remy division of GM.

Delco alternators are one of the most trusted brand in the market nowadays.

Being one of the largest auto parts manufacturers offering high quality replacement parts made their cross reference develop through years.

Delco Remy cross reference has 60,000 competitor part numbers which reached an approximately 2,000-3,000 searched daily.

Delco Remy Official Page
Delco Remy Product Page
Delco Remy Alternator Part Finder for Medium Duty Truck Application
Delco Remy Alternator Part Finder for Heavy Duty Truck Application
Delco Remy Newly Updated Alternator Cross Reference Tool

logo acdelco

Although Delco is used in different platform, they should not be confused with Delco Remy. AcDelco is General Motors aftermarket division which includes spark plugs and specialized in batteries in particular offered to GM and non GM vehicles.

The company are doing business for almost a century now, making their product database very detailed. Other manufactures as well as well-recognized distributors used AcDelco resources for their products.

This manufacturer offers a variety of alternators. Such product includes remanufactured and brand new type for light and heavy duty applications.

AcDelco Alternator Product Page
AcDelco Online Catalogue

Logo Bosch
Bosch company

Bosch is one of the most popular auto parts manufacturers of all times.

Bosch is a German multinational engineering and technology company located in Gerlingen. Since 1886, the Bosch has been active in auto parts manufacturing for the automotive industry.

The company is a major supplier of brand new alternators (there are remanufactured actually), to Original Equipment Manufacturers since 1913.

Many existing new and old manufacturers depend on Bosch alternator cross reference for parts specification.

Check out the link to their simple and use-friendly cross references down below.

Bosch Alternator Product Page
Bosch Alternator Cross reference

Wilson logo

Wilson is a BBB Industries popular brand. The company had been partnered with almost 1,000 business partners worldwide.

Established in 1940, Wilson has been a remanufactures not only alternators but also generators, calipers, starters and other electrical component parts.

They are not only providing for automotive industry but also for agricultural. heavy-duty truck, industrial and marine aftermarkets as well.

Wilson has the most extensive rotating electrical product offers in the industry. That makes them their resources highly qualified to use.

Wilson Alternator Product Page
Wilson Alternator Inventory Search
Wilson E-ship Launcher
Wilson Alternator Resource Centre
Wilson Alternator Cross Reference
Wilson Alternator Technical Support


Mitsubishi is a large Japanese OE multinational automotive manufacturer located in Tokyo, Japan. In 2011, they had been the 6th biggest automaker and 19th largest worldwide by production.

The company had a wide range of alternators available to offers which covers almost all aspects of vehicle industry.

Mitsubishi are known for alternators ranging to 12 and 24 volt applications, from 45 to 150 amps for passenger car applications.

Companies find part tools are east to use and user-friendly.

Mitsubishi Alternator Parts Finder
Mitsubishi Parts Catalogue
Bosch and Mitsubishi Alternator Product Detail Catalogue in PDF

Napa Logo

National Automotive Parts Association(NAPA) is formed in 1925 by a group of auto parts sellers which met in Detroit.

Over years, NAPA stores and Auto Parts Centres continue to serve auto service professionals.

NAPA distribution system has more than 500,000 part numbers which are distributed across their 57 stores and in more than 16,000 Napa centres.

NAPA offers alternators in different type of industries such as agriculture, industrial, marine and especially automotive.

This large alternator product range of NAPA, made their cross reference tool recommended to use.

NAPA Alternators Cross Reference Tool

Dixie Electric Ltd

Dixie Electric Ltd., or commonly known as “Dixie”, was established in June 1968. They do business in Toronto area with remanufactured generators and starters.

Over the years, Dixie gained popular exposure for this high quality electric auto component. Their product line encompasses a full range of remanufactured and new alternators, generators, starters, and their components.

Today Dixie is now a fully-grown global company with production facilities in Canada, China and India.

Dixie has it’s own Dixie alternator very detailed cross reference. This reference are available in the links provided below.

Dixie Alternator Product Page
Dixie Auto Parts Catalogue
Dixie Alternators Catalogue
Dixie Alternator OEM Cross Reference

deutz logo

Deutz alternator is brand coming from Deer Behaghe. Deer has more than 50 years specialising for starters, batteries and alternators in Benelux.

Currently the company had 10,000 part numbers for almost complete components in various brand such as Remy, Mitsubishi, ISkra, Valeo, Denso and many more.

Deer can bring data necessary for the purchase or even repairs of electrical parts for all type of engines.

For additional information, Deer is the official Delco Remy distributor for the Benelux brand.

Deutz Alternator Parts Finder
Deutx Alternators Online Workshop

valeo services

Valeo was established in 1923 in a small workshop place at Saint-Quen. It was just outside of Paris, France.

After more than 90 years, Valeo grown into a global automotive supplier operating in 33 countries and partnering with various automakers worldwide.

It was in the year 1984 when the Group took over Ducellier. A company began producing alternators, starters, headlamps and ignition systems, and established its first site in Tunisia, to produce clutches.

Valeo Alternator Parts Finder
Valeo Alternator Cross Reference
Valeo Alternator Catalogue
Valeo Starter and Alternator News Update

Iskra Logo
Iskra Avtoelektrika

Iskra Avtoelektrika had more than 40 years in auto part manufacturing business.

Their past has been a rapid growth of the company. Like many other companies, Iskar is improved continuously in the changing environment.

Iskra Avtoelektrika headquartered where located in in Slovenia, approximately 90 km west of the capital city Ljubljana.

Due to wide range of Iskra alternators, the company had a very detailed cross reference to use for and helpful resources available for small auto parts retailers and even distributors.

Iskra Alternator Product Page
Iskra Cross Reference in PDF
Iskra Parts Finder
Iskra Alternators Online Catalogue


Lucas are continuously in automotive industry for century. Their brand of auto parts extensive lines of portfolio had been developed for this unmatched years.

In 1912, they are already in their way in becoming one of the world’s largest manufacturer of electrical equipment to British vehicles.

Because of the molded experience, they have a reputation of providing a largest range of remanufactured Starters and Alternators on the market.

Lucas application covers cars, trucks, marine engines, agricultural and construction equipment.

They had more than 3,300 Starter references and over 2,300 for Alternators. Which covers a 98% of the European car parc.

Lucas Alternator Product Page
Lucas Suppliers Locator
Lucas Alternator Cross Reference

DENSO Corporation

DENSO Corporation or popularly known as “Denso” is a worldwide automotive components manufacturer headquartered in Kariya, Japan.

They had been a part of Toyota Motors. After becoming independent from Toyota Motors, it was founded as Nippon Denso Co. Ltd. in 1949. About 25% of the company is owned by Toyota Motor.

DENSO introduced its first automotive Alternators in the year 1960’s and had been developed as years passes by.

Because of wide range of parts from Denso, this company are able to provide in detailed cross references used by many in the automotive industry.

Denso AutoPart Parts Finder
Denso Alternators Product Page
Denso Alternators Cross Reference Tool

Perkins Logo

Perkins expertise in auto parts manufacturer are developed by more than 85 years in the industry.

The company already has a global network of 90 trained distributors work with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in order to supply the right engine for the aftermarket solutions.

Their alternators are one of the top brand in the market today.

Throughout coupled of years of experience, Perkins are able to developed their resources.

It is also a great advantage that Perkins cross reference tool are easy to user-friendly to use.

Perkins Alternator Product Page
Perkins Alternator Cross Reference

catterpilar logo

Genuine Cat® Parts is a large auto parts dealer. Their mission is to support their customers need. – with 100% confidence.

At Caterpillar, they understand that getting the right parts, service, and support fast is essential to maintain your vehicle running.

This dealer knows auto parts component specially the alternator. Caterpillar alternator cross reference tool are easy to used.

Caterpillar Alternator Product Page
Caterpillar Alternator Product Cross Reference
Caterpillar Alternator Parts Manual

Except from the given manufacturers and distributor/dealers given above, you may also check large auto part online shop. Because most of the time they also had a complete cross references.

We at MZW hope for your auto business success, whether you’re just a starting individual or has an established auto parts shop.

If you we’re looking for a reliable and trusted manufacturer and supplier, we encourage you to try us.

We guarantee that you will receive high quality parts directly from factory.

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    I have a 1978 Gehl HL4500 skid steer I am look for an alternator Gehl part number 059583 it has a Ford industrial engine 1.6 liter. Can you cross reference this for a replacement?

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