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With our integrated manufacturing capabilities, MZW Motor dies casting is ideal for items that must be produced quickly and in large quantities without losing intricacy and surface quality. We manage your project, enabling us to quickly build any part and get your project from prototype to production with minimal delay.


Die Casting Manufacturing Service

MZW Motor’s die casting services are one of the most widely used casting solutions for non-ferrous metal goods due to their high output production, low cost, and flexible part design options. Our die casting plants can meet the manufacturing needs of different designs, materials, and sectors. Die casting is a cost-effective option that can be fully automated and uses reusable molds.

MZW Motor Die Casting Process

Typically, the die casting process involves pressing molten metal under high pressure into the die mold in a hot or cold chamber. The intricate die casting process is described below:
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Step 1 : Clamping

Clamping is the first step when it comes to die casting parts. Before you start, make sure your die is lubricated and clean it to remove dirt or grime. After you’re done lubricating and cleaning, you can clamp the dice and put a lot of pressure on them to shut them off.

Step 2 : Injection

After melting, place the metal in the shot chamber. Different injection steps depend on the die casting method. For example, the die is rigid in the shot chamber’s hard part of die casting. In the hot room, the die is hot. Then, a hydraulic system generates high pressure, injecting the metal directly into the die.

Step 3 : Cooling

Let the metal cool and harden while clamping. The material will conform to the mold’s shape as it thickens.

Step 4 : Ejection

After the die mold is unclamped, an ejection mechanism is used to eject the solid casting from the die. Ensure that the finished product has solidified before removing it.

Step 5 : Trimming

In this last stage, the excess metal found on the sprue or runner must be removed from the finished product. Trimming can be done with a trim die, saw, or other tools. The metal components extracted in this process are reusable and valuable.
Custom Die Casting
MZW Motor as a die casting manufacturer provides die casting services and may assist if you require unique metal parts. To consistently supply robust and long-lasting components and prototypes, we have high expectations for our engineering staff and their tools. We use a precise die casting technique that makes sure your specific needs are addressed to assure legendary quality. We provide two different kinds of die casting capabilities.

Why Choose us As your Die Casting Supplier

Utilizing MZW Motor for your die casting needs will provide you with the support of a market pioneer and authority in additive manufacturing services. No matter where you need your components, our team of skilled engineers and our global network of facilities deliver them to you quickly and effectively. We are the creators of a complete digital manufacturing platform that offers traditional and additive manufacturing services on demand. MZW Motor uses cutting-edge technology and has the know-how to manage any additive manufacturing project, from rapid prototypes to appearance models and volume production.

die casting products
We guarantee you every MZW die casting parts has passed a series of strict tests:
Mechanical performance test
Penetrant Testing
production icon
ultrasonic inspection
Salt spray test
as machined

Die Casting Features

MZW Motor die casting is a fantastic option for various applications since it is a very efficient process for creating high-quality prototypes and small-batch products. Our staff will provide professional die casting services to help you meet your production goals.

High Precision

Produce high-precision, consistent size castings

High-quality Surface

Have a smooth surface and require little post-processing.

Complex Shapes

Produce castings of complex shapes, including thin-walled structures

High Strength

Die castings generally have excellent mechanical properties, especially in terms of tensile strength and hardness.

Applications of Die Casting

Die casting is one of the most versatile manufacturing processes out there, and it’s used to make many modern products, like electrical boxes and aerospace parts. For a variety of industrial applications, MZW Motor has offered inventive manufacturing solutions. We provide premium parts at affordable prices to dependable clients in the following sectors:

Experience the power of Die Casting
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Frequently Asked Questions

We are able to process various non-ferrous metals such as Aluminum, Zinc, Copper, Magnesium etc. to provide customized solutions for our customers. We will work with you to select the best material for your product

Die-casting products can undergo a variety of surface treatments, including painting, electroplating, anodizing, etc., to enhance appearance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

The die casting process can be designed to be more environmentally friendly, for example by recycling and reusing waste materials, optimizing energy use, etc. Specific environmental protection measures may vary by supplier and project.

With rich industry experience and high-quality engineering team, we can provide one-stop service from design to production. Our quality control process is strict to ensure that every product meets customer requirements.


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