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Buying shock absorbers for your auto parts inventory would be exhausting if you are new venturer.

I can tell that in every supplier/manufacturer that you will encounter, you will be asked the same questions.

“What is your parts number?”

That is always been the case in automotive industry and will stay like that.

Pourquoi ?

The parts number is essentials in buying the right replacement parts.

With all the information of different vehicle parts number, cross reference is the answer.

It literally saves time for manufacturer/ supplier to use a cross reference guide.

Cross reference guide serves as the matching identifications using the parts number (depends on vehicle type and applications) to the manufacturers parts.

Even a manufacturers technical expert can’t tell the right parts easily without it.

Now, you may be asking, how can you have you own.

Well, it’s not impossible but it will cause a hundred of dollars of course.

The best part is there are available online for free.

How? Mostly popular manufacturers including Kyb, Sachs, Monroe and many more have that on their company page.

Now, that you know the cross reference information are found online and through qualified manufacturer’s website, all you have to do is to look for them.

To saves time, that is why we made this article for you.

In order for us to present these companies and made it available to you right away.

Logo Monroe

Monroe Shock Absorber Cross Reference

Monroe have gained a good reputation for continuously providing the automotive industry with high quality shock absorbers for different vehicle types.

From its humble beginnings until they invented the ‘Brisk Blast’ tyre pump in 1919.

The development of the first original equipment shocks for passenger vehicle applications to the innovated ideas and design.

Monroe’s shock absorber improvements have enhanced the road safety worldwide. Millions of direct users trusted Monroes’ when talking about safety.

Monroe remains unmatched when it comes to improved road safety through new ride control technology.

Their shocks are available for extensive range of different applications.

Finding the right Monroe® shock absorber for passenger and commercial vehicle application just got easier. They had their Product Interchange to find the matching Monroe®.

Monroe Shock Absorber Online Catalogue
Monroe Shock Absorber Online Catalogue for Heavy-Duty Commercial Vehicle Application
Mega Kyb Monroe Gabriel Shock Absorber Cross Reference in PDF

logo bilstein

Bilstein Shock Absorber Cross Reference

BILSTEIN was established in 1873 and now had an unmatched history of more than 140 years.

Like many other companies that are now successful, Bilstein also started with a humble beginning.

They began in manufacturing window fittings; nobody can ever imagine that Bilstein will become a well-known in automotive industry like they are today.

For more than 60 years of business in original equipment, and another 50 years of racing history make their products and services unique.

To ensure high quality of the shock Bilstein supply in the market, they test in under a road test.

 Numerous Best Brand Awards and successes in motorsport speak for themselves.

Bilstein Shock Absorbers Catalogue
Bilstein Parts Finders

logo sachs

Sachs Shock Absorber Cross Reference

Sachs is one of the popular aftermarket division of Zf Friedrichshafen AG.

ZF Friedrichshafen AG, known as ZF Group is a German car parts manufacturers located in Friedrichshafen, Baden-Württemberg.

Every year, over 10 million of new vehicle are equipped with SACHS dampers and shock absorbers. Sachs clutches are invested for race-winning motorsport as wells as producing parts for OE manufacturer and the aftermarket that provide exceptional performance.

Sachs Shock Absorber Product Page
Sachs Filters Online Catalogue
Sachs Parts Document Resources in PDF

Logo Gabriel

Gabriel Shock Absorber Cross Reference Guide

In 1907, Gabriel® discovered and invented the original automotive shock absorber.

Later on, it was followed by Gabriel first hydraulic shock absorber- the first adjustable shock absorber and the first air adjustable shock absorber.

While the transportation improved in 20th so as the company, Gabriel.

Currently, the continuously building high-performance shocks and struts that cover over 96% of North American vehicles applications.

With the extensive product lines of shock absorber Garbriel has, they could offer so much more

Garbriel Shock Absorber Online Catalogue
Gabriel Shock Absorber Cross Reference in PDF

hendrickson logo

Hendrickson Shock Absorber Cross Reference

The Hendrickson company history started in 1913.

It was when Hendrickson Motor Truck Company was established by inventor and businessman named Magnus Hendrickson.

They were just a small Chicago-based manufacturing company before. Which started to make trucks and built it with cranes.

This small Chicago-based manufacturing company built trucks often equipped with cranes, which were used to haul stone and other building materials.

It was in early 1926, when Hendrickson introduced the company very first tandem truck suspension, which mounted the axles on each end of an equalizing beam.

This unique “walking beam” design improved traction and greatly lessen the effects of bumps and potholes in the road.

Soon, it is become widely accepted among the industry’s new 6×4 “six wheeler” trucks, which allowed more payload.

Hendrickson Shock Absorber Product Page
Hendrickson Shock Absorber Online Catalogue
Hendrickson Shock Absorber Cross Reference

Meritor Logo

Meritor Shock Absorber Cross Reference

Meritor was located in Troy, Michigan.

It is a leading worldwide manufacturer/supplier of drivetrain, mobility, braking and aftermarket solutions for commercial and industrial vehicle applications.

With years of experience, Meritor are able to provide superior quality of auto parts.

The company common stock shares is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol MTOR.

Meritor Shocks Absorber Products Resources
Meritor Shocks Absorber Parts Finder
Meritor Shock Absorber News Update

Journal de bord Kyb

Kyb Shock Absorber Cross Reference

Kyb is founded in 1999 and become a global leader in the development and application of hydraulics.

The company auto parts components are marketed in over 100 countries.

KYB earn the Demming Prize because of their proficiency in engineering and manufacturing.

The company is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of shock absorbers, supplying around 50 million original equipment shocks to the popular vehicle maker yearly.

Today, about 1 in 2 cars in Japan, and 1 in 5 passenger and light commercial vehicles globally are leaving the production line fitted with KYB shock absorbers.

KYB Shock Absorbers also manufactures a range of original equipment for heavy commercial shock absorbers, in leading Japanese brands.

They are dedicated to provide high quality shocks in automotive industry.

Because of their success, they are able to provide product resources and own parts finder and cross reference tool, all available in their company page.

Kyb Shock Absorber Parts Finder
Kyb Shocks Online Catalogue
Kyb Shock Absorber Product Page

Manufacturers of OEM types’ Shock Absorber Cross Reference

Aside from the companies mention above, another set of manufacturers that can offer cross reference tools and guides and even marketing materials for shock absorbers are the OEM type.

They had a great role in shock absorbers production. Because they manufacture for the OE vehicle providers. These companies set to it that they understand every parts they are making.

And a wise choice is to search for these top player OEM in the market.

Which will definitely consume another time from you.

To make things easy, we had them prepared for you.

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    Need a replacement for a Monroe 54540

      Can I get the specs for shock monroe 54540

    Hello! I am in need of rear replacement shocks for a 1974 Suzuki RV 90 motorcycle. The Suzuki OEM part number is 62100-22641-07P. The shocks have a SHOWA sticker on them with the number 22620. A substitute part number for a shock that could replace the original would be much appreciated. Thanks! Ted

    Looking for napa # pns 94038, any brand will do

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