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We prepared this article to give you the major top steering rack manufacturers. The automotive market for this auto part are likewise given attention.

Before we jump on to our main course, let’s get a glimpse of – What is steering rack? and How does it work?

Ordinary people often mistakenly believe rack-and-pinion and steering rack are the same, but they we’re not. However, steering racks is a part of a rack-and-pinion steering system. This rack is a bar parallel to the front axle that moves left or right whenever the steering wheel are turned. Which aims the front wheel to control for the correct directions.

On the other hand, the pinion is the small gear at the end of vehicle’s steering column that engages the rack.

Though, steering racks seems hearty, they sometimes require replacements. Failing steering racks include difficulty in controlling wheel. Instead of turning it in one direction, it will turn to the other part.

Hence, it is an essential part of car that need attention to avoid unnoticed failure that can lead to major road accidents.

The Automotive Steering Rack Market Overview

global automotive rack and pinion market overview

Is there a market opportunity for this auto part? What are the trends that will drive the market for steering racks? Are the investments worth it? These are few questions that will be answered from this sections. Let’s take a look Expresswires bit information of the recent research.

Les Expresswires completed the ” Automotive Rack and Pinion Steering System Global Market 2019 ” in September. In this research, detailed competitive analysis including market share, size and future scope has been tackled.

The global Automotive Rack and Pinion Steering System market will grow at CAGR pf 4.33 during 2019-2023.

Increase in adoption of EPC in increasing automobiles are the major factors triggered the growing market for rack and pinion.

On the contrary the increasing need for improving fuel efficiency is pushing the car makers to lessen vehicle weight without sacrificing the performances. The rising cost of using aluminium for steering column and gearbox are expected to challenge the rack and pinion market during the forecasted periods.

Market for this parts are moderately concentrated with the presence of different vendor types.

However, this article will help you classify top steering racks features and advantages. Understanding how competitor’s market and price their products will help you compete and enter the market in no time. 

The following are the list of well-known manufacturers of steering racks:

stilleto logo

Stiletto Steering Rack

Prowerks Company

Stilletto is a popular USA brand of steering brand from Pro-werks.

After years of building record-setting in race. Pro-werks founder, Stu Spears, experiences the need for better components to complete a great build. He made a commitment to develop and manufacture a superior line of products.

That is when Pro-werks born as a company.

The named signifies, Pro” for the hi-tech shops “Werks” that use them.

Stilletto steering rack has nearly 50 years in the industry.

This brand of steering racks are offer to racing vehicle and heavy-duty units applications.

Here are some Stilletto steering racks benefits and advantages:

  • Offered in variants of racing for over 4 1/2 decades
  • Known for smooth “Switch Watch ” technology movement and ease of use
  • Combination of proven designs and precision machining of premium grade materials
  • Undergo inspection and finish assembly processes delivered to racers
  • Heat treated Chromoly-black
  • Proudly crafted in USA

If you are looking for smoothest, safest and efficient steering components, Pro-werks are for you. Check out their official company websites below.

Ressources utiles :

Stilletto Steering Rack Official Site
Stilletto Steering Rack Product Page
Stilletto Steering Rack Catalogue

quaife logo

Quaife Steering Rack

quaife banner

RT Quaife Engineering Ltd. is a worldwide leader in the performance automotive drivetrain industry. They are known for supplying motosports users, volume OEM and commercial customers with a broad range of precision engineered products for car, motorcycles and special vehicles.

Since 1965, Quaife’s has been proven by tracked record of success. It had helped them build the brand into a worldwide recognized business.

The company are capable of providing products based on customer’s special requirements.

Quaife company are headquartered near Sevenoaks in the South East of England. They had employed over 80 people in two high technology manufacturing facilities. They had produce a globally recognized brand of products sold through 70 distributors in 26 countries.

Quaife are known for unmatched high-quality steering racks. They offered this parts for many popular motorsport salon and single seater applications.

Quaife steering racks has so many product advantages, here are some of them:

  • Uses higher ratio
  • Capable of drastically reducing the amount of driver wheel input for given maneuver
  • Increased control and minimized driver fatigue

Quaife steering racks covers popular brands such as Honda, Ford, Mini, MG, Peugeot, Proche, Vauxhall, Toyota, Volvo, VW and Opel fitments.

Learn more from the Quaife official links below.

Ressources :
Quaife Steering Rack Official Site
Quaife Steering Rack Product Page
Quaife Steering Rack Catalogue

Logo TRW

TRW Steering Rack

Bannière de la société TRW

TRW is an Aftermarket Division of a large company, the ZF.

ZF is a worldwide leader of OE quality automotive safety products. Their product lines include braking systems, suspension and steering parts and other commercial vehicle components and service tools.

ZF are known for driveline, chassis and passive safety technology. The firm had employed estimated of 146,000 with approximately 230 locations in 40 countries. About €36.4B sales under this product line are estimated in 2017.

The company is extremely investing more than 6% of sales in R&D annually. This is for ZF commitment to manufactured improved auto parts for automotive industry.

TRW as part of ZF has been able to be recognized in the market today.

TRW suspension and steering products are popular among direct users. Steering racks are under this TRW product lines. They guaranteeing of providing the first-class steering racks for the industry. With the wide and in-depth knowledge of rack and pinion parts – supplying steering racks and pumps are made possible.

Here are TRW steering racks advantages and benefits listed:

  • Better steering performances for longer service functionality
  • Steering system safety are prioritized and guaranteed
  • Wide range and outstanding steering portfolio

Like other auto parts manufactured from TRW, these steering racks are refurbished and assemble with brand new components.

To make sure that TRW works its best, TRW utilizes on the road test and most improved advances test.

Plus de ressources :
TRW Steering Rack Official Site
TRW Steering Rack Product Page
TRW Steering Rack Catalogue

Maval logo

Maval Steering Rack

maval company

Maval Industries has been established in 1987 and now celebrating it’s more than 30 years in business.

They are proud to supply both new and remanufactured steering system for automotive industry. Maval made it as the world leader not only in automotive but also in off-road, performance and specialty vehicle applications.

Maval was founded by John Doughtery and Dale Lumby along with former retired partners Jon Statler and Richard Fijaclkovich. The founder based their thought that there must be other way to remanufacture import power steering gears and pumps.

Now, Maval grown as an established import vehicle specialist and one of the world’s foremost hydraulic remanufacturers too.

Steering racks are one of the most successful product in Maval’s Portfolio.

Here are remanufactured Maval steering advantages:

  • Help you get the most out of your vehicle
  • Improve your steering response under unique off-road conditions
  • Help increase stability and control for enhanced driving experience
  • Manufactured from superior materials to withstand the toughest conditions
  • 100% rigorously-tested

Maval remanufactures steering racks are guaranteed to have the same performance quality as brand new ones. This is a desirable option if looking for high-quality in cheaper price.

To learn more Maval steering racks, details are available upon request on the company websites. All necessary links are provided below for your own advantage.

Ressources complémentaires :
Maval Steering Rack Official Site
Maval Steering Rack Catalogue
Maval Steering Rack E-Shop

howe logo

Howe Steering Rack

howe racing

Howe Racing Enterprises has been developing chassis and components for racing way back 1971.

Howe are in the business for more than 48 years and passed two generations.

They began to operate business in a small garage located in Beaverton, Michigan.

Over years, Howe expanded many times and manufactured countless racing products.

Howe largest manufactured product lines are merely for race cars. In addition to Howe manufactured products they sell other superior quality brand as well that meet and exceed the company standard.

Woodward steering rack is Howe’s brand.  This is a strong brand popular in the market. This comes in the following features:

  • Expertly crafted from premium materials
  • Designed to match rigorous quality standards
  • High quality at a budget-friendly price

Woodward steering rack product details are available from request on the company’s pages. Click on the link below to know more.

Ressources utiles :
Howe Steering Rack Official Site
Howe Steering Rack Product Page
Howe Steering Rack Catalogue

Logo ZF

Zf Steering Rack

Bâtiment de l'entreprise ZF

Recently ZF announces to achieve sales total to €36.9B. With the company global workforce of 149,000 in approximately 230 locations at 40 different countries.

This large company is established way back 1915, evolve from a manufacturer specializing in aviation technology to a global. Group shareholders include Zepellin Foundation, holding 93.8% and the rest is Dr. Jurgen and Irmgard Ulderup Foundation Lemforde with 6.2%.

Zf put up several well-known independent Divisions under their Aftermarket portfolio – LEMFÖRDER, SACHS, TRW, BOGE, OPENMATICS are such.

ZF continuously investing into their R&D which let them to distribute high quality products for years. Steering rack are one of the company’s popular products.

ZF steering racks are applicable for Heavy Duty (HD) mechanical steering gears that can be use as stand-along subsystem. It is known for its high quality, not to mention under ZF product line.

Here are some of ZF steering rack product advantages as advertised:

  • Proven capability of delivering industry-leading steer feel
  • Mechanical friction path optimized for steer feel and low NVH
  • C-point interface (I-shaft to pinion) designed for high reliability
  • Cost-effective solutions through standardized core design and with high level of vertical integration
  • Global manufacturing footprint

Related details about ZF steering racks are accessible on the company’s website. The resoources provided below can be help.

Ressources :
Zf Steering Rack Official Site
Zf Steering Rack Product Page

hirsche logo

Hirsche Steering Rack

hirsche top executive

Hirsche Automotive is a European leader in manufacturing aftermarket parts and steering components.

Their manufacturing facility are located in UK. Hirsche offer an independent garages OEM for affordable prices.

Hirsche manufactured their parts in an strictly controlled environment by skilled technicians and thoroughly tested.

Hirsche parts are applicable in more than 90% vehicle on the road today. And are now trusted by hundreds of independent garages all over Europe region.

Hirsche EPS steering racks are available in wide range of applications. This are remanufactured parts in same as brand new quality.  Here are some of Hirsche steering rack product features:

  • Made from premium grade material component
  • 100% Rigorously tested
  • Available to broad range of applications
  • Remanufactured and assemble with brand new parts

Hirsche are accepting stockist to distribute their product. Check their websites to learn more.

Ressources :
Hirsche Steering Rack Official Site
Hirsche Steering Rack Product Page
Hirsche Steering Rack E-catalogue

lizarte logo

Lizarte Steering Rack

Lizarte Company

Lizarte is an independent manufacturer of reconstructed spares since 1973. Except spare parts, Lizarte also offer power steering pumps, steering racks, air conditioning, diesel injection, car mechatronics and Citroen spheres.

In 1973, Lizarte started in remanufacturing manual steering racks after successful studies. It was followed by remanufacturing Citroen spheres, steering pumps and automobile air conditioning compressors.

Lizarte obtained their first quality certificate ISO 9001 in 1999. In 2003 they got their Certification of ISO TS 16949.

The company had joined series of racing events as sponsors.

Lizarte steering racks offered by Lizarte are in remanufactured condition. In spite of remanufactured type, Lizarte are proud to say that their steering racks are made to offer excellent performance.

Here are Lizarte steering racks advantages as benefits:

  • Reassembled and build with brand new parts
  • Constructed using first grade component
  • Manufactured in certified ISO TS production facilities
  • Each product is tested prior to released
  • Product are backed up with 2-years factory warranty

 To know more specific technical details of Lizarte steering racks, you can visit the following links listed underneath.

Ressources complémentaires :
Lizarte Steering Rack Official Site
Lizarte Steering Rack Product Page
Lizarte Steering Rack Catalogue
Lizarte Remanufacturing Study

Logo Bosch

Bosch Steering Rack

bosch company

Robert Bosch GmbH or known as Bosch, is a German multinational engineering and technology company located in Gerlingen.

Bosch founded “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering” in 1886 at Stuttgart, Germany. It was the beginning of this global operating business.

Right from the start, Bosch shows innovative idea and strong social dedications.

Ownership are currently divided in 3: 92% is owned by Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH with no voting rights, 8% ownership to Bosch’s family with 7% voting rights and the 0.01% shares and 93% of total votes is owned by Bosch Industrietreuhand KG.

The Bosch’s operates in 4 business categories: mobility, consumer good, industrial and energy building technology.

Bosch are a well-established company and brand. Steering racks are one of Bosch product line that are chosen by most of direct users.

Bosch steering racks are designed to perfectly-fit original equipment. Here are Bosch air filters key features:

  • Offered in comprehensive range, including hydraulic, electric, rack and pinion as well as active steering
  • Durable thanks to OE know how and precise manufacturing methods
  • Electric systems designed to lower power consumption and improve gas mileage

To learn about Bosch products, check out the company website below.

Ressources :
Bosch Steering Rack Official Site
Bosch Steering Rack Product Page

elstock logo

Elstock Steering Rack

elsctock office

Elstock was established in 1979 at Langeland, Denmark. The company starter as an electric motor workshop. Soon it the vision had become clear and realized to begin market for renovated starters and alternators.

After moving to the company’s current location, Silkeborg, Elstock had been able to build production facilities in Poland.

Steering products were introduce as their new product line in 2012. Elstock was awarded as Remanufacturer of the Year in 2015, followed by successful R&D centers.

The company is part of the BORG Automotive Group in the beginning. Over years Elstock has become one of the largest remanufacturers in Europe.

Todays recognized as a market-leading brand in the European automotive aftermarket.

Elstock parts are remanufactured in Europe and all products ensures to comply with OE-standards

Steering Racks from ELSTOCK are known for it’s high quality. They hold an extensive lines of steering rack programme for European applications. Here are few Elstock steering racks advantages and features:

  • Broad range of vehicle applications which covers passenger and light commercial vehicles
  • With more than 1,000 Steering Rack part numbers
  • Constructed using premium grade materials that meet and exceed oE standards
  • All Racks are thoroughly inspected and tested by company’s engineers

Elstock represent products through user-friendly catalogues based on cross reference numbers or by application type. To learn more of this their product, log on to the company official page right down below.

Ressources :
Elstock Steering Rack Official Site
Elstock Steering Rack Product Page

amk logo

AMK Steering Rack

AMK Group scaled

The AMK Group, a family-owned company located in Kirchheim/Teck, Germany.

They had been in the market leaders in electric drive and control technology, industrial automation and automotive areas for over five decades.

With this years, AMK are considered to be an expert in their industry today. The know-how and passion of estimated more than 1,000 employees globally made them possible to offer products from day to day.

AMK beginning was very challenging. Arnold Müller, the founder of the company started in development and later the production of built-in and specialty motors. He walked towards new journeys and inspire his employees to follow him as lead.

His exemplary handworks with the help of employees prove what the company today.

Steering racks is one of the product lines of AMK. This brand is trusted by direct buyers for years. AMK steering racks advertised product features are the following:

  • Made up of Aluminium casing and harden steel rake having threaded ends for rod ends mounting
  • Exceed durability levels of OEM steering systems
  • Boasts the quickest steering ratio in our market with a responsive
  • Offers superior road feel over OEM steering systems due to its simple and efficient design
  • Ease of handling and control during driving
  • Excellent power density and good acoustic

AMK steering racks are accessible on the company pages provided below. Check out to learn more.

Ressources complémentaires :
AMK Steering Rack Official Site
AMK Steering Rack Product Page

shaftec log

Shaftec Steering Rack

shaftec company

Shaftec has more than 20 years of manufacturing and distributing remanufactured and brand new auto parts for motor trader.

Shaftec is now considered as an established leading transmission, steering and braking manufacturer for the UK region.

Being a part of a Shaftec muti-million expansion programme, lead the company to relocate it’s headquarter in Birmingham to new 42,000 sq. ft. for its remanufacturing and warehouse facilities in one site.

One of the product lines from Shaftec that has a high demand on the market is steering racks.

At Shaftec they change old steering racks into a brand new parts, they are making it over 20 years which made them an expert.

This makes them different from other steering rack providers in the competition.

Here are Shaftec steering racks advantages and features:

  • Advance and improve remanufactured steering racks
  • Refurbished to the original state and reassembled manually using brand new parts
  • 100% factory tested beyond the capacity of the vehicle
  • Backed by the highest marketing, informative data and cataloguing support
  • Comes along with a 12 month, 12,000 miles warranty

Shaftec steering racks product details are available via company’s official Ecat. You can learn more of Shaftec from the link listed below.

Ressources :
Shaftec Steering Rack Official Site
Shaftec Steering Rack Product Page
Shaftec Steering Rack Online Catalogue


Building a new product line is not that easy, but with knowledge and analysing you competitors you will succeed. Use them as your guide in marketing your product. Learn exceed how well they are doing. After reading this article, you now know that there is a market opportunity for steering racks. With the listed top companies and their steering rack’s product features, we hope that you’ve gained some idea about steering racks.

Before you start to invest in this parts for your auto supply, learn the products very well so you can market them efficiently.

We are a company with more than 35 years in business. We had proven our products for years and gained repeating, loyal customers. You can consider as to be your manufacturer and supplier. We offer high quality steering racks at the most affordable price.

It would be great to have you as one of our customers. We offer huge discount for qualified bulky orders. Ask for a quote of our steering racks now.

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