15 Tonneau Cover Parts: A Standard Tonneau Cover Must Have

Tonneau Cover Diagram
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A tonneau cover or pickup car cover may look like a simple add-on.

However, most are sophisticated pieces of bed covers with different parts to attach to the truck bed.

Because of design differences of tonneau covers; most often use different accessories or parts.

We will look at these accessories or components in this chapter.

What are the Different Parts of a Tonneau Cover?

They include:

Tonneau cover rail

A truck bed cover rail is of the most prominent and essential parts when installing a tonneau cover.

A tonneau cover with rails means a firmly supported cover structurally.

They are usually two rails on either side.

However, not all tonneau covers attach to the bed thorough rails. Some use straps.

Tonneau cover seal

Truck Bed Cover Seal
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It helps to protect the truck bed from weather elements such as rain.

The seal can be plastic or fabric.

Rubber seals are the most popular and can offer excellent protection. However, they do not last for long when compared to fabric seals.

Tonneau cover prop rods

These are used as props when the tonneau cover lifts straight up.

The rods screw or snap into the side of the truck bed.

They feature a mechanism to allow for opening and closing of the tonneau cover.

Prop rods are mostly found in hinged tonneau covers.

Tonneau cover corner

As the name indicates, these parts provide corner support to the tonneau cover frame.

They are an important part of the whole installation.

Tonneau cover brackets

Usually attached to the rail, brackets form fastening points during the installation of tonneau covers.

They can be different sizes and shapes. However, all serve a similar purpose.

 Tonneau cover clamps

These also act as fastening parts when installing a cover on the truck bed.

The clamps are usually teethed for a firmer grip.

These parts are mostly used to fasten the cover to the rails.

Tonneau cover locks

These are the locking mechanisms of a tonneau cover. They feature different technologies to lock up the cover.

However, the main function of these components is to secure the truck bed.

A tonneau cover with a lock protects the contents of the bed by preventing unauthorized access.

Tonneau cover shocks

Just as the names implies, tonneau cover shocks are meant to absorb pressure that results from an up and down movement.

In this case, it is the cover that moves up.

The shocks enable the cover to return to its original position on the truck bed rails gently and softly.

Tonneau cover latch

truck bed cover Latches
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Tonneau cover latches are a locking mechanism of a trick bed cover.

They allow you to open the cover and provide for a secure cover.

Tonneau cover straps

These are usually fasteners, or pieces to hold onto when moving a part of the tonneau cover.

The straps come in a wide range of designs, shapes and sizes.

Tonneau cover lock cylinder

A lock cylinder is the component that contains the lock.

It is a common replaceable part when it comes to tonneau covers for the reason that these parts tend to get damaged easily.

Tonneau cover hinges

Truck Bed Cover Hinges
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 Hinges attach the cover to the truck bed and allow it to open and close freely.

These tonneau cover parts come in different designs and sizes.

Tonneau cover toolbox

Some are a tonneau cover with a built in toolbox.

For many, a tonneau cover and toolbox  combined means a better pickup truck.

A tonneau cover with toolbox offers more convenience by providing the truck owner with access to the usage of their tools.

Tonneau cover sliding

The tonneau cover sliding is the part that slides to retract a tonneau cover to the bulkhead.

Usually consisting of bearings, the slides should be kept ingood condition at all times.

It measures the tonneau cover opens and closes very time you want it to. That may mean applying lubrication in some situations.

Tonneau cover rack

Some covers integrate a truck bed rack.

A tonneau cover with rack offers more options than one that does not.

The rack can be a roof or bed rack. In some situations, a tonneau with a roof rack offers more advantages than a tonneau cover with bed rack.

These can range from truck bed access to the amount of space available.

Other parts include straps, levers, and more.

Because of the diversity in the types of tonneau covers and the preferences of manufacturers, the components greatly. One part may be found in one cover but lack in another.

When looking for a tonneau cover replacement parts, it is advisable to look for the type that fits your type of pickup truck.

Tonneau cover replacement parts can be found in most auto parts. You only need to identify the particular part.

These components get damaged easily.

It is advisable to observe the best practices and take care of the tonneau cover adequately.

That can mean tightening bolts or clamps that have loosened or avoiding rough use of the cover.

Having mentioned the diversity of truck bed covers, it is only good to look at the different types there are on the market.

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