Wheel Cylinder Manufacturer

The function of the wheel cylinder is to hold the hydraulic pistons to act against the brake drum. The main wheel cylinder components are springs, cup seals, brake master cylinder and pistons.

The pistons act on the brake shoes and then the brake line supplies brake fluid to the center of the pistons. And being one of the renowned wheel cylinder suppliers, we are here to lead the market with an extensive range of excellent part quality and reliability. We have a complete wheel cylinder diagram to accommodate all your needss

Nous sommes une entreprise certifiée ISO 9001 et notre succès s'appuie sur un système de contrôle de la qualité rigoureusement contrôlé.

MZW is a well-established manufacturer of a premium wheel cylinder. In recent years, MZW has expanded its customer base and included award-winning features for a variety of brand make and model.

MZW develops and manufactures custom-made products depending on your individual specifications. We distribute through a vast network of clients across 15 countries.

We have partnered with engineers and technicians with solid experience in the automotive field. We provide solutions for retailers, driving enthusiasts, at a cost-effective value.

Why MZW Wheel Cylinder?

MZW helps you serve to almost any vehicle. MZW wheel cylinders cover the majority of Asian, European, and American vehicles. These performance wheel cylinders are also available to fit custom applications depending on your specific requirements.

Made from cast iron or lightweight aluminum materials that are more resistant to aging and premature wear than conventional wheel cylinders.

  • High tensile and resistance to wear – Built with original equipment rubber seals and dust caps that are highly resistant to aging. Eliminates leaking from the wheel cylinder.
  • Anodized housings and pistons – Premium quality casings and pistons that provide corrosion and wear-resistance surfaces and offer reliability to customers
  • Quality tested – Every unit is evaluated 100% quality control system that conforms to ISO standards
  • Lightweight aluminum bodies – Utilizes lightweight materials that ensure safety and retains the same premium quality and functionality
  • Easy to install – Includes complete wheel cylinder assembly for quick installation
We guarantee you every MZW Wheel Cylinder has passed a series of strict tests:

MZW Made Wheel Cylinders

At MZW, our passion for cars is reflected in our dedication to producing and creating exceptional products. Our quality is driven by extensive experience and in-depth industry knowledge. High-end retailers and car enthusiasts turn to us to seek solutions because they appreciate our ability to create product upgrades that outperform the rest of the market.


  • We introduced a fully automated equipment system to manage production processes and inventory more effectively.
  • In response to the diversified product line and large market demands, we improved our production efficiency to a greater degree by using cutting-edge technologies.
  • We have shortened customer lead times and we are ready to provide complete technical support

Wheel Cylinders Cross Reference Lookup

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We are currently updating our Wheel cylinders cross reference/OEM number database, will improve theWheel Cylinders Search Function Soon.

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MZW Brake Series Advantages

As a supplier of a high-performance wheel cylinder, our manufacturing facility encompasses over 15,000 square feet of facility.

We have over 100 employees that provide expert care and attention to details. Our team is comprised of excellent highly trained engineers, technicians, and assembly specialists to ensure the utmost quality at all times.

Together, our team focuses on design, development, tests, and assemblies of the entire brake system. With 5 different divisions such as production facility, distribution area, packaging areas, R&D department, we are more than equipped to meet your most complex needs.

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