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Top 9 Fuel Cap Manufacturer In 2023

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Are you looking for high quality of fuel tank cap to replace on your vehicle? or maybe someone who is looking for a reliable manufacturer.

Whatever category of readers you may be, this article will definitely suit and give you information you need regarding the fuel caps.

We are only to give you the top manufacturers of fuel caps under OEM channel but also we will provide their product details.

We will also talk about the available materials and types of fuel tank caps in the market.

If you are a consumer finding the best fuel cap to suit your vehicle, this article might help you which type to choose from and who among the OEM has it.

Now, if you are an auto parts dealer, we hope to get connected with you.

So we can provide you with high quality fuel tank caps direct from small OEM manufacturer’s factory.

The Fuel Cap Market Overview

The Expresswire recently announced that the, ” Global Automotive Fuel Tank Caps and Locks Market 2020-2025 Size, industry analysis and forecast, competition landscape and growth opportunity ” are finalized.

This research report has in detailed explanation on the global Automotive Fuel Tank Caps and Locks Services market by companies, region, type and end-use industry.

Whereas, this credible source made it open to the public that, ” The global Automotive Fuel Tank Caps and Locks market is valued at million US$ in 2018 and will reach million US$ by the end of 2025, growing at a CAGR of during 2020-2025 “. An optimistic reaction in the market of fuel caps.

The Global Automotive Fuel Tank Caps and Locks Marketreport 2020 is will be helpful business owners for future strategy, Market Overview, CAGR (%), Mergers and Acquisitions, Market Share of Top 3 and Top 5 Manufacturers and other. You can acquire the full report on this link.

But nonetheless, we are able to provide you with the top major players in OEM sector from our extensive research.

Now, what is a fuel cap? What does it do? and the available types and material components in the market?

A fuel caps also called fuel tank cap or sometimes a fuel filler cap is a component use to seal or lock the fuel tanks and prevent fuel evaporation and contaminations. It also serves as the protection for ignition safety, pump and vent, prevention from explosions and lightning.

The whole fuel caps are consisting of a valve, flange O-ring, and nuts.

The raw materials commonly used by manufacturers in the production of fuel cap are aluminium, stainless steel, and plastics. Some manufacturers often used special materials such as flour silicone seal and a polyurethane.

There are two types of fuel caps according to applications in the market: Vented and Non Vented fuel caps.

Vented fuel caps maintains pressure in the fuel system, particularly for vehicles produced after 1985. This type of fuel cap is integrated with a special valve that are capable to release that pressure if it is too high.

While non-vented fuel caps only maintain the pressure but they do not release the it.

The Top 9 Fuel Cap OEM Manufacturers:

Without further ado, let us give you the list of top fuel cap OEM in the marketplace:

stant logo

Stant Fuel Cap

stant corporation

In 1898, Stant has been established at 329 Western Avenue, Connersville, Indiana. During 1912, The Stant Machine Company is incorporated. The company has been an ISO/TS 16949 certified in the 1960. That same year the company invented the Lev-R-Vent safety pressure cap. Later on, they had introduced the Pre-Vent fuel cap.

Stant had an interesting success in the fuel cap innovations. This led them to where they are today. The same year when they

This manufacturer distributes different OEMs in a variety of vapour control, fuel and cooling system products. Their product lines not only include fuel caps, but also the following: fuel filler pipes, thermostats & housings, oil caps, radiator caps, transmission oil valves, carbon canisters and fuel tank vent valves.

Their company is partnered with numerous automaker to create and improve innovative vapour control as well as fuel and cooling solutions. Daimler/Chysler, Daewoo, Detroit, Ford US and Europe, Fuji, GM, Harley, Honda, Hyundai, Isuzu, Kia, Land Rover, Lotus, Mazda and Mitsubishi are just some of them.

Stant fuel caps comes in varieties of designs and material component. The following are some general unique designs of this brand:

  • Breakaway provision and lost motion for crash integrity
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Quick-on-style attachment for ease of use to reduce operator and OBD II issues
  • Calibration of internal valving adjustable to meet system functional requirements
  • Low permeation capability for LEV II, PZEV and LEVIII applications
  • Standard or custom attachment methods to optimize the customer’s refuelling experience

These fuel cap brand also provides the following advantages to the system as stated the manufacturer:

  • Pressure Relief – permits pressure to escape, prevent fuel vapours from exiting fuel system
  • Vacuum Relief – prevention for protection leakages, during crash it allows to rotate from 60° to 180° and maintains proper O-ring compression
  • Breakaway Provision – allows proper O-rings compression
  • Uses 1-Click Torque Technology – provides “one-click” audible feature for customer, S.A.E. full-thread cap installs after 360° of rotation

To learn more of this fuel cap brand, check out the company official pages, listed below.   

Stant Official Site
Stant Fuel Cap Product Page
2017 Stant Passenger & Light Truck Catalogue
Stant Fuel Cap Adapters in PDF
Stant Parts Catalogue


Tridon Fuel Cap

tridon corporation

In 1976, the Tridon Australia has been incorporated in specializing the distribution of the products to automotive and industrial market. The company is 100% Australian owned.

Beginning 1986, Tridon Australia build its subsidiary in New Zealand. Apart from this, they had set up a brand and warehouse facilities in each capital city of the Australia.

Tridon continuously developed it’s hardware, automotive and industrial thereafter. Today they now have a very comprehensive product lines in area they serve.

Products are sold domestically in Australia as well as New Zealand where their products are manufactured. Apparently like any other successful businesses they had reach out the international market especially North America, Japan, Middle East as well as Asia.

Tridon fuel caps are just one among the successful products from the company. They had a strong brand which is the MotoRad fuel caps. It had regained trust by direct consumers in the market which eventually made the company popular.

Here are Tridon fuel caps product advantages and benefits:

  • The unique designed is enough to prevent evaporation and contamination
  • Available in vented and non-vented fuel cap style
  • Offers an extensive range of both type
  • Also available in both locking and non-locking styles
  • Meet strict Federal (MVSS301) and I/M 240 requirements
  • Proven High Safety and Ease of Use
  • Passed rigorous in-house test such as stimulating a 90 kph (56mph), tip test and vent test

MotoRad fuel caps has over 60 variant types of fuel caps.

Tridon Official Site
Tridon Fuel Cap Product Page
Tridon Fuel Caps Catalogue

gate logo

Gates Fuel Cap

Gates Corporation

Gates Corporation is a world leader of application-specific fluid power and power transmission solutions. The company had headquarters found in Singapore, Colorado, China and Luxembourg.

Currently the company has an estimated 150,000+ employees in 120+ locations at 30 countries.

The firm started the production in 1911 by Charles C. Gates. Later on, he acquired a tire and rubber company and set up shop in Denver, Colorado.

Few years later, Gates invented the V-belt, which revolutionized power transmission. This was the beginning of the company countless success in power transmissions.

Gates fuel cap, a strong brand in the market has the following features:

  • Meet and exceed OE quality
  • Durable and robust fuel cap
  • Available in tamper-proof locking caps
  • Offers both vented and non-vented styles

In their efforts to help lessen pollution, they had offer a special ecological cap that can prevent fuel evaporation and can let the fuel stay inside the vehicle tank even in accident.

Gates Corporation Official Site
Gates Fuel Cap Product Page


Velvac Fuel Cap

Velvac Company

Since 1934, Velvac (Vacuum Power Equipment Company) started with traditional way of air brake and valve production for heavy trucks.

Six years later, they had the change in corporate name from Vacuum Power Equipment Company to Velvac. This was a response in the popularity of the company’s Velvet Vacuum Brakes brand.

In the mid 1950’s, Velvac started in manufacturing a range of “west coast” mirror heads for North American truck manufacturers.

In return, they had become an OEM supplier of mirrors to GM in 1956.

It was the then Velvac become a world market leader in delivering vision systems to North America commercial vehicle market.

One of the successful products they have is their fuel caps. Velvac fuel caps are widely known to the automotive industry specially to automaker of commercial vehicles. They had the following product features and advantages:

  • Specialized in aluminium fuel caps
  • Available in locking and unlocking styles
  • offered both vented non vented types

As the company over 85 years in the history. They had expanded many times. Currently, the company is headquartered in New Berlin, WI, a western suburb of Milwaukee.

With its primary production facility located in Reynosa, Mexico, directly across the Mexico/U.S. border from McAllen, TX.

Velvac Official Site
Velvac Fuel Cap Product Page

Newton Logo

Newton Fuel Cap

Newton Equipment

It was in 1978 when Newton Equipment has been established and became a specialist of motorcycle parts. Way back on their history, they are involved with the production of customized aluminium fuel tanks for motor vehicles.

During those days, sourcing a fuel cap took so long than making a tank itself. So what they did was to design and develop their owned fuel caps.

Aero fuel caps are Newton’s brand. It was also their first invented and launched cap in the market. Aero 400 was the specific name of their brand from it’s 4.00″ (inch) bolt circle.

Later on, they had introduced their own locking version type. It was more than 20 years ago and until now the brand is still demanded in the market.

They had always remembered their struggles when they had to make fits to each vehicle makers.

They had always included a necessary fixing screws, nuts and washers as well as the correct fuel resistant gaskets.

Aero fuel caps are the choice of many of the world’s car and motorcycle manufacturers, here are this brand notable features:

  • Available in different range of categories to suit every consumer needs
  • Offers vent and non-vent styles
  • Constructed with high-quality materials
  • Meet and exceed OE specifications
  • Updated product lines

The following are Newton’s fuel cap ranges:

  • Aero Range – applicable to land and sea vehicle
  • Classic Range – combination of unique style of a bygone age with the technological advances, materials and functional expectation
  • The Zero Ranges – their category for latest automotive technology design

Newton is located in Rainham, Essex. With an international market located in Europe, Asia and America.

Newton Equipment Official Site
Aero Fuel Cap Product Page
Zero Fuel Cap Product Page
Classic Fuel Cap Product Page

Wisco logo

Wisco Fuel Cap

Wisco Product

Wisco is located in Dayton, Ohio since the company started the business.

Wisco Products had evolved into a manufacturer of fabricated metal products and expanded in the market. The Wisco Products is a precision producer which manufactures a fluid filler caps, filler necks and accessories for all the OEM engine and fluid containment systems.

The company also manufacture customized filler caps, filler necks, neck mounts and strainers to specific application.

Wisco fuel caps are available in variants, here are the following with their own product advantages and features:

400 Series Locking-Lever Filler Cap- For heavy duty applications

  • Stainless steel locking-lever-release
  • Designed to prevent premature removal of the cap from a pressurized system
  • Based on the time-tested and proven American-made

600 Series Filler Caps- premium quality for heavy-duty high volume fluid systems

  • For use with fuel and other fluid tank closures
  • 18 gauge (.048 in) steel or stainless steel shell
  • Lock tab or key lock option available for loss protection
  • Large opening for fast filling

400 Series Filler Caps- For locomotive, heavy-duty off-highway and industrial applications

  • Stainless steel pressure spring
  • Non-corrosive brass composition
  • 16 gauge (.060″) steel or stainless steel cover
  • Pressure tested in manufacturing
  • Includes standard 12″ stainless link safety chain

Wisco Product Official Site
Wisco Fuel Caps 400 Series Range
Wisco Fuel Caps 600 Series Range

valeo services

Valeo Fuel Cap


Valeo is a French worldwide automotive manufacturer based in France. The company share of stocks are already listed on the Paris Stock Exchange (CAC-40 Index).

The company delivers a broad range of products to automakers and the aftermarket. Valeo currently has an estimated 113,600 staff in 33 countries worldwide.

Valeo has an extensive lines of caps for specific application, but also offers multi-application caps.

Valeo offers a reliable, highly qualitative and environmentally friendly range of urea tank caps

  • Environmental-friendly products
  • Reliable and highly qualitative
  • Constructed with long-lasting components
  • A Metal barrels of the caps provide maximum toughness
  • Able to prevent urea corrosion and anti-corrosion surface treatment
  • Easy to recognize: because of blue cap and blue key colour coding identification
  • All caps are OE quality and undergo rigorous tests
  • Passed in-house quality testing procedures
  • Vented caps for trucks are in compliant with European standards 70/221 and 2000/8

Valeo is aware that the main weak point of their fuel caps is the mechanical wear and break in case of any misuse. That is why they do no compromised the caps raw materials or designs.

Valeo Official Site
Valeo Fuel Caps for Buses
Valeo Fuel Caps for Passenger Cars
Valeo Fuel Cap Security System for Construction
Valeo Parts Catalogue

cpc logo

CPC Fuel Cap

CPC Auto Component

In 1939, CPC started the production of children’s toys in the inner suburbs of Melbourne.

During World War II, CPC the begun in engineering and metal parts production to help with Australia’s War effort.

After the War, CPC moved on to manufacturing of automotive hard parts for the aftermarket including Radiator Caps.

By 1953, they distributed radiator caps applicable for General Motors Holden for the FJ model.

Today, CPC Automotive Components makes a large range of parts in Australia. They are capable in supplying parts for OEM market.

CPC product range has greatly expanded over the years. Today, they are not only supplies radiator caps but also fuel filler caps, oil caps, oil pressure and coolant switches and many more.

The CPC fuel caps are one among the top brand in the market today, with product features such as

  • Made from high grade material component
  • Meet and exceed OE quality and undergo rigorous tests
  • Passed in-house quality testing procedures

Vented caps for trucks are in compliant with

With ISO 14001 Environmental Management and TS-16949 Quality Management System Certifications CPC guaranteed high quality requirements.

CPC Official Site
CPC Fuel Cap Product Page

demon tweeks

Mocal Fuel Filler Caps

Demon Tweeks

Demon Tweeks has been in business since 1971. They had the most complete and innovative product range for motorsport globally.

The company set up standards in all the parts they produced.

For years, Demon Tweeks make sure to deliver high quality automotive parts to the market. Because of their passion for the motorsport, Demon Tweeks made high quality parts to supply to them.

In order to supply and serve their consumers better they have a web shop available. 

Mocal fuel cap is a world known brand made by Demon Tweeks:

  • Constructed using aluminium material component
  • Meet and exceed OE quality
  • Available in vent and non-vented types
  • Offers a wide range of fuel caps for different vehicle applications

Demon Tweeks Official Site
Mocal Fuel Cap Product Page          



The automotive fuel tank cap is one of the most promising parts for vehicle applications. We are hoping that we had help you with your research about the products in the market.

If you are looking for reliable manufacturer to supply, you with high quality fuel caps. Call us today.

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