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“Do you have your parts number?” or oftentimes,

“What is your parts number?”

It’s a common question always been asked by supplier to customers’ every time.

Even a direct consumer will be asked by retailer if he is to buy fuel filter for his vehicle.

Cross reference is used to identify and verify the right products that seller will provide their customers.

It has been essential for the auto parts manufacturers, wholesalers/distributors and even retailers.

Knowing how important it is, you will probably be thinking of making your own cross reference tool for your start up business.

And you will get to know that it will cost you hundreds of dollars to make one.

But do you know that there are options that you can do in order to have free cross references guides?

Yes. And that is, compiling different manufacturers or wholesales cross reference resources. It would give you thousands even a million of part numbers you could use for free.

One more thing, you just have to look for them over the internet.

And best part, you can have these companies, right now.

Napa Logo

Napa 4003 Fuel Filter Cross Reference

NAPA Filters standard for filtration company has begun back in 1966.

From the day, the company had introduced their first-ever NAPA-branded product.

They continue to meet the needs of consumers who also depend on Napa Know How to take care of their own vehicles.

Napa Filters is the leader of quality products, better engineering, and a commitment to innovation.

Napa resources has been available online for used.

Napa Filter Cross Reference
Napa Fuel Filter Product Finder

cummins filter

Fleetguard Fuel Filter Cross Reference

Cummins Filtration began in 1958 and used brand name Fleetguard®.

This brand of product portfolio became a filtration division of Cummins Engine Company.

They are now one of the world’s largest heavy duty diesel engine component companies, supplying Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide.

Cummins can provide large database of cross reference for different part numbers.
Cummins Fleetguard Fuel Filter Cross Reference Guide
Cummins Fleetguard Online Catalogue

AirDog Logo

Airdog Fuel Filter Cross Reference

In 1990, Charles Ekstam, began research that led to the development of the Fuel Preporator ®.

It was the world’s first and only fuel air separation system for diesel engines with positive air separation.

AirDog ® fuel air separation systems, with the efforts of PureFlow AirDog ®, have become the most sought after, after-market fuel system for diesel pick-ups, on the market today.

AirDog Filter Parts Finder
AirDog Filter Product Documentation Resources

Quicksilver Logo

Quicksilver Fuel Filter Cross Reference

Quicksilver is one of the most trusted brands in the automotive market since 1950.

They are known for manufacturing premium quality marine parts, accessories, and engine care products for more than 60 years.

Quicksilver we’re dedicated to providing parts that are accessible, highest quality, and worthy as their


Quicksilver’s brand new filter product line-up of oil- and water-separating fuel filters meets or exceeds all original manufacturers’ strict filtration requirements for Yamaha, Johnson/Evinrude, Honda, Suzuki, and many more.

Quicksilver Fuel Filter Product Page
Quicksilver Fuel Filter Cross Reference


Fass Fuel Filter Cross Reference

FASS stands for Fuel Air Separation System, and is a mixed diesel fuel lift pump and fuel filtration system that is designed to improve your diesel truck’s fuel mileage, engine performance and extend the life of your diesel injection system.

FASS Diesel Fuel Systems offer a wide selection of replacement parts for purchase

Allowing our customers that like to do it themselves access to all the same products originally available only to authorized dealers.

Because of wide ranges for fuel filters’ product portfolio FASS has, they are able to provide cross reference chart of their products to make things easier for their valued customers.

FASS Fuel Filter Product Page
FASS Filter Parts Finder

Fram Filters Logo

Fram Fuel Filter Cross Reference

 FRAM company was born on 1932 when the original chemists, Frederick Franklin and T. Edward Aldham, invent an easily replaceable oil filtering element in their Providence, Rhode Island, laboratory.

FRAM begins hand assembly of oil filters and introduces the first FRAM oil filter, the F1, with an easily replaceable cartridge.

Through years of serving the automotive industry, they had gained the trust and reputation not only for their fuel filter products but for other filter type as well.

Fram Filter Parts Finder

Puralator Logo

Purolator Fuel Filter Cross Reference

The Purolator Filters LLC is an American filter manufacturer based in North Carolina, America.

It was founded in the year 1923 for the Motor Improvements, incorporated in New York metropolis.

The company named Purolator means “pure oil filter”.

Puralator comes from up and downs like other businesses. It was acquired by Trans Canada Couriers

in the year 1967. Later on it was sold to Canada Post Corporation.

Because of it’s strong brand named, it was bought by MANN+HUMMEL.

Now, Puralator is under wholly owned company by MANN, making the former the largest filtration company globally.

Puralator Fuel Filter Product Page
Puralator Filters Resources

Bosch Logo

Bosch Fuel Filter Cross Reference

Robert Bosch GmbH or popularly known as Bosch, is a German multinational engineering and technology company located in Gerlingen.

The company was located by Robert Bosch in Stuttgart in 1886.

Bosch is 92% owned by Robert Bosch Stiftung, a charitable facility.

The company products are only for automotive industry but also power tools, home appliances, cloud computing, security systems and electronics parts.

Bosch Fuel Filter Online Catalogue
Bosch Fuel Filter Product Page

OEM Fuel Filter Cross References

The manufacturers of fuel filters under the OEM type definitely has the cross reference tool because of their role in the market chain.

This company work closely with vehicle makers, providing them original equipment that meet and exceed their standard requirements.

You will not have to search for them as we have the compiled a list of fuel filter in OEM type.

Check the related articles here.  Top 27 OEM Fuel Filter Manufacturers.

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